Our very first RV adventure blogging post!

As of September, 2016 we have finally visited all of the 48 connected states in the US!







The blog below was the first blog that started documenting our travels and the experiences we’ve had.  A lot has happened since this first blog.  We were such newbies in the RV world and over the past 5 years have gained so much experience not only with RV life but in our own lives.  God has been so good to us leading us through this journey.  Hope you will read through the various posts to learn about RV life and about the silly couple that are the Chauvins!

August, 2012 – Hello world! Welcome to my first blog about Roy, Rosalyn, Dora and Boots’ adventures exploring the United States. We won’t start exploring for a while, other than an occasional trip to locations around Louisiana and a Christmas trip to Disneyworld! At least, not until our sticks and bricks house is sold! Please someone buy it!

This lovely 2 story Acadian style home on one acre is for sale!!!
This lovely 2 story Acadian style home on one acre is for sale!!!

If you’re wondering who Dora and Boots are, no they’re not our new grandchildren! They are TV characters our granddaughter Madisyn loves and consequently we’ve seen many episodes of Dora. In her show, Dora is an explorer and we learn all sorts of things through her exploring. Since our RV adventures will take us exploring throughout the United States, we thought it fitting to name our RV “Dora”. Our truck we are towing behind the RV is now named Boots, Dora’s trusty side kick who follows her everywhere! Our Dodge Dakota truck that we will tow is called our “toad”, in RV lingo. That means Boots is our toad!

I am married to my best friend, Roy Chauvin! Roy and I are a regular every day Southern Baptist Christian couple living in Hammond, Louisiana. I am a young 58 years old, born and raised in New Orleans Louisiana. Roy is a slightly older 63 year old who just turned the Social Security retirement age in January, 2013 and was born and raised in Metairie, Louisiana right outside of New Orleans. We met in 1971 and were married in 1972. Our first son Chad was born in 1979 followed by his brother Chip in 1981. They are both grown men now with wives and children of their own. All that’s a story for another day but we wanted you to know a little about the folks going on this journey. We moved to Hammond, Louisiana 25+ years ago and have lived here since. It’s a small college town between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. We both currently work at Southeastern Louisiana University. Roy is the Computer Fix It Guru (of course not his official title) and I am the Telephone Billing/Work Order Coordinator which is my official title. We are die-hard New Orleans Saints fans. We’ve loved them since they became a team in our teen age years and have supported them faithfully ever since.

Our adventure began back in August of 2012. I started keeping notes as we began the journey, making the decision to undertake this total lifestyle change. Instead of a daily blog, at first it will be a monthly blog for the months August, September, October, November and December 2012. From here on out I’ll post as I have the opportunity to or when enough experiences have occurred to be interesting.

We hope anyone considering the full time RV lifestyle will learn a little from our experiences as we have learned so much from others experiences. Ask us questions if you want, if we’ve experienced it we’ll let you know what happened with us! If you’re experienced full timing RVers and you see we’re making mistakes please, please shout out to us and share your sage advice with us newbies! We’ve been so happy since we made this decision that we are hoping some of our family and friends will get the itch and come join Roy, Rosalyn, Dora and Boots on our great adventure!

The blogs below are in newest blog first order. If you’d like to read about our experiences in order start at the last one in the list from August and read up to the current date. You may have to click on OLDER POSTS to get to the August one. Please click the FOLLOW link on the right if you’d like to receive an email whenever a new blog is posted!

02.19.18 Redoing Plumbing Pipes – How Fun!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2018 – Roy took on some work in our yard this past week.  When we first built the house we planted three rose bushes in front of the concrete opening to the septic tank.  They’ve grown large and would make accessing the opening very prickly.  I cut the bushes back a good bit several weeks ago.  Roy dug all three up yesterday and moved them a couple of feet forward and planted them further apart so they can grow better. Moving the rose bushes and redoing the plumbing pipes are probably not something anyone will care about but it helps us to document when we do things!



After moving the rose bushes Roy took on another project.  The man does not know when to stop when he gets started.

