11.26.13 Here’s what’s been going on! Review of Jellystone Yogi Bear in Robert, LA

THANKSGIVINGDAY“So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.” Col. 2:6-7


Hi folks, it’s me again!

I said I wouldn’t be writing much but my mind has become so use to writing about everything we did for the last year that it’s finding it hard to do things without writing about it! Here’s a summary of our last two weeks!

Updates on our medical issues:

Roy’s full knee replacement surgery is scheduled for Monday, December 9th in the early morning.  He’s had his pre-op testing done and will see his primary care physician this coming Monday for full clearance. We will leave Hammond Sunday December 8th and head over to TLC Wolf River Resort in Pass Christian Mississippi for a 4-5 week stay while Roy recovers.  It’s the only place we could find to hook up for an extended period of time while he recovers so there is no moving the RV around while he’s healing. We will be working it out with the doctor next Thursday about rehab and all so we maybe driving back and forth to Hammond, or having rehab in Pass Christian.  We’ll see!

My x-ray showed there is no space between two of my lower neck vertebrae like all the others have so they know that’s where the problem is.  However my insurance won’t pay for an MRI on my neck until I have three weeks of conservative treatment (physical therapy) so this is my second week of PT.  I love the traction, heat with stimulators, and ultrasonic heat but some of the exercises really flared up the nerve in my neck so they changed the exercises to accommodate that.  I go back two days next week and I don’t know about after that. The ladies at Affiliated Therapy are great, as they’ve always been for previous PT.  Thanks to Debbie and the gang for your help with my pain in the neck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

REVIEW OF YOGI BEAR RESORT! We are currently staying at Jellystone Yogi Bear Resort in Robert, Louisiana.  It’s got everything a child could want for recreation and entertainment during the warm months (which are numerous) here in Louisiana.  The RV sites are concrete with trees around however where we’re parked Dora, the trees don’t  interfere with our satellite reception which is a huge plus. The campground staff has been very friendly and helpful during our stay. Since it’s cold weather right now the place isn’t as full as it would be during the summer.  More than half of the resort is year-round sites with cabins,  travel trailers, class A motor homes or 5th wheels parked with a little yard all set up.  I think that’s kind of neat.  We leave here on Thanksgiving, after a two week stay and are leaving two pleased campers!  Wish we could stay much much longer but  our free time here is up! They are part of our Coast to Coast membership so we stayed here at no cost which is a special plus!

Madisyn and Grannie made peach jello with peach pieces in it and she’s enjoying some outside with Paw Paw!
Their nightly ice cream “thing”!

We stopped by Southeastern our first day in and saw a lot of our Southeastern family.  So good to see their smiling faces and get to catch up some.  We’ve visited often with Madisyn, Chip, Kim, Braxton and Bentley.  Madisyn and I collected pine cones out here and painted the tips then sprinkled glitter over them.  She’s very creative and sat still for a long time focusing on the craft.  We’ve all enjoyed doing the things we use to do regularly together even if just for a little while now. She and Paw Paw enjoy special time having ice cream before bedtime and I get to snuggle with her and sing bedtime songs while she falls asleep.  There are dozens of other special times but not enough room to write them all!  We’ve enjoyed Saints games with Chip, Kim and the boys.  Getting to know the little boys and Kim has been a blessing! When the boys smile at us our hearts just melt!  They are adorable!

Our home church the year it snowed!

We went to church last Sunday at our home church, Trinity Baptist Church in Pumpkin Center, Louisiana for the first time in 7 months.  It was a great feeling to fellowship with and hug so many members of our church family.  Our pastor, Dr. Randy Davis, always preaches a Biblically true sermons and this Sunday didn’t disappoint! What a blessing to be in God’s house!  We’ve attended several different churches in our travels and it truly is nice to be back at our home church! Looking forward to hearing the choir sing some while we’re home too!

We’re having gumbo for our non-traditional Chauvin Thanksgiving and are headed to Calloway Campground in Hammond for 10 days!

Ya’ll enjoy your families today on Thanksgiving and ya’ll come back ya’ hear!


