01.30.14 Mount Dora …… is that a mountain named after our RV Dora?

stop expecting normalNever, ever in our previous non RV life would I imagine myself pulling into a strange shopping center parking lot and calling it home.  Yet that’s what we’ve done a few times including today.  We have our own supply of water and can generate our own electricity for a little while so we’re set!

Dora and Boots all by their lonesome in the big empty parking lot!

We’re in Mount Dora, Florida right now with Dora’s slides out and out belly’s full of Papa John’s pizza from the store right outside our door!  There’s also a Hobby Lobby here, so my afternoon may include some fun shopping time!

Papa Johns on the left and Hobby Lobby on the right

Next time you’re sitting in your car in a parking lot imagine that your car is really, really big and that you’re going to spend the night there in your own bed.  That’s sort of a little bit of what living in an RV in a parking lot is like!!!

We’ve learned to get back to the basics in our lives since living in the RV, especially in a parking lot.  Living on our own water means quickie showers, no clothes washing and using dish cleaning water sparingly.   If I miss anything it’s being able to take a hot tub bath when my bones are aching! We have half the clothes we use to have but they are fun clothes now! There’s not enough space to have extras of everything though we always make sure to have plenty of toilet paper!!! We had a huge yard at our house and most places where we stay we only have a few square feet of outdoor recreation space, yet we spend way more time outside now chilling than we ever did at the house with all that space! We thought we needed all that space in the house to live in, yet find we do quite well in our tiny little RV space.  Ours is bigger than most but even at that it’s no more than 400 square feet!

needing less

Since starting this RV fulltiming life, we certainly do need less, smile more often, dream big, laugh a lot and really, really realize how blessed we are!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

01.30.14 Bye Bye Bee’s RV Resort!

541509_550572981639824_1052114858_nWe are leaving Bee’s RV Resort on our way to St. Augustine to visit our friends Russ and Annie. The weather is really bad in St. Augustine right now (the Louisiana weather must be making it’s way there) so we’re going to stop at a nearby Sams for the night and try to drive there tomorrow.  Even though it is dreary outside every Christian knows that
Today is a beautiful day simply because God made it!

Travel days at the Chauvin RV are actually deep cleaning days.  Everything gets removed from the tops of counters and floors so they don’t get damaged when we travel and perhaps swerve or hit a big bump.  This means everything is open for cleaning which we do before we leave.  Floors get vacuumed and everything gets cleaned and sanitized.  I try to have all our clothes, towels, etc. washed and dried before we travel since sometimes we stop at locations that do not have sewerage hookups where we can empty the laundry water.  It might seem like a lot to do just to travel but since we travel at least once a week, I don’t have to do too much in between cleaning wise other than a little tidying up when needed.

I took some pictures I haven’t posted of the resort and wanted to share them with ya’ll.  Heaven forbid I should have some pictures on my camera that I haven’t shared!  We wouldn’t want that now, would we???!!!  Bee’s is definitely a 50+ RV park as I haven’t seen any children and they have shuffleboard!!!  It also seems that older folks have more animals and since we were parked near a big grassy area we saw most all the pet owners walking their little ones.  Most RV park rules say they have to be on a leash and you must clean up their poop and put it in a bag.  So every dog owner out walking had their mandatory poop bag with them.  Roy still says no dogs for us so I guess I won’t get a poop bag soon!

Dora as seen from Boot’s eyes!
Welcome to Bee’s
Internet Cafe attached to the office
Up close pic of the old gas pump in the office
The manager’s dog – the resort mascot
Our home for several days
Shuffleboard anyone???
Someone who lives here is growing tomatoes!
Super cool golf cart like thingy parked next to us
One a walk I came across these guys and they followed me when I’d talk to them!
This was very large and I thought very pretty!
Here are my two little friends again. They would stand right next to me and I couldn’t take a picture of them until they’d move away.
Landscaping at someone’s home in the park



Ya’ll come back now, ya hear!

01.29.14 Universal Orlando parks still standing, Chauvins……. not so much, but loved every minute of it!

2014-01-27_17-19-21_322We had an absolutely marvelous fun time at Universal Studios and Universal Islands of Adventure!  The ride waits were not bad, except for two or three of them. The weather was perfect – in the 70s both days!  Some new rides awaited us since the last time we went to Universal.  The rides now incorporate more of the 4D experience into them than before which was very cool! Nothing like donkey snot sprinkling on you when Shrek’s Donkey sneezed or when Spiderman threw a flaming ball at us we could feel the heat from the fireball!