When we built the house we told the septic tank company we wanted 4 inch schedule 40 pvc connecting the house to the septic tank.  After they was paid and we were off enjoying our travels we got a phone call from the renters that nasty things were backing up into the tub.  We discovered after this happened TWICE that the septic tank company didn’t put down what we requested.  They put down thin wall pvc pipe (which is what some people do use but Roy wanted something sturdier and thought that’s what we paid for and got).  The thin wall pipe made it susceptible to collapse which it did.

This first photo is the 4 inch schedule 40 PVC we originally asked for.

This is the thin wall PVC that has to come out and be replaced by the one above.  You can see the difference in the quality of pipe.

When we got the first call about the problem we learned that the pipe had collapsed.  Still not knowing it was not what we requested our contractor contacted the septic people but they didn’t want to fool with it.  He then contacted our original plumber who came back and replaced a portion of the line.  He charged us almost $1000 to replace 5 feet of pipe, which was way more than the work was worth.  We ended up paying what we thought the work was worth.  He probably wasn’t happy with us.

The second time the nasty things were backing up into the tub it was late one Sunday afternoon.  Roy got in touch with Roto Rooter who came out and ran a snake into the line to clear it.  Roy then requested that the Roto Rooter man put a camera down the pipe so he could look and see what was going on.  This allowed him to discover that sections of the pipe were way below grade and was totally filled with water even though the pipe was clog free. Roto Rooter then gave us a price of $3,500 to repair the problems.

My honey Roy, being the fix it man he is, started digging the dirt away from the thin pipe and got about 2/3 way from the house to the septic tank yesterday.  Today we purchased the 4 inch schedule 40 pvc we thought we were getting originally.  He finished digging up the dirt to the top of the pipe today.  He then used a pick ax to dig along the sides of the pipe to get deep enough to remove it.  We are now having to put it in ourselves (you know ourselves means Roy, not me).  We disliked greatly having to do this (This also means Roy!)  Don’t understand why subcontractors don’t always do what they are asked to do.

This is the old pipe going from the house to the septic tank.



This is Roy starting his second day of digging to get to the old pipe.

Taking out part of the old pipe.

After this photo was taken, Roy installed the new pipe, making sure that everything was set to grade so that the pipes would no longer hold water.  He added a couple of new sewer clean out plugs to help with future issues.  All the dirt that was dug out was put back and hopefully grass will grow over it soon! It’s all finished.  Roy cut the old pipe up and it is piled out by the street so the trash people will take it.

To show you how wonderful it is to have such a capable husband, he did all the work and the materials were under $200.  A long way from $3,500!

It will be hard to top this blog post about septic tank pipes. We spent an amazing Sunday afternoon with Chip’s family.  I think that will be next!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear.

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02.18.18 Treasured Photos over 25 years old from Trinity Baptist

Monday, February 19, 2018 – Okay Trinity folks current and past!  I’ve collected these photos over the years for different reasons.  They are at least 25 years old, some are much much older.  I hope that anyone who wants one will be able to get it from here.  Just right click on the photo and when the option “Save Image As” comes up, click on it and find on your computer where you want to save it to and Save It!!

I am going to try to include the names of those that I am sure I know in each photo.  The photos will be numbered.  If I didn’t identify someone, or if I identified them incorrectly, please send me a message at rosalyn@selu.edu or leave a comment at the bottom of this blog post.  Let me know what photo number and the person’s name.  I’ll add them when I can.  If I’ve misspelled a name let me know that too so I can correct it.  The names in Red are corrections or additions given to me by others since I originally posted it.

I have enjoyed looking at these photos every time I run across them and don’t think I should be the only person who gets to enjoy them!  Many of these amazing folks are now living in Heaven with their Lord!  How wonderful that we can look forward to seeing them again!  I have lots more from recent years and those will be shared in a future post.

Trinity has a long history of wonderful church family members and you’ll surely see this in these photos.  There are over 80 photos, but I truly hope as you see these photos you will be warmed by the rich heritage we enjoy at Trinity.

Here we go!

