Our very first RV adventure blogging post!

As of September, 2016 we have finally visited all of the 48 connected states in the US!

The blog below was the first blog that started documenting our travels and the experiences we’ve had.  A lot has happened since this first blog.  We were such newbies in the RV world and over the past 3+ years have gained so much experience not only with RV life but in our own lives.  God has been so good to us leading us through this journey.  Hope you will read through the various posts to learn about RV life and about the silly couple that are the Chauvins!

Hello world! Welcome to my first blog about Roy, Rosalyn, Dora and Boots’ adventures exploring the United States. We won’t start exploring for a while, other than an occasional trip to locations around Louisiana and a Christmas trip to Disneyworld! At least, not until our sticks and bricks house is sold! Please someone buy it!

This lovely 2 story Acadian style home on one acre is for sale!!!
This lovely 2 story Acadian style home on one acre is for sale!!!

If you’re wondering who Dora and Boots are, no they’re not our new grandchildren! They are TV characters our granddaughter Madisyn loves and consequently we’ve seen many episodes of Dora. In her show, Dora is an explorer and we learn all sorts of things through her exploring. Since our RV adventures will take us exploring throughout the United States, we thought it fitting to name our RV “Dora”. Our truck we are towing behind the RV is now named Boots, Dora’s trusty side kick who follows her everywhere! Our Dodge Dakota truck that we will tow is called our “toad”, in RV lingo. That means Boots is our toad!

I am married to my best friend, Roy Chauvin! Roy and I are a regular every day Southern Baptist Christian couple living in Hammond, Louisiana. I am a young 58 years old, born and raised in New Orleans Louisiana. Roy is a slightly older 63 year old who just turned the Social Security retirement age in January, 2013 and was born and raised in Metairie, Louisiana right outside of New Orleans. We met in 1971 and were married in 1972. Our first son Chad was born in 1979 followed by his brother Chip in 1981. They are both grown men now with wives and children of their own. All that’s a story for another day but we wanted you to know a little about the folks going on this journey. We moved to Hammond, Louisiana 25+ years ago and have lived here since. It’s a small college town between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. We both currently work at Southeastern Louisiana University. Roy is the Computer Fix It Guru (of course not his official title) and I am the Telephone Billing/Work Order Coordinator which is my official title. We are die-hard New Orleans Saints fans. We’ve loved them since they became a team in our teen age years and have supported them faithfully ever since.

Our adventure began back in August of 2012. I started keeping notes as we began the journey, making the decision to undertake this total lifestyle change. Instead of a daily blog, at first it will be a monthly blog for the months August, September, October, November and December 2012. From here on out I’ll post as I have the opportunity to or when enough experiences have occurred to be interesting.

We hope anyone considering the full time RV lifestyle will learn a little from our experiences as we have learned so much from others experiences. Ask us questions if you want, if we’ve experienced it we’ll let you know what happened with us! If you’re experienced full timing RVers and you see we’re making mistakes please, please shout out to us and share your sage advice with us newbies! We’ve been so happy since we made this decision that we are hoping some of our family and friends will get the itch and come join Roy, Rosalyn, Dora and Boots on our great adventure!

The blogs below are in newest blog first order. If you’d like to read about our experiences in order start at the last one in the list from August and read up to the current date. You may have to click on OLDER POSTS to get to the August one. Please click the FOLLOW link on the right if you’d like to receive an email whenever a new blog is posted!

04.16.17 Resurrection Sunday

Easter Sunday. To many it means the Easter bunny, a day of food and celebration. For some it is an obligatory church-attending holiday, after which life goes on as usual.

How sad that we have so quickly forgotten the true meaning of Easter. Our God reigns! Jesus Christ died, yes. But even more importantly, He rose again and is now seated at the right hand of God the Father, as we say in the Lord’s Prayer.

Jesus Christ literally defied death. But He did more than just a Houdini move. We “ooo” and “ahhh” over the narrow escapes by magicians like David Copperfield and others, but eventually even those daredevils will face death. Their power is limited.

But Jesus Christ was greater — He defied death FOREVER. Jesus Christ lives and reigns for eternity, whether you or I believe that fact or not.