11.18.13 Bye Bye Kentucky, Hello Louisiana!!!

The last of our touring ended with the Lost River Cave when we decided to head straight back home to Louisiana. We decided home was where we wanted to be instead of seeing more in other states right now.

We left a snowy Kentucky last Tuesday morning and spend Tuesday night at the Mississippi Welcome Center parking lot.  When we arrived in Mississippi we noticed a lot of water coming out from under Dora.  Roy tried to find out what he could there in the parking lot but had no success then.  He did determine it was probably coming from our fresh water tank so we felt we were okay to make the rest of the trip to Hammond. IMG_20131112_061441_589 IMG_20131112_061459_953 IMG_20131112_061534_471 IMG_20131112_062612_146 IMG_20131112_062616_863 IMG_20131112_062634_568

Wednesday morning we headed to Hammond and arrived at Berryland Camper before noon.  We made an appointment for them to check out the water leak and stayed in their RV parking area overnight since our reservations were not until Thursday at Jellystone Yogi Bear Campground in Robert.

Wednesday after lunch we surprised our son Chip at his work at Bill Hood Ford.  He was very very surprised since we didn’t tell anyone we were heading home before we originally planned to.  We went with him over to Madisyn’s new home nearby and had a wonderful reunion with her.  When she saw us pull up she spotted her Paw Paw and clung to him crying such sweet tears of happiness.  I got my turn with her too and didn’t want to let go.  She was so happy wanting to show us everything around her new home.  We brought her home with us to see Dora and later we all went over to Chip’s apartment for dinner and to meet Chip’s girlfriend Kimberly and her two little boys Braxton and Bentley.  We really like Kimberly and the boys and had a marvelous evening getting to visit and have fun together.  Roy took a video of us that we thought was only a delayed snapshot.  We kept saying cheese and you can see how happy we all were!  This is a link to it on facebook.


Madisyn went home with us to spend the night. When we were going to sleep she asked me if I’d sing her the hush a bye song I always sang her (I sang it to her daddy Chip and his brother, our oldest son, every evening when they were little) so I sang it through a couple of times and she was sound asleep.  I slept so soundly with that little one snuggled on my shoulder!  When we woke up in the morning I told her I was so happy she came to spend the night and she said “I’m just so happy to see you!” A child’s love is so healing and such a blessing! We took Madisyn to her pre-k school and got to see her class, teachers, and the playground (very important).

On Thursday morning before we left Berryland Campers, Roy got under Dora and figured out what the water leak problem was, replaced the part and Dora’s all fixed.  He’s pretty amazing like that! We cancelled the appointment to have her fixed and headed over to Yogi Bear and found our spot here where we’ll stay for a week or two.  We really like it here and look forward to a fun time with Madisyn on Saturday enjoying some of the recreation at the campground.

Madisyn came to stay with us Saturday and Sunday.  Paw Paw planned a tea party for us, we took her all around the campground playing putt putt and other things.

pawpaw tea party pawa paw tea party1

jellystone faces madisyn tree hanging

After the tea party and playing, Paw Paw and Madisyn had their special ice cream time.  She even licked the bottom of the bowl! Within 15 minutes of finishing the ice cream she was sound asleep

madi eating ice cream madiwith bowl madi crashed

We went to Chip and Kimberly’s church with them Sunday morning  and they came over for BBQ after and then to watch the Saints win!!!  We got to play with Madisyn, Bentley and Braxton and we were absolutely dead when they all left but oh so happy. In the picture of Bentley (left) and Braxton (right), Bentley does look like that but this must be Braxton’s wicked smile we captured!

madisyn on seatmadi prayingb and b

Roy saw the orthopedic doctor yesterday and is scheduled to have knee replacement surgery on December 9th.  I’ve been having neck and shoulder pain since we left Minnesota and am going to have physical therapy for the next three weeks and then possibly have an MRI  to find out what’s causing it and what to do! I don’t plan to write very much about our time at home with family and friends (I will let you know how Roy’s knee surgery goes)  but if you are followers of our blog you’ll know when we begin posting again since WordPress sends you an email.