1. Ray Beall, Almatine Scott, Louis Hill, Pearl Lipscomb

2. Harvey Taylor and Joyce Taylor, Whitey Lipscomb, Pearl Lipscomb

3. Robert Scott, Almatine Scott, Viola Beall East

4. Spot Traylor, Wylie Traylor, Teddy Forrest, Dickie and Dee Nelson, Mr. Ted Forrest (the best deepest voice I’ve ever heard) – AKA The Wayfarers

5. Grover McGee, Ray Beall, Larry and Patricia Pierson (Patricia is Ms. Bertie and Mr Willie Hill’s daughter)

6. Ray Beall, Willie Hill

7. Grover McGee


9. Whitey Lipscomb, Viola Beall East, Jo Traylor, Gladys Dufreche

10. Ms Vera Dress, Grover McGee, Ruby McGee

11. Viola Beall East

12. Joyce Taylor, Harvey Taylor

13. Viola Beall East, Grover McGee, Jo Traylor, Pearl Traylor

14. Jo Traylor, Pearl Traylor, Pearl Lipscomb

15. Whitey Lipscomb, Willie Hill, Birdie Hill

16. Ruby McGee, Grover McGee, Mildred Forrest17. Joyce Taylor

18. Whitey Lipscomb, Mr. Ted Forrest, Ray Beall, Brent Dufreche, Willie Hill

19. Pearl Traylor, Mildred Forrest

20. Ray Bealle, Leander Willie, Robert Scott, Edgar Traylor, Mr. Ted Forrest

21. Betsy Traylor, Wiley Traylor

22. Matt Traylor,

23. Connie Burleson Holden, Ron Burleson, Bobby Hill, Julie Lester

24. Vivian Trimble (Trinity’s first pastors wife) and her two daughters Rebecca and Jerri

25.    Teddy Forrest IV, Jeff Gatlin, Otis Traylor, Scottie Matherne. Coach was Jimmy Gatlin, Bryan Alford

26. Slim Traylor, Robert Ray Traylor, Jeffrey Hill

27. Mildred Forrest, Pearl Lipscomb,  Joyce Taylor,  Viola Beall East, Helen Traylor, Ora Nell Farris, Pearl Traylor, Ruby Traylor, Emily Wall

28. Bro. Malcolm Massey, Louise Traylor

29. Leanna Willie Traylor, Marie Willie

30. Ashley Traylor Louviere

31. Louise Traylor, Leanna Willie Traylor

32. Leanna Willie Traylor

33. Mary Grace Traylor Lamonte

34.  Paw Paw Bill Traylor, Curtis Kinchen

35.  Trinity’s Youth Building

36. Patricia Young, Mary Grace Traylor Lamonte

37. Dickie and Dee Nelson, Gene Traylor, Diane Haase

38. Johnny Compton, Doug Williamson, Pat Young, Charles Paradelas, Raymond Rawls, Jimmy Young, Herny Matherne, Clara Ann Scott, Charlotte Paradelas, Wanda Forest, Pat Found

39. Otis and Mary Catherine Traylor

40. Kim Sirone


42. Bro. Floyd Massey and his wife, Louise Traylor, Dottie Traylor

43. Almatine Scott,





48. Rebecca Bankston Willoughby


50. Mary Grace Traylor Lamonte, Sheree Daniels

51. Philip Bankston (waving)

52. Gordon Traylor, Almatine Scott

53. Kim Sirone

54. Teddy Forrest IV and Kim Sirone at Wiley and Betsy Traylor’s wedding

55. Ashley Traylor Louviere, Louise Traylor, Pam Waffler, Kim Sirone

56. Barbara Davis, Jessica Davis and Daniel Davis

57. Susan Traylor Griffin, Gladys Dufreche

58. Trey Sirone

59. Mary Grace Lamonte, Linda Cummings, Sharon Compton, Clara Ann Scott, Pat Anderson

60. Louis Hill

61. Tom Coplin, Byron Wild Sr., Harvey Taylor

62. Vivian Traylor, Jo Blum Traylor

63. Ronnie Daniels, Gene Traylor, Johnny Compton, Spot Traylor, Jimmy Young, Teddy Forest

64. Edgar Traylor


66. Louise Traylor, Leanna Willie Traylor

67. Deyampert Traylor, Viola Beall East, Gene Traylor, Edgar Traylor, Mary Catherine Traylor (their mama)

68. Harvey Traylor,  Mary Grace Traylor Lamonte

69.  Jessica Davis, Amanda Russell

70.  Jessica Forrest and Jessica Davis

71. Louise and Edgar Traylor

72. Connie Burleson, Sharon Compton, Mary Grace Traylor Lamonte

73. Nan Traylor, Spot Traylor, Edgar Traylor, Mary Grace Traylor Lamonte, Louise Traylor

74. Vivian Traylor and Jo Blum Traylor

75. Ashley Traylor Louviere, Jessica Davis, Christina Picou

76. Rosalyn Chauvin, Margie Allen, Eddie McGhee, Mike Landry, Spot Traylor, Lee Russell, Bob Beall, Chad Chauvin (our youth teacher that Sunday), Sue Picou, Chrissie McGhee, Kim Russell, Sherry Beall