And He has reclaimed life for all those who believe in Him. This is the second miracle of Easter. Through God’s work on the cross, we have access to eternal life as well:

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes: first for the Jew, then for the Gentile. For in the gospel a righteousness from God is revealed, a righteousness that is by faith from first to last, just as it is written: ‘ The righteous will live by faith’ (Romans 1:16-17).

If you confess with your mouth, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved (Romans 10:9-10).

Whosoever acknowledges me before men, I will also acknowledge him before my Father in heaven. But whoever disowns me before men, I will disown him before my Father in heaven (Matt. 10:32-33).

Please consider today the wonder of God’s power and His love for you. He knows you. He knows what you have done. He knows what you are going to do. But He is waiting for your response, my friend. God doesn’t need your praise or your service to Him; He desires it. It is not what we do for God that gets us into heaven and gives us a right relationship with God. It is only by faith in Jesus Christ. Look at these Scriptures:

Know that a man is not justified by observing the law, but by faith in Jesus Christ. So we, too, have put our faith in Christ Jesus that we may be justified by faith in Christ and not by observing the law, because by observing the law no one will be justified (Galatians 2:16).

For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith — and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God — not by works so that no one can boast (Ephesians 2:8-9).

By Laura Bagby.

This Easter Version of Hallelujah is exceptional.  Kelley explains why she wrote it at the beginning of the recording.  Take a few moments and listen to this.  I hope you’ll love it like I did!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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04.22.17 Chauvin Family Fun

Saturday, April 22, 2017 – Last week both of our sons and their whole families gathered for a picnic with Roy and I at a nearby park.  This was the first time all 12 of us have been together in a very long time and what a fun time it was!

We all brought food and Chad did some awesome barbecuing!  We celebrated Chad and Gracie’s birthdays that are in April with a delicious cookie cake that Amy made.

Madisyn got to run around and play with Chad’s children.  Kallie and Misty got to meet and visit with Chad’s family.

It was a wonderful time and I truly loved hearing Grannie come see this, or Grannie come play with me!  Grannie doesn’t have the spunk she use to but those sweet voices gave me lots of reason to want to play!!

Roy and his boys!

Chad and Chip!

We were having such a wonderful time that I couldn’t bring myself to leave even though it got so dark we couldn’t hardly see each other.  This picture is Grannie, me, and most of the grandchildren roasting marshmallows!  What cuties they are!

I thank God for the memories we made and look forward to all of us getting together again!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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04.08.17 Vroommmmmm Vroommmmmmm!!

Saturday, April 8, 2017 – Roy got a shiny new mini motor bike and is already going vrooommmmm vrooommmmm up and down our road with it!  My old hubby can still be a little boy sometimes!!

Camping World in Hammond is attached to Dixie RV Superstore.  Their buildings and around 100 of the RVs flooded last year when the area flooded for several days.  It’s a very much renovated store now with a new cool front desk and store lay out. 

The renovated store has lots more cool things to pick from and Roy found his shiny new mini motor bike there.  We’ve named him Diego after Dora’s friend on the show.  Had to keep the naming in that vein!

To introduce you to this newest member of our traveling family I share the following photos!

Rosalyn tried out a Grannie mobile, some wishful thinking goung on here! Since we live in the country. there are miles and miles of backroads he can roam around in.   He tried the bike out out this morning by riding up and down Rohner Road.  I rode on it with him for a little bit and it went pretty well.  I don’t intend to ride it other than within an RV park just to look around.

On our way home we stopped for Roy to get a hair cut at Max’s.  If you’re from the Ponchatoula, Springfield, Albany area you know of Max’s Barber Shop and Notary!  This is a many decades old location where Roy loves to go.  They give him the true old fashioned hair cut treatment and it is fun to watch.

We then took a slight detour down Highway 90 to check out how our old sticks and bricks home is doing.  The great folks that bought it from us have redesigned some of the gardens and cut down some of the oak trees.  It looks wonderful!  After bringing Diego home we drove back to Ponchatoula to see Chip’s family at the unadvertised evening before the Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival opens on Friday.  Thursday night is rides only and is all local folks.  No alcohol, no huge crowds, but also no delicious food!  Madisyn had a great time riding the rides and we enjoyed watching her and visiting with Misty and Pam Armstrong. All the booths were being finished up and it was kind of fun to see that!