If I don’t write before then ya’ll have a very Blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Dora, Boots and the Chauvi’s

Ya’ll come back now ya’ hear!

11.18.13 Lost River Cave, Bowling Green, KY

The last of our field trips in Kentucky was to the Lost River Cave in Bowling Green.  After the excessive walking of the last three tours we chose an underground river boat tour which was a very different and welcome cave experience.

There are four blue holes outside around the cave which use to be underground water that the ground on top of it wore out and the water came to the surface and it’s blue in color.  We walked along a trail to get to the cave.

IMG_20131111_124507_247 IMG_20131111_125509_570 IMG_20131111_125705_868 IMG_20131111_125713_853 IMG_20131111_125736_415 IMG_20131111_130314_647 IMG_20131111_130335_172 IMG_20131111_133214_860

To the left of where you get in the boat there is a big open air ballroom that people in old times would dance on to the music of a big band.  The original rock stairway that guests would come down to the dance floor has crumbled and was replaced by a metal staircase which you’ll see in the photo.

IMG_20131111_133132_167 IMG_20131111_133123_764 IMG_20131111_132933_006 IMG_20131111_130400_602 IMG_20131111_130655_393

We climbed aboard the boat and were treated to a short but very interesting tour of the cave.  Right after taking off we all had to lean forward so our heads would make it under the very low hanging rock formation that was fairly long.  When we were stooping down, we could reach up and touch the roof which was very smooth.  Once we were past that we could see many formations and a couple of times the boat bumped up against an underground rock which sounded like thunder when it hit.  The temperature in the cave was around 58 and the water temperature was 50.

IMG_20131111_130410_207 IMG_20131111_130724_255 IMG_20131111_131134_766 IMG_20131111_131211_020 IMG_20131111_131317_684 IMG_20131111_131447_245  IMG_20131111_132209_446  IMG_20131111_132450_852 IMG_20131111_132605_968

Ya’ll come back now ya’ hear!

11.16.13 Corvette Assembly Plant and National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY

The two pictures of the white corvette are the same car. Yes they parked on carpet in the garage!!!@! These are our two corvettes we had when we were younger!

Next on our field trip list was the Corvette Assembly Plant in Bowling Green, KY.  Some may know and some may not know that Roy and I owned two corvettes back at different times in our younger wilder days so this was a tour we really looked forward to.

There are signs posted all around the walkway to the plant saying that you cannot bring in a purse, bag, camera, electronic device, cell phone, etc.  So what do I discover is in my pants pocket when we get inside and are waiting for the tour – my cell phone.  Honest I didn’t mean to bring it and was so afraid someone would catch me and kick me out.  I turned it off and didn’t once take a picture. The pictures I have below were from after the tour and we were on our way back to the car.

This plant is the coolest, cleanest, most interesting place we’ve been to.  We got to walk through the plant seeing the assembly line from the beginning to the end where a completed corvette rolled off the assembly line ready fo2013-11-11_10-03-17_490 2013-11-11_10-03-33_604 2013-11-11_10-03-56_366 2013-11-11_10-05-03_232 2013-11-11_10-05-47_493 2013-11-11_10-06-24_503 2013-11-11_10-13-39_91 2013-11-11_10-15-02_854 2013-11-11_10-15-53_161r its new owner.  The only place we couldn’t go into was the paint shop which they do first so the cars we saw being assembled were already painted, mostly black, white, red, yellow and a few blue.  Crisp, beautiful Corvette colors!  It was amazing to watch the car go through the many steps in the process.

Especially cool was when the body gets married to the drive train and are no longer two parts but one car!  These 2014 Corvette Sting Rays are very special and it was quite a privilege to get to watch some being built.  They complete 173 cars a day and they are only built if they are already sold. If you buy one you can come to the plant in Kentucky and go through the build process with your car.  If you have the money to buy one of these fine cars you probably have the money to go there to see it made!