77. Leanna Willie Traylor, Louise Traylor, Jo Blum Traylor, Vivian Traylor, Susan Wild, Rosa Mae Traylor78.  Marie Willie, Leander Willie,

79. Gene Traylor, Michael Traylor, Allie Traylor, Sharon Traylor Compton, Connie Traylor Burleson

80. Spot Traylor

81. Spot Traylor, Edgar Traylor

82.  Dr. Randy Davis and Jessica Davis


84. Gene Traylor,

85. Zach Traylor, Tellius Traylor

That’s it, whew!  The next group of Trinity photos will be photos less than 25 years old.  We even have Linda Graves in a clown costume!!!!  I’ll be sharing some of my and Roy’s family photos next time.

Ya’ll have a blessed week!  And come back soon!


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02.18.18 Trip to Tennessee to see knee doctor, our precious grandchildren and local doctor visits

Sunday, February 18, 2018 – Monday we left very early in the morning and drove  over 7 hours to get to Cordova, Tennessee and 7 hours to come back to Louisiana in the same day.  Roy’s idea, not mine!  He handles driving that much really well.  That’s my man!  Our orthopedic doctor here in Louisiana told me I need a full knee replacement.  I wanted to see what the doctor in Tennessee who did Roy’s full knee replacement had to say about what I need.  After xrays and a bone density scan he came in and said my bone density was great (yay! yay!) and showed me where I only need a partial knee replacement because only one side of my knee is bone on bone, the other still has some cushion.  He explained that a lot of doctors do not want to do partials but he does.  With a partial knee replacement I don’t have to stay over night in the hospital and should require no rehab.  Dr. Schrader is absolutely worth driving to Tennessee for.

When we sat down with the scheduling lady, Darla, we went over a lot of things.  When she asked me what my last A1C was I had to tell her it was 10 and there we ran into a stumbling block.  If you don’t know what Hemoglobin A1C is, it is a blood test that indicates the average level of blood sugar over the past 2 to 3 months.  5 is really great, 7 is the highest it can be for the doctor to do the knee surgery.  10 is pretty unacceptable even without it affecting me having the surgery. 

I made an appointment to see my Family Doctor, Dr. Hugo Valdes today, Friday, to get orders for my A1C.  Darla, at Dr. Schraders office, recommended just having the A1C test done now so I can see how much I have to work on bringing it down to 7.  This is a really huge obstacle made even more difficult because I should be exercising to get it down and exercising or walking makes my knee hurt a lot.  So Yes I need a partial knee replacement, Yes Dr. Schrader will do it and No can’t have it done until I get my A1C at or below 7.

We’ve been wanting to see our oldest son’s family and have been waiting for the weather to improve and for our grandchildren to be well.  We met them at a public park in Baton Rouge and enjoyed seeing them run around and playing with children.  We had some time to visit with them and their mom.  Their precious hugs and how they like to share things with us is priceless.  Their parents don’t like us sharing photos so you will have to imagine four adorable loving, well behaved and kind children.  All four cute as a button!! Our son’s oldest daughter loves reading and now writes.  She’s 9 and has written her first book which is a mystery.  We read it and are so proud of someone that young taking to writing like she has.

Roy’s been working on replacing the plumbing pipes between the house and the septic tank.  I’ve written about it but haven’t gotten it published yet.  He finished today and I know he’s very delight to have that over with!  Photos will be in the blog about the plumbing.