Misty’s such a sweet step mom to Madisyn she even rode with her so she didn’t have to ride alone!

While we were out and about, Roy dropped off some of his Modern Aviation magazines to our doctor’s office.  This giant, very cool, blown up crawfish was spotted across the street.  Gotta love Louisiana in Crawfish season!One of the messiest and least attractive, but absolutely delicious, of my chocolate creations is the peppermint creme balls rolled in chocolate!  What I tried to do was to roll them in my hands to make a small ball – epic fail!  Today I’m working on strawberry creme filled eggs! I love looking back on our blog when we’re on the road to see the things we enjoyed at home.  By the same token I enjoy when we’re at home, looking back at all the things we’ve seen and done while traveling.  I may include more than anyone else is interested in but it helps me so I hope you’ll bear with me as I include little details to remember!  One of the things I miss when we’re on the road is our flowers so now that the lillies are starting to bloom nicely here’s some lillie photos!

Our tomato plant is loaded with blooms and three small tomatoes!  I’m trying to figure out how I can take that with me if we get to leave soon!  Roy will be finished with his last house hopefully in a week so traveling time is approaching!!!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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04.06.17 Birthdays, Seafood, Blooming plants, Chocolate, Hammock and Lawnmower

Chad celebrated his 26th birthday while serving in the Army in Iraq!

Thursday, April 6, 2017 – Our son, Chad Michael Chauvin, was born on April 7, 1979 which means that tomorrow he will be 38 years old!  Wow do I feel old!  Happy Happy Birthday to our first born!

My sister, who is now ageless, will be whatever age she is on Saturday!  Happy Birthday Harriett!

Chad and Harriett sharing a birthday cake several years ago!

Earlier this week we visited B&J Seafood, our favorite seafood market in Hammond.  Their boiled crawfish was priced perfectly at only $1.99 a pound.  They were delicious and we went through 10 pounds easily!  They’ve added tables and chairs to the market for folks to eat there, so we quite happily sat down and ate through all of them.  Nice to leave the mess behind!

I did some shopping while there.  They have a wonderful variety of seafoods and things made with seafood.  We bought 4 lbs. of large shrimp to BBQ, redfish which we had filleted leaving the skin and scales on (they were BBQ Monday, basted with a special sauce!), crawfish and pork sausage, cajun country smoked sausage and a whole deboned chicken stuffed with crawfish etouffee.   All of my Louisiana girl desires were filled!

B&J Seafood Market

Roy cooked this amazing redfish on the grill

Sunday evening I got to spend some quality time with my daughter in law Misty, Kallie and Madisyn.  Chip and his dad, Roy, went to a Men’s night at Chip’s church.  Misty made us girls a delicious shredded BBQ chicken on bun.  It was quite delicious so I got the recipe to fix for Roy and I some time.

Progress continues on my Easter chocolates.  Here’s some peanut butter cups after the bottom chocolate and center peanut butter mixture but before it’s sealed up with a chocolate bottom.  Yes I am quite messy and yes they are far from the perfect ones you purchase!

I posted my recipe for the creme filled chocolate eggs on facebook and here is a link to that.  Click on the pic below to go there:

Some of the cherry and marshmallow creme filled eggs!

Bunny and Cross suckers all ready to goThe flowers are blooming slowly but surely outside.  One of our cacti had beautiful red buds on top yesterday.  We learned to love blooming cactus during our time in Texas a couple of years ago so we bought some and now our garden is blooming with new life! When they opened this morning they were a beautiful pink!

The blueberry bushes were just sticks a month ago and now they are loaded with leaves and tiny berries!

These lillies always make me smile when they bloom, they are so pretty! There are maybe 70 of them along the patio that will bloom in the next couple of weeks! Years ago we had a hammock at our house on Hinson Road in Hammond.  I’ve been wanting a new one since that one was taken down.  After the fiasco of the hammock Roy ordered not fitting the metal stand Roy decided to hang it between two trees on our property.  Oh I am in Heaven!!! I got to help a little and am definitely the happy user of an amazing hammock right next to some wind chimes close to the pond!