When the cars are complete they are wrapped up before being shipped out.  A couple of the pictures below show that.    IMG_20131111_112310_669IMG_20131111_112321_969

I would highly, highly recommend this fantastic tour to anyone interested in seeing a beautiful car being assembled!

We went next across the street to the National Corvette Museum where they have on display Corvettes as old as 1953 the first year they made them.  Several of the models are displayed in scenes depicting the era they were made in.  You’ll see this in the pictures.

Many of the Indy 500 Corvette pace cars were on display in this upside down cone shaped building that was highly ultra modern.  Every bit of the decor in the whole museum was Corvette styled.

We saw cars in the years of the ones we owned (1971 and 1976) which brought back memories!  Car seats weren’t required back then and we strapped our oldest son (he has requested that we do not use his name) and Chip together in the passenger seat when they were really little and then they sat behind the seat when they got bigger. That is an unthinkable thing to do now but it was considered normal back then.

Remember I said that walking through the Mammoth Caves made my leg muscles hurt? Well you can imagine how they felt after walking through the assembly plant and the museum the next day.  If it hasn’t been such a highlight of our travels I wouldn’t have made it.

Roy was feeling a lot better when we did all this in one day or we wouldn’t have done all this.  We’re thinking his case of shingles is a mild one and we’re very thankful for that. Enjoy the pictures and ya’ll come back now ya’ hear!

IMG_20131111_112343_921IMG_20131111_112408_1772013-11-11_10-25-35_397 2013-11-11_10-29-53_526 IMG_20131111_104428_272 IMG_20131111_104633_199 IMG_20131111_104715_032 IMG_20131111_104736_787 IMG_20131111_105049_285 IMG_20131111_105216_125 IMG_20131111_105324_609 IMG_20131111_105410_169 IMG_20131111_105530_371 IMG_20131111_105900_076 IMG_20131111_110016_669 IMG_20131111_110025_780 IMG_20131111_110132_433 IMG_20131111_110259_457 IMG_20131111_110354_151 IMG_20131111_110943_347

11.14.13 We have landed in Hammond, LA!

Just a quick note that we are now back in our hometown, Hammond, Louisiana! I’ll write about the tours we took in Kentucky before leaving there Tuesday morning when we settle down here some. The blogs are written, I just need to put the pictures in.  Probably this evening when we get settled at Jellystone Campground in Robert, Louisiana or tomorrow.

I may not be writing much while we are here but if you are followers of our blog you’ll get an email when I start writing again so if you’d like to get that email sign up to follow. It’s a button on the right hand side where you enter your email address. We have lots of followers already and would love to have more!

Ya’ll come back now ya’ hear!

11.12.13 Mammoth Cave here we come!

Mammoth Cave is the world’s longest known cave system with over 400 of cave already explored.

We made our way to Mammoth Cave and we set out on a day of cavern climbing up and down and up and down all 500 steps of the place. It was so physically demanding that I thought I’d collapse a couple of times and we had to stop and rest.  They have several different types of tours available and we chose the New Entrance tour which is a new entry way they opened several years ago and takes you a good way into the cave.  It has new metal steps and railings instead of the older wooden steps in the original entry way.  I liked that part!  The only picture taking allowed was without a flash so I tried to only choose the pictures of this tour that came out clear!

IMG_20131110_110422_173  IMG_20131110_105830_777 IMG_20131110_105800_007 IMG_20131110_105556_295  IMG_20131110_103409_097 IMG_20131110_105401_425 IMG_20131110_105426_976 IMG_20131110_105450_719 IMG_20131110_105503_215  IMG_20131110_095148_191 IMG_20131110_094847_204 IMG_20131110_094755_945

After we got off the bus coming back from the cave we were required to walk across some white sudsy stuff that is suppose to remove something not good for the bats outside the cave.


I started feeling sick (tummy) when we got home and we took it easy the rest of the day.  I also think I over did the walking and pulled some muscles in my legs because they still hurt today.  There is a good bit of walking in our future and Roy’s feeling better so we’ll forge ahead!

Ya’ll come back soon, ya’ hear!