Friday morning we went to Dr. Valdes who tested my blood there to get my A1C.  I was a little happy that its 9 and not 10.  There is still a good ways to go to get it to 7 but not as far as if I was started at 10.   He’s greatly increased the Toujeo (insulin injection) I am taking to help bring it down.  He said for me to contact my insurance company to see if they will cover Soliqua which is insulin.  That call will be made first thing Monday.  I had some other health concerns we talked about. Dr. Valdes is such an amazing doctor. He covers everything in detail and really listens. He remembers us from visit to visit and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that.  He’s taken care of us wherever we’ve been throughout the USA. He gave me blood test orders for some of the health concerns we talked about and we went across the street to Quest to have that done.  Oh and I lost another pound!!!

After Dr. Valdes we stopped at Chip’s work to get some hugs and lovin!!  Next was the appointment with Dr. Morgan, Neurologist.  She’s still not the neurologist I want forever but the new dementia medicine she put me on, galantamine, is helping a little so she increased it from 8 mg a day to 24 mg a day for the next month.  I had a really bad dementia day this week so I am really hoping the increased dosage of galantamine helps.  I know that having a really bad dementia day is pretty vague.  I’ll be writing more about what that means.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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02.10.18 A – Weekend with Madisyn – Hammond Mardi Gras Parade, Valentine Box creation, going to church, hammock swinging, ice cream tradition

Saturday, February 10, 2018 – Writing my blog posts has gotten harder and harder so when I have a spurt of words just tumbling out onto a blank page I let it all out.  Since the original blog post was very very long I decided to divide it into parts.  Organization of just about anything was something I use to excel at.  That is one area I do poorly now.  I find now when I read back at things I’ve written this past year that the flow of my sentences stinks. I try really hard for that not to happen, so I hope you all will excuse it!

Last weekend included a joyous couple of days spent with our granddaughter Madisyn who stayed with us from Friday evening until Sunday after church.  It rained, it was cold, yet we were so blessed by her being there.  Friday evening started with Chip, Misty, Kallie, Madisyn, Roy and I going to Hammond’s Krewe of Omega Mardi Gras Parade.  New Orleans has multiple Mardi Gras parades each day for two weeks.  Hammond has one parade during the season.  For not being a huge town (15,000 residents and 15,000 University students) they put on a great parade. It has been at least 10 years since we saw this parade.

Madisyn needed a Valentine shoe box for her classmates to put their valentines for her in.  Her Grannie (me) loves crafts and I have a lot of Valentine hearts and other craft pretties for her box.  Paw Paw painted the bottom of her box red and the top a pretty pink. She decorated the box really pretty. I have loved watching Madisyn’s creativity grow over the years  Here we are looking pretty cruddy on Saturday morning with lots of craft items spread all over the floor!

The next two are of us on our way to church last Sunday.  I don’t know if she inspires me to be silly or if it is the other way around!

She loves the hammock at our house.  It was too cold to stay outside for very long. We enjoy cooking together and over time have cooked chicken and dumplings, cakes, cookies, easter candies, etc.  This weekend we made this chocolate pudding with dirt on top and gummi worms crawling out of the cake!! 

A year or so ago I taught Madisyn some about web page creation (mostly photos) and she enjoyed it.  Here’s a link to that first web page. Madisyn’s Wacky Wonderful Wednesdays on Friday

This weekend I asked if she wanted to do a Silly Saturday blog.  She said “Yes” and we started creation of the blog post with a bunch of pics she picked out.  Here’s a link to that second web page: Silly Saturdays by Madisyn

She’s a very bright young lady and understood everything I showed her.  Show her once and she took it from there.  I’ve enjoyed web page creation for the last couple of decades and am gradually losing the ability to do it like I use to.  I’m hoping Madisyn will like it enough to learn more.

These two have a life long tradition of enjoying a bowl of ice cream together before she goes to bed.   I’m going to do some searching and find all the photos we’ve taken of Madisyn and Paw Paw enjoying this special tradition they have.   The only thing that has changed over the years is that when she was tiny she sat on the other side of Paw Paw under his arm!It took a while to recover once she went home but I’ll take that exhaustion any day to have her in our life! We are planning to visit with the family of our oldest son next week so I’ll be pretty happy with Grannie and grandchildren time!

I still find, paint and hide rocks all the time.  I am creating Valentines, Mardi Gras and spring time rocks right now.  Here’s some we’ve hidden lately.