It’s a little difficult to see in this picture but this is the shady setting the hammock is in.

Roy has been working on the wonderful zero turn radius one of his customers gave us.  Everything it needed has been done and it’s even sporting a new seat! My Mickie and Minnie garden decorations bit the dust this year so new ones were brought in!My honey just came home and told me he’s off till Monday!  Yay for the possibility of fun times together!  I may see the dentist Thursday or Friday so it won’t all be fun times!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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02.02.17 Walk Slowly, Mama by Amanda Conquers

Thursday, February 2, 2017 – I read a lot.  Books, articles, things on the internet.  Every now and then something passes by that I can relate to so fully that I immediately feel compelled to share with ya’ll!  Today my friend Kelley O’Connor shared the following on Facebook.  Kelley is an amazing mom whose two daughters are amazing moms as well.  Kelly doesn’t live near either of her two daughter’s families, yet she manages to be part of their lives all the time.  I admire that.  I’ll read things posted by folks I admire.  This was one of them.

Walk Slowly, Mama  By

There is an old Indian proverb: Children tie the feet of their mother. And if you are a mom, you might know this to be true. So walk slowly, Mama.

walk slowly 2

There is an old Indian proverb: Children tie the feet of their mother.

And if you are a mom, you might know this to be true.

The slowing down starts with your swollen belly, duck-waddle walk, sleep deprivation from peeing in the middle of the night every hour and a half like clockwork and things like heartburn, shortness of breath, and calves that seem to have swallowed ankles whole.

It continues with a labor and delivery that rarely goes as planned. And no matter how that baby comes into this world, it leaves a warrior’s mark on your body. You will be a woman who hunkered down, who pushed through, who thought she couldn’t, who with much pain and sacrifice (and maybe even collar-grasping and screaming into your husband’s ear) brought life into this world. And when they lay that fresh-skinned baby on your chest for the first time, you will never be the same.

Mom. Warrior.  Sacrifice-Maker. Nourisher. Boo-boo kisser. Taxi-car driver. Expert snuggler. Storybook reader. Silly-song singer.

That baby will wrap himself around your heart and your legs, and you will never be the same. 

Children tie the feet of their mother.

You will answer baby cries at all hours of the night. You will read up on how to get a baby to sleep through the night, and just about the time you think you’ve got it figured out, they will have a growth spurt or drop a nap, and everything you thought you knew will go out the window.

Your arms will develop car seat muscles. Your perfume will be baby spit-up, and your shoulders will seem to always be covered in a mix of snot and drool.

Your life will revolve around things like feeding, pooping, and napping. You may have a moment where you cry because all you want in life is a shower.

No matter how much you have desired to be a mom, it will grate against your independence and your pride. You will at some point feel like a failure. You will at some point long to have something in your life that you feel like you are good at or an expert on.

Children tie the feet of their mother.

That child will grow older and faster. You will find yourself saying things you never thought would pass your lips in your lifetime: things like, “We don’t strip down naked at the park,” “Please, don’t wipe your boogers on your sister,” or “Ew! Don’t lick the dog back.”

You will delight in their distinct personality and cringe at their defiance. You may also want to hide behind the Coca-Cola display when your child goes all flailing arms and legs and screaming on the floor of the grocery store. When you watch your toddler rip the plastic shovel from his playmate’s hands and yell, “Mine!,” you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt, we didn’t learn our sin nature; we were born with it.

You will discipline and mold and shape. You will wonder if you are doing it all wrong.

Your days will move slowly–either at work counting the hours till you can get home to your babies or at home counting the hours till your husband comes home to help you. You will pick up toys only to pick them up again a few hours later. You will know how painful it is to step on a Lego or a miniature stegosaurus. You may have days where you feel like all you do is clean up messes.

Children tie the feet of their mother.

And then there are those moments when you are making your way towards the McDonald’s drive-thru because your day just seems to need an easy button. In that feeling of guilt for not making the pb&j on whole wheat bread, the apple slices and the carrot sticks, your 4 year old glances up at the big blue sky as though he’s seeing it for the first time and asks, “Is that where Jesus lives, Mommy?”