For those of ya’ll with children who may have to choose between one or the other of these parks, Universal Studios seemed more geared to adults with some children rides.  Universal Islands of Adventure had many more children’s rides and playground activities with one ride being only for children under 36″.  If you are an adult you can’t go with out a child under 36″.  Roy and I wanted to go on that ride so bad, and even used our best sad faces on the guy at the entrance way to try to get on, but we were turned away.

At the end of our first day when we stopped at KFC, I discovered that I lost my debit card.  Oh no!  But the next morning we went to the Lost and Found and there it was!!!!!   I cannot tell you how happy I was to get it and avoid having to get it replaced.

We purchased a three days for the price of two ticket, and just could not make it back the third day.  Good thing the third day was free!  As much fun as we had, the toll on our old bodies from all that walking and excitement has us wiped out.  I slept 12 hours last night waking up at 10 am today.  The days of constant activity with no physical repercussions are behind us!!!  Most of the rides we chose had warning signs about not going if you had physical limitations but did we pay ANY attention to those.  Of course not, over and over and over!  Roy’s knee that was feeling okay before now is screaming at him as is my neck and shoulder. We’ll recover and will still have the wonderful memories of swirling, jerking, spinning, speeding, flying and other experiences from our time here.

Even thought it’s taking us all day today to recover from just two days of fun we truly had more fun than two old folks should have.  It’s was so much fun being a kid and enjoying the sights, sounds and rides. I will take a day of pain recovery for those two days of delight any day!

Instead of posting all our pictures here I created photo albums in Facebook and the links below are to those albums.  My WordPress storage space is dwindling since I include so many photos so I figured this was a good way to save on space!  Universal Day One includes our Universal Studios pictures. Universal Day Two includes our Universal Islands of Adventures pictures.

We are headed to St. Augustine tomorrow to spend some time with our RV friends Russ and Annie and CAN’T WAIT!!!!  These are the folks we met at Northern Lights who left before we did.  They taught us about campfires, cooking over campfires, playing music and singing around the campfire and blessed our lives immensely with their friendship.  Annie has been  having cancer treatment the last few months and we look forward to spending some face to face time with them catching up.

Here’s the links to the pictures! You do not need to be on facebook to see the pictures, I made them all public.

Universal Day One:  https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10100836030375724&set=a.10100836103638904&type=3&theater

Universal Day Two: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10100836114856424&set=a.10100836138459124&type=3&theater

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!

01.26.14 Honey Pot, Lakeridge Winery, Abracadabra and RV Park Worship!

Our stay at Bee’s RV Resort has been an enjoyable one thus far.  This is really a place where the snowbirds land when leaving the cold north for the sunny south.  Most of the park are plots of 800+ square feet that you can buy and it’s yours to bring your RV whenever you want, whether it’s weekends, all winter or all year.  The ones you own have pavers that that make your little area very nice. Across from where we are parked is a big open field.  Yesterday a man was flying a remote control plane doing all sorts of stunts and I enjoyed watching him for a quite a while!bees airplane bees lake bees pavers

Our first night here we enjoyed dinner at the Honey Pot Eatery here at the park where they served all you can eat fried or baked fish, corn fritters, french fries, baked potatoes or sweet potatoes, coleslaw, cornbread and baked apple dessert.   They have all you can eat dinners on Tuesday (chicken), Thursday (meat loaf and pot roast) and Friday is the fish night.   This was our first time eating in an RV park restaurant and WE LIKED IT!

hp inside hp sign

Saturday we did some sightseeing in Clermont and surrounding towns.  Beautiful highways and everything is stretched out, not all bunched up.  Lots of rolling hills, palm trees and pine trees.  Everything looks new and well kept.