We leave early Monday morning for an appointment with the knee doctor in Tennessee that did Roy’s knee replacement.  My doctor here said I need a full knee replacement so we are going to Tennessee to see if Dr. Schaeder there agrees or not. We’ll decide what to do next after we see him.  We always look forward to going to that part of Tennessee because they have Krystal Burgers there and we don’t have them in our area any longer.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear


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02.10.18 B – We lost a sweet lady this week but God Welcomed Her Home!

Saturday, February 1o, 2018 B – A dear sweet loving lady at our church died this week, at the age of 96.  We know her as Ms. Emily.  Her full name is Emily Bankston Wall.   I cried when I got the email from our church about her death.  I cried when I went to the funeral home’s web page and saw her precious picture with her obituary. I cried when I texted our son Chip about her death.  He’s always felt a connection with her since she was a very close friend of my mom, his Grannie.  He’s said that visiting with Ms. Emily felt like a little bit of Mama was still here.

Roy and I went to her funeral Friday. I’ve had time to process the loss of this special little lady from the time I learned of her death until now.  I’ve come to a place of joy for her as she now lives with our Lord in Heaven and will get to live with Him eternally.

I did not cry at the funeral.  I smiled, enjoyed being with other Christians who loved Ms. Emily and had been touched by her presence in our lives.  The songs that were played,the song sung by young Mia (our pastors 9 year old daughter) “How Deep the Father’s Love For Us” acapella, and Bro. Avery’s message all involved much happiness and a sense of celebration.  We loved this special little lady and are all joyous as she is now receiving her eternal reward for a life dedicated to following Christ and lived as a Christian servant. Our pastor, Bro. Avery Dixon shared some of Ms. Emily’s life including how much she loved our Lord and served Him. Bro. Avery had grown to love Ms. Emily in the short time he’s been our pastor and you could hear it in every word he spoke.

A Christian’s funeral is unlike any other.  I’ve requested that mine be a celebration of the fact that I, at that time, am living with my Lord and Savior for all eternity.

This song “Welcome to Heaven my Child”, is a song we played at Mama’s Funeral 10 years ago.  I love it deeply.  This video of someone singing it is a bit different from the original because it is specifically about a woman who was being welcomed to Heaven by God.   I can just imagine God welcoming His child, Ms. Emily, to Heaven!

That’s how this week ended, with a joyous funeral where we said “See you soon, Ms. Emily.”

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02.09.18 Dora and the Explorers – STILAD – You’re Loved One is Changing. The Question is, are you? by Rick Phelps

Rick Phelps, founder of Memory People on Facebook published the following article this week.  Remember , when reading it, that he has had Early Onset Alzheimer’s since 2011.  His point of view is very valuable for caregivers to hear and learn from. 

You’re loved one is changing. The question is, are you? I have often said that you as a caregiver have to come into my world as a patient. I cannot come into yours. That world no longer exists for me.

In other words we sometimes get all worked up on what works, what doesn’t, what to do, what not to do. The thing is what works today for whatever situation may not work tomorrow. And may not work ever again.

So what do you do? This is where coming into our world comes into effect. It’s obvious that you cannot actually know what is happening and understand what we as patients go through. I’m a dementia patient and I don’t know what’s happening most of the time.

But you as a caregiver have to learn to adapt. Change with the changes. I hate to compare dementia patients to children but here is a very good analogy.

If you have a child say a year old and are giving them scrambled eggs for breakfast. They love their scrambled eggs. Then one morning, all of a sudden they don’t. They spit them out. Won’t eat them. Just won’t.

Instead of trying to figure out why a year old suddenly won’t eat eggs if futile. What you do is don’t feed them scrambled eggs anymore.

Same goes with a dementia patient in so many ways. If one morning your loved one for whatever reason refuses to get dressed, it is not in anyone best interest to make them or to try to figure out why one day all of sudden they refuse to get dressed.

If they for whatever reason decide one day they don’t like the television on, you better not have it on. If they decide their not going to the doctor, all the coaxing in the world isn’t going to change their minds.

In other words in all these scenarios there is one constant thing. Don’t try to make a dementia patient do anything. Now, if it of course has to do with their safety or the safety of others of course you must intervene.

Trying to explain to a dementia patient why they can’t or can do something is also futile. They don’t understand. We sometimes forget this.