If you don’t live slow enough, tied-up enough in the wonder of those small years you could almost miss it.



In that moment.

And you tell your little one how Jesus lives in your heart when you ask Him to. And maybe, without missing a beat, your baby will stop and pray, “Jesus. I want you to live in my heart.” And just like that, in the midst of your mundane, God invades that moment, and it is Holy.

I know a man in the Bible who walked with a limp.

Jacob—whose name meant one who fights for his own way—wrestled God one night. God touched his thigh and changed his name. With a limp, Jacob became Israel—God Prevails. Because the only way to live like God prevails is to lean on Him.

Children might tie your feet. You may have to make more sacrifices of your time and your dreams and your way than you thought possible. You may feel inadequate, not-good-enough, like you yell too much and you don’t keep the house clean enough.

You might feel like you limp as a mother.

But that is the place God prevails.

Lean, Momma. Lean on Him at the hospital when confusion clamors, and it’s not going how you envisioned. Lean on Him when that baby is up all hours of the night. Lean on Him when your toddler has peed on the floor for the fifth time in one day. Lean on Him when your little one is screaming because he’s shoved a Tic-Tac up his nose. Lean on Him when you discover things like rashes or ticks or high fevers. Lean.

You might feel tied up, but you are wrapped up in the abundance of God’s Grace.

And that place of spills and kisses? It’s Holy ground.

If I could say one thing to the young momma behind me: Your feet are tied up for a reason.

Walk slowly.

The years are precious and fleeting and littered with the gifts of His grace. Let those babies tie you up with their chubby arms around your neck. Know that your kids don’t need you to be perfect, and they don’t actually need Pinterest-inspired anything.

And, Momma, it’s okay if you limp.

Because if you are leaning on Jesus, your kids don’t see your limp; they see Jesus walking with you. 

Amanda Conquers

Amanda Conquers is a cop’s wife, mom to 3 kids, and a cheerleader for weary women. Most days, she wants to hide in her closet with her secret stash of chocolate because she feels like she’s not quite enough. But Amanda lives holding on to the hope that in spite of all her failings, God grace is sufficient for her and she shall be called an overcomer yet. You can find her writing her broken stories on her blog, instagram and facebook.
Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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01.31.17 Baptist Men’s Day, flowers, hot dogs and Celebrate Love!!

233122-goodbye-januaryTuesday, January 31, 2017 – Wow, end of the first month of the year 2017.  And 17 full years since we crossed the 2000 mark.  As I get older time goes by way to fast.

I mostly resist the temptation to share every Sunday’s Worship Service with ya’ll, but this week I just have to!

This Sunday was Baptist Men’s Day at Trinity!  An annual event where the men are the whole choir, a couple of men give their testimony and men read the scriptures.  This year we had the addition of Caroline playing the piano, Sean reading scripture with his dad Philip and Lilly singing with her granddaddy Teddy! Our church has a long music history and it is always makes me smile when I see the next generations showing the same gift from God.

Our wonderful interim pastor Bro. Bob Adams and his always wonderful wife Janice were back with us this Sunday.  Bro. Bob has been very ill for the last month but was looking peachy perfect today!

The Men’s Choir sang


Philip and Sean reading from the Bible


The Men’s Choir Sang “I’d Rather Have Jesus”

Precious Caroline played “When the roll is called up yonder, I’ll be there!”

Mr. Jim Crain gave his testimony


Teddy Forrest gave his testimony

20170129_113109Teddy and his granddaughter Lilly sang and Lilly played the ukulele



Teddy and Lilly’s song

Obviously every Sunday is not like this but but we always Worship the Lord with song and are blessed with a meaningful sermon.  If you don’t have a home church, I invite you to come worship with us at Trinity Baptist Church, 42062 Pumpkin Center Church, Hammond, LA.  We don’t bite and mostly we behave!  We love each other but mostly we love Christ who died on the cross to save us from our sins.  Come learn about this Jesus who puts smiles on our face and in our hearts.  Who makes us able to get up and face this world every single day.  We’d love to have you join us! Here’s a link to the church’s webpage to learn more about us.  http://www.pumpkincenter.org

16113287_1342025062496318_5021457598747499606_oSunday, February 12th is a day when we will “Celebrate Love”.  Celebrate Love is day where our community is invited to celebrate the love of God. we have 2 special services this day at 10:45am & 5:00pm. everyone is invited to weat red on Sunday morning and join us for time of worship through music & message. Our adult & Kid’s choir will be singing! Sunday night join us for a jambalaya fellowship and special service of music. Invite family & Friends!