We saw a sign pointing the way to Lakeridge Winery and Vineyard and we pulled in to check it out.  It’s a beautiful place with a sprawling lawn on the side for picnics and gatherings.  We enjoyed the tour and wine tastings (which was all free) and browsed the shop downstairs before heading outside.

lakeridge bottlers  lakeridge boxes  lakeridge holder lakeridge overhead vine lakeridge sign lakeridge vineyard

On the side a bandstand is set up with live music played from 1-4 pm.  Lots of people were sitting in lawn chairs enjoying the music and eating.  We could smell the food cooking off to the side and made our way over there.

lake ridge lawn lakeridge in front lakeridge outside

Roy got a gyro and I got a vegetable plate.

lakeridge food court lakeridge rosalyn eating my food

We didn’t have our lawn chairs with us so I sat on the grass and enjoyed my meal while listening to the music.   I hope to bring our chairs back with us one afternoon this week and sit for a spell enjoying the beauty of the surroundings there!

We next went for some more sightseeing and spotted an ice cream parlor (I’ve been looking for one for days) called Abracadabra Ice Cream Factory.

abra sign

We’ve never been to one like this.  They use a mixture of cream and sugar, add the ingredients you request to the mixture and then hit it with some nitrogen.

abra nitro 1

It looks like a wizard’s pot over flowing with smoke. They mixed it right in front of us and we could feel the coolness seeping out of the bowl as it rolled over towards us.

abra smoke

Roy got a Turtle which was ice cream, caramel, walnuts and chocolate.  I had a banana split.  It was absolutely the best tasting ice cream concoction I’ve ever had and quite a treat to get to watch our serving being made.

abra turtle abra bsplit

Today was a first for us, our first church service at an RV Park.  When we saw it on the list of activities we decided to attend and how blessed we were for having done so.  The Rogers family, 6 children (in their 20s) and their dad, sang several songs of Praise to God.  They were accompanied by different types of instruments for each song.  Each one of the children had a very special gift for singing and we enjoyed them immensely.  The preached message was from 1 John and I have to say it was a special blessing to be able to worship God with fellow RVers.  I will be keeping a eye out for other RV Park church services in the future.

The park has a Jam Session on the activities schedule from 2-4 so we may be strolling over there in a bit to check that out!  We’re planning on going to Universal Studios and Universal Islands of Adventure this week along with making a stop at the Disney casting center to apply for whatever looks interesting when we get there.  I’ll write more about all that soon!

Ya’ll come back, now ya’ hear!

01.24.14 It snowed in Louisiana!

imagesFor the many northerners that asked us if it ever snowed in Louisiana, the answer is yes!!! It snowed this morning in our hometown of Hammond, Louisiana.  Roy and I are in Sunny Florida, but my Facebook wall was filled with snow pictures and cartoons this morning. The schools are closed including the University and many roads are closed.

This may all sound ridiculous to northerners but we have no snow chains, many more elevated bridges (that ice quickly) than in the North and we have limited readily available snow road deicing, desnowing equipment.  It’s just not pretty when everyone tries to get out and have a normal life at that temperature so everyone stays home and enjoys the day off!

This has been the coldest winter in Louisiana as far back as I can recall.  We may have perhaps brought a little Minnesota cold back with us this winter! We had many nights where it dipped into the 20s and even teens and a few daytime temperatures in the 30s.  That is a cold Louisiana winter!  While cold up in International Falls, Minnesota, near where we spent the summer, was -40 a few weeks ago.

I captured some of the snow pictures and cartoons off Facebook and am including them below so the rest of the country can see what a Louisiana Sneaux (that’s Snow in Louisiana lingo) looks like!

253262_716467645059894_1130008092_n 1555319_10100829040513464_1859567398_n 1546296_716476038392388_1781381447_n 1625617_10151960613363823_1423295229_n 62045_502013816583388_239754744_n 1484115_10100466435707573_1209973492_n 1530450_10152206918594610_968898216_n


Wherever you are stay safe and stay warm!

Ya’ll come back now, ya hear!

01.23.14 Day Three (Final Day) – RV Window Repair

Day three is our final day in the process of having our windows defogged.  We were originally told it might take five days so we’re pretty happy with how fast they did their work.

Our cardboard window coverings are a thing of the past.  In their place are beautifully clear and shiny defogged windows.  After installing them they caulked them with silicone, cleaned them, water tested them and cleaned them again to get the water spots off.

Roy can’t believe what it looks like out the drivers side window after hardly being able