It’s normal for us to get a shower or bath every day. But for a dementia patient the water coming out of a shower can be devastating. Could be the fact that the shower doors are shut and they feel confined. Could be that the water hitting them scares them. It could be dozens of things.

The main thing is you have to change your thinking that your loved one must bathe everyday when or if this happens. Now that doesn’t mean that you never see that their hygene isn’t taken care of.

You can easily wipe them off with a wash rag, hit the main spots and baby powder works wonders on body odor. How dirty are they getting anyways?

The point I am trying to make is I cannot help some of the crazy things that happen. No dementia patient can. You will read on here how some caregivers feel that their loved ones can do somethings, they are just not doing them because they want to upset the caregiver.

This is just making excuses for the caregiver not being able to accomplish what they want their loved ones to do. From the smallest things, to huge things.

I tell people all the time that this thing about patients hoarding things is crazy for example. First off, to hoard something you have to have a plan. Plan to take whatever it is you are hoarding, plan to put whatever it is somewhere, and plan to get it later. And remembering all the while where the thing is.

This simply doesn’t happen in the world of dementia. People call it hoarding because that is how it is easily explained away. When in fact what the patient is doing is simply putting things where they think they belong.

Once again, we make things much more difficult then they need to be. I can’t tell you the number of things I have put where they don’t belong. Does that mean I’m hoarding things? Hardly. It means if you find the bread in the oven, for whatever reason that is where I thought it went.

If my wife finds things where she knows they don’t belong, she simply puts them where they go. Many times not even mentioning to me why they were where they were.

I can’t begin to tell you the number of things I have thrown away. From silverware, to glasses, to toothpaste, to full jars of peanut butter. Why? Who knows. I don’t realize I am doing this. It’s not normal to throw away beaters after mashing the potatoes but I have done it many times and will again.

What I’m getting at as a caregiver no matter what any of the “experts“ tell you, you can’t figure out why patients do what they do. Try to figure out why your loved one has a hard time especially during the winter months when it gets dark so early. You can’t.

There will be people who will tell you turn all the lights on in the house. As if this is going to “fix” the thing we call sundowners. It isn’t and it doesn‘t.

I can tell you from someone who suffers from sundowners that if we turn all the lights on in our home about sundown, I will still be confused, nervous, anxious, and even scared, I will just be all these things in a well lit home.

Someone came up with the idea of turning on all your lights, thinking that is the lack of sunlight that causes sundowners. I can have issues of sundowners in the middle of the day. I can have it first thing in the morning. It has nothing to do with sunlight or the lack there of.

That’s me. Your loved one could be just the opposite. Again, what I am saying is we are all different. And what works for one may not someone else. Or what works today, maybe won’t tomorrow.

Think about this, today as bad as it is for your loved one, this could be the very best day they ever have again. We simply don’t know. There are good days and there are bad.

Most of my days anymore are bad. With a little bit of good throughout each day. But all in all, I know what is in store for me today, tomorrow, and the next. I just don’t know if I will ever have a really good day ever again.

And nothing can change this. You as a caregiver can help by coming into our world as I said. We simply cannot function in the world you live in. The one we use too.

It’s not there anymore. And it never will be….

© Rick Phelps 2018

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02.08.18 Dora and the Explorers – Wacky Wonderful Thursday

💙When I say ‘I can’t take any more’ God says, ‘find your strength in Me.’
When I say ‘I don’t know how to move forward’ God says ‘let Me lead the way.’
When I say ‘I feel so broken right now’ God says, ‘let Me heal you.’
When I say ‘I am so depressed right now’ God says, ‘let Me bring joy into your heart.’
Let God’s strength, leadership, healing and joy be the light you see💙💙

By Millie Turley

Image may contain: plant, flower, outdoor and nature








Image may contain: text…it’s going to be okay: You don’t have to race when you already have a Rescuer. You are never truly time-starved when you are truly God-full.
Realizing how your time here is short —
paradoxically expands how you use your time.
May we be more interested in turning our time into prayer than our time into money.
May we be more interested in pressing into God than impressing others.
May we be more interested in communion with Christ than climbing success ladders in the world.
Because God never comes in ways to impress us — as much as He comes to make ways for us to have intimacy with Him.
And — it’s kinda crazy beautiful how it works:
When you want to be loved —
go be love.