11.11.13 Louisville Slugger Museum and Jim Beam Distillery!

Roy started feeling better so we went to the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory.  They manufacture baseball bats and many of the major league baseball players have their bats made there.  The factory/museum is in downtown Louisville, Kentucky which is about an hour from our RV park.

roy holding babe ruth bat
Roy holding one of Babe Ruth’s bats
plaque by babe ruth bat
The plaque explaining that it was Babe Ruth’s bat.
old machine
The old style way of making a bat
Baseball memorabilia
bats hung from ceiling
Dozens of bats hung from the ceiling
Banners of many of the MLB teams

They do not allow cameras in the factory, which is what I’m finding at most of the factories.  The tour took us from where the bat is just a round piece of wood to a specialized bat made for a specific player.  We did sneak our camera out to take a picture of Brian McCann’s (catcher for our Atlanta Braves) bat when we got to hold it!

brian mccann bat

There is a batting cage for older folks and one for little guys.

big cage little cage

They were having an auction of old memorabilia while we were there and the two pieces of furniture were sold while we were there.  The sofa for $6,300 and the chair for $4,900.

chair in auction

The bat outside the building is amazing.  It’s made of steel and weights 68,000 pounds and stands 120 feet tall.  The Big Bat is an exact replica of Babe Ruth’s 34 inch Louisville Slugger bat. The baseball glove sculpture inside the museum is handcrafted from 450 million year old Kentucky limestone, and weighs 17 tons. We love everything baseball so we were quite happy to spend time here! When we were leaving there was a bride outside having her picture taken by the big bat!

bride by bat

rosiebigbat rosiebig bat3 big glove

We went to the Jim Beam Distillery while we were in Louisville but all their tours were sold out so we were only able to take the self-guided tour which was nice and even included a whiskey tasting that we went to.  I chose a cinnamon flavored whiskey which actually did taste like cinnamon.  Roy chose a black cherry whiskey and he said it was okay.  We heard from people who did go on the real tour that it was fantastic so if you get the opportunity to go there make sure you make reservations on line a couple days ahead of time.  If we can find another distillery or a winery on the way south we’ll probably try to tour it.

beam main building

barrelsbeam bus

old time distillingtasting

beam homebeam rosie

That’s it for our visit to Louisville, KY. The weather has been beautiful and we’re enjoying the peace and quiet here a lot!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

11.10.13 Out with the old bed and in with the new!

We are currently at Diamond Caverns Resort in Park City, Kentucky.  We really like it a lot.  It’s very quiet and only half of the RV sites are filled so we’ve spread out a bit over two spaces.

When we got here on Tuesday (before we knew Roy had shingles) he went into Bowling Green (about 30 minutes from here) to Camping World to purchase a new heavy duty sewerage connection line.   They had the Queen size Sleep Number mattress we wanted in stock, so Roy bought that also and brought it home.  Once we found out he has shingles I figured it would stay in the boxes for a while.

real sleep number box

But NO the day after we went to the doctor I woke up to Roy taking the parts to the mattress out of the boxes and then he pulled the old mattress off the bed.  Before I go any farther let me tell you that a normal mattress is very different than a sleep number mattress.  It doesn’t come in one piece like a normal mattress does.  It comes in several pieces and has to be assembled.

When he got into it he discovered other things to fix so it took him almost all day to put it together.  We spent a few hours of that time in Bowling Green looking for an elevator bolt to replace one that broke off when he was reassembling everything.  If you know Roy well you will understand when I say he completely rebuilt the area where the bed sits to reinforce every single thing that makes up the bed area.  The bed in our RV sits over where the RV engine is located which makes the whole thing even more odd and interesting.

I took some pictures as he was assembling the bed but only have one picture when he was reinforcing everything underneath.  Roy is a perfectionist about everything which makes anything he works on take so much longer but the end result is always something you can really count on to be sound and safe.

roy working
With the old bed removed Roy is working on all the old wires, tubes and machinery that operate the sleep number function.
bed uninflated
The foam frame in place, the left side blown up and the right side started to be filled with air.
bed inflated
Both sides filled up and the side covers wrapped over it.
bed with foamtop
A layer of foam is laid over the whole bed
finished bed
The mattress cover in place and tied into the air system. The final piece.