A friend of mine Joyce and her family have started coming to Trinity and love all the Christ centered activities we have for children and youth.  Come find out about what’s going on at Trinity. I’d love to welcome you to our church!

The flower bulbs we planted last year are starting to sprout up and bloom.  Even the azaleas are starting to bloom early with the unseasonably warm weather we’ve had this January.

20170128_143527 20170207_144513

Does anyone have any idea why the hot dog bun manufacturers and the hot dog manufacturers do not get together and give us equal numbers of each.  This week’s purchase of 7 hots dogs didn’t match up with the 8 hot dog buns.  Crazy right?  One little old hot dog bun not needed and not used.  Our fish like the extra bread at least!20170126_171647 Here’s the fish in our pond reacting very happily to being fed!  The water is very high right now so they come very close to where we sit.

oak-alleyI think that’s it for now.  My daughter in law Misty, granddaughters Kallie and Misty are planning a day trip to nearby Oak Alley Plantation in Vacharie, Louisiana on the Mississippi River this Saturday.  We’re also going to be having a nice southern lunch there so I’ll be sure to share that adventure with you all!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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01.24.17 Hey honey, Climb back out the RV window. Okay honey!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017 – Last time I wrote about Roy working on the roof leak.  The first sealant dried and the second sealant was applied and dried.  Yet, during the last big rain, water came inside.  Roy went back up on top of the pulled out passenger slide and found a tiny tear in the vinyl covering away from the area that was sealed.  He fixed that tear and rolled the awning out over the slide again.  Saturday night it rained hard and no moisture came in!!! Sunday afternoon I climbed back out the RV window and held up the awning roll while he attached each end.  Here I am!


Madisyn came to stay with us Friday night and Saturday!  Fun times!!!!  She came armed with six little babies in her baby bassinet.  She’s such a sweet little mama with those babies.  They have adorable clothing which she changes at the appropriate time.


We had a lot of fun with her!  We all went to White’s Seafood Friday night.  She lined all her pajama clad babies up alongside her in her bed!  Such a cute sight!!  Saturday we did some crafts 20170121_113451 20170121_113326 20170121_101131

We went on an adventure trek alongside the pond checking out the high water levels.  Red mud gets very slippery when wet which resulted in both of us slipping and getting our buts wet and red!  20170121_094808 20170121_094722 20170121_094558 20170121_094519 20170121_094423

Madisyn and Paw Paw made blueberry jello with fresh blueberries in them.  Roy also made orange jello with mandarin oranges! Since blueberries are great brain food, those are mine!!  Madisyn wasn’t sure about fresh blueberries but when she tried them she kept popping them in her mouth!  I always tell her, “Hang with me girl and I’ll show you some stuff!”  She just laughs and shakes her head!


Roy spent some time last week building an amazing box to keep his new remote control plane in.  The options for keeping it inside the house were just not pretty.

20170120_09275820170120_093020 20170120_093002 20170120_092937 20170120_092922 20170120_092843 20170120_092824

I’m so proud of President Trump, off to a great start Making America Great Again!

Image may contain: 7 people, people sitting, suit and indoor
President Donald Trump at the White House yesterday

Earlier today he signed three executive orders:
1. Withdraw the U.S. from the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP.)
2. Reinstate the Mexico City Policy dealing with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and abortion access.
3. A complete freeze on federal workforce hiring – with the EXCEPTION of our United States Military.

I have a lot of thoughts about the embarrassing Women’s March in Washington this past weekend.  Briefly, in no way do I agree with those women and they absolutely do not represent me or most of the women I know.  When I can get all the thoughts down on paper I’ll post a blog.  Mostly I think they need our prayers as they are so misguided.