Reach out to someone in need this week!

Let others see Jesus in you this week!

Be His light in the darkness this week!

Have a Blessed Week!


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Dora and the Explorers published randomly

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02.05.18 Dora and the Explorers – STILAD – Devoted Son Finds A Clever Way To Help His Dad Battle Alzheimer’s originally published 02.23.17

Monday, February 5, 2018 – When I saw the neurologist last she put me on the lowest dose of Galamantine, a dementia medicine.  It is not making me lightheaded, just a tiny bit, but not like the others started doing.  It does seem to be helping a little with remembering what things are called.  I’ll take any amount of help. The dosage can be increased each month to a maximum of 24 mg per day.  We’ll see what the neurologist says when I go back next.


Original blog 02.23.17 – As Alzheimer’s took hold of Ted McDermott, he started forgetting his family. He also started getting violent. His family watched on, heartbroken. But then his son, Mac, had a brilliant idea. Ted has always been a talented singer. So, his devoted son uses music to battle his dad’s Alzheimer’s!

God gifted Ted with a beautiful singing voice, something he’s always treasured. There was a time when Ted traveled around Britain, singing in night clubs and pubs. When he finally settled down and started working in a factory, he continued to sing on the side.

An Awful Diagnosis In 2013, Ted and his family got terrible news. Ted was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. It progresses over time, causing problems with memory, thinking and behavior.

As the disease took hold, Ted started forgetting his family.

“In the last few years his memory has deteriorated a lot – often not recognizing me as his son,” his son Mac explained. “It’s a horrible illness.”

The memory loss was tough. But the outbursts only made things worse.

“The more the Alzheimer’s kicked in, the more Dad became violent – both physically and verbally. It was incredibly difficult to manage, and terrifying at times,” Mac said.

Then, one day, Mac had an idea.

“My dad’s been a singer all his life and entertainer all his life,” Mac explained. “He’s a real character and he loves singing. He’s got a good voice.”

Ted has music in his bones. So, Mac reason that maybe it would reach him in a way no one else could.

When Mac noticed Ted starting to zone out, he put on some of his favorite songs. Just as he’d hoped, Ted sang along, remembering the lyrics!

Mac was on to something. And now the devoted son uses music to battle his dad’s Alzheimer’s!

An Internet Star Is Born

Mac found that listening to music with his dad works wonders.

“When we’ve got him singing again he’s back in the room. It’s these moments that we treasure,” he said.

Ted became known on Facebook as The Songaminute Man. Mac started filming these special moments in a James Corden Carpool Karaoke style.

Listen to Ted sing by clicking HERE:

The videos of the sweet son driving his beloved dad around while the two belt out melodies together quickly went viral. Ted was officially a singing sensation!

Thanks to all the hype the father and son duo received online, a dream came true for the pair. Record executive Alexander Van Ingen spotted the videos and quickly signed Ted as an artist. He described Ted as “truly remarkable for any singer, let alone one 80 years of age.”

Ted will soon release his first single, a cover of Frank Sinatra’s You Make Me Feel So Young, to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society. And Mac can’t believe it.

“It’s amazing to think he has a single coming out,” he said.

Music is a gift from God, and it’s amazing to see this gift used to heal!

From GodVine at http://www.godvine.com/


Please come back next time when I’ll share more topics about dementia. If you want to get an email whenever I post a blog (I write about other things, not just Alzheimer’s) find the “FOLLOW” box which is usually to the right hand side somewhere, enter your email and respond when the confirmation email is sent to you.

If you are in need of prayer for yourself, in your role as a caregiver, or if you have any specific questions please send me a comment with whatever information you want to share or ask about. I’ll say again that I’m not expert, but I probably experienced with my mom a lot of things you’re going through and will try my best to help. If I don’t know the answer I will tell you I don’t know. I’ll never judge, I’ve been judged enough to last a life time and would never do that to someone else. My email address is rosalyn@selu.edu if that is an easier way to communicate.

I am creating my own graphics with scriptures.  When I can, those will be the ones I’m sharing here.  Another way to help expand the use of my brain to keep it ship shape!

Until next time,



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