Our old mattress was broken in that the bladder that is blown up with air was busted on the right hand side of the bed causing a caved in area on that side.  When the left side was pumped up you slept on a hill and then fell down into the cave if there was no one on the other side.  Roy didn’t like sleeping on the hill or in the cave so he wound up on the sofa most nights.

The new mattress is far superior to the construction of the old one and we’ve slept very well every night since.  Roy cut apart the old mattress into pieces and he carried them all over to the big dumpsters here.

Other than that Roy has been resting, finally…….  Our plans for sightseeing are delayed until the weekend so that Roy’s better before we take to the road again.  I’m spending a lot of time outside reading in the sun which is really nice after spending so much of our time inside these last few weeks.

That’s it for the Chauvin’s in Kentucky!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

11.05.13 Roy has Shingles & Look out Kentucky – the Chauvins have arrived!

Roy has shingles and he’s miserable.  The shingles shot Roy got last Wednesday either gave him shingles or it’s a coincidence that he got shingles the day after he had the vaccine.  He started running fever and had a bad headache yesterday and today and has been having pain in his back and legs since Monday.  We went to It’s All About You Urgent Care in Bowling Green here in Kentucky today and a really nice lady Kyra Sharp took care of him.  All of his feeling horrible and being in pain the last couple of days is from him the shingles and bronchitis.  We picked up all his medicine from Walgreens and stopped at Sams to pick up some special food treats to make him feel better and he’s back home napping on the sofa right now.  Hopefully the bronchitis will get out of him soon so he can deal with  shingles without feeling lousy from the bronchitis. Please keep him in your prayers as he heals from this.  Some of the places we were planning to see may get cut off the list you’ll see down below.  We’ll take it a day at a time from here on!

Ya’ll know how we like to take pictures of everything we do so we took a picture at the Urgent Care center with the ladies that took care of Roy.  That’s the first smile I’ve seen on his face in a few days but he’s got pretty ladies around him so I understand!


I wrote the post below before today but I felt that Roy’s medical concerns should go at the beginning of the post so don’t get confused because of the order.

Now that Thanksgiving is the upcoming holiday we put our Give Thanks sign in the front of the window.  What you see in the picture is from the inside so it’s backwards.  It’s a challenge to decorate an RV and I really like these gel window signs!

give thanks sign

We spent the night last night at an interstate rest stop with several 18 wheel trucks!  Roy’s back and knees were hurting him so badly that we had to cut yesterday’ journey short.

I woke up Tuesday morning around 8 am to the sound of Dora going 60 miles per hour down the interstate!  That is such a strange feeling!  The trees along the roads are brilliantly yellow and orange now.  It’s such a blessing to get to see this beautiful scenery as we travel. orange leaves

We arrived about 11:30 am at Diamond Cave Resort in Park City, KY where we’ll stay for a week or so.  It’s nice to know we’ll be somewhere that has grass and trees and we can set up our little outdoor space for a while. We’ve set up everything inside and out and I’m going outside to read for a while which is something I’ve missed these last three weeks. mammoth cave park sign

Going from the very flat land in Indiana to the mountains in Kentucky is a drastic change.  Our plans are to rest today and take in the following sites over the next week:

Mammoth Cave

Jim Beam Distillery

Louisville Slugger Factory and Museum tour

Diamond Caverns

Corvette Assembly Plant and Mueseum Tour

My Old Kentucky Home State Farm

Chaney’s Dairy Barn

That’s a big list and we hope to do most of that if not all.  We’re not too far from Bowling Green and right outside of Mammoth Cave Park and the weather is cool but not cold.  As we move south the temperatures are getting warmer as you would expect .  We’re 10 degrees warmer than when we left Decatur, Indiana.

It’s helped us a lot to get recommendations from ya’ll about things to see so if there is anything specific in the I-65 area between Louisville, KY and Bowling Green, KY that you think we’d like to see please let us know!

Ya’ll come back now ya’ hear!