That’s about all of the exciting and non-exciting things going on in our life right now!  Roy’s at work in Baton Rouge today and I am enjoying the beautiful weather with my windows all open.  Winter in Louisiana can be amazing!

We don’t have a date yet for our move to Baton Rouge (off O’Neal Lane) but it should be in the next 3-4 weeks!!!!! If you’re familiar with that area of Baton Rouge, it’s right off the interstate the block past Walmart!  I can walk to Walmart and the Dollar Tree!!! My life is complete now!!!

The situation in our life that I asked for prayers last time is ongoing.  However, it is a beautiful thing when you get to actually see God’s hand at work in a difficult situation. I see it so clearly right now, and am so thankful to have a God who loves us and is always working on us.

The scripture graphic below is the firs one I created.  I’m going to try a few different layouts as time goes on.  I want God’s word to be the main focus and I hope to learn more about creating graphics in the process!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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01.16.17 One thing NOT to do!

Monday, January 16, 2017 – Near the end of today’s adventure Roy said to me, “One thing NOT to do is ………….. try to cut the grass with the riding lawnmower near the pond.”

That was a little too late.

While comfortably sitting inside our motorhome, Roy came in and said to me, “Honey I need your help keeping the lawnmower from going into the pond.”  This, from my usually oh so smart in oh so many ways husband.

I followed him outside where we got in the truck and drove down to the pond.  Sure nuff, Toro, the lawnmower, was perched right on the edge of the pond.  Roy did not drive her into the pond, it was just so wet there that Toro eased her way down the slope!


What should have been an easy rescue was complicated by wet dirt that the truck’s tires dug into and spun like crazy, pine trees in the way and a large oak plus several satsuma trees in the way.


Inching our way out, going to the side, back in, back out, to the other side, running into a tree, etc. etc. Boots, our truck finally pulled Toro, our lawnmower, out of the grasp of the pond! A couple of videos show what was finally a successful pull out!

Toro, our lawnmower and Boots, our truck are now far far away from the pond.

Before this afternoon adventure Roy put the final sealant on the strip near the left side of the photo where the slide meets the roof.  The first sealant he used was this one – it’s black:



You can see the awning rolled up on top.  It normally covers the slide hoping to prevent water from getting on it and finding someway inside.  This is what had to be stopped.20170116_101038

The second sealant he used was this one – it’s white.20170116_100912

While I was up this high I thought I’d share with you a couple of things that are on top of Dora.  First is the two air conditioning units. Bigger black boxes with vents in it.


Our Dish access to the big world of television!  It is a Travel Star 1000!20170116_105142

A couple of views of our house and pond.



At least it was sunny and nice outside today!  I hope to not have many more adventures to report for a while!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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01.15.17 Hey honey, climb out the RV window. Sure honey!!

Sunday, January 15, 2017 – We have a leak in the top of the passenger side slide out in our motor home.  It’s only a problem when we have day after day of driving hard rains. The water leaks down to the carpet which winds up being wet.  Leaks in an RV are not something to mess with so Roy set out this morning to tackle this and put an end to the leak.

While working on it he knocked on the window and asked me to climb into the window putting my butt on the bottom of the frame and sticking my head outside.  I did that and held the rolled up awning so he could roll it back and expose the top of the slide.  Here I am doing my helpful helping!


This is where the covering of the slide comes into the RV.  When it gets wet the moisture goes on down to the carpet20170114_125046

Here’s Roy cleaning the top of the slide prepping it for sealing.

20170114_115118 20170114_115307 20170114_115253

Roy will be putting a couple of different sealants on the top of the slide to stop future water from coming inside. He’s a cool guy like that!

Some of the TLC that our amazing gift of a riding lawnmower needed


Look at Roy’s super cool birthday cake!  Brown’s Cake Shop in Amite is the bomb! They are just a little hole in the wall shop with odd hours, no advertising, and they only accept cash, yet I counted at least 10 cars pulling in or out just in the short while I was there picking up the cake!  The quality of their product speaks loutly!


I’ll close with this adorable king cake baby!  Only in Louisiana would someone think to do this!


I have a very personal unspoken prayer request that I ask you all to raise up to the Lord when you read this.  He’s knows and only He can make a difference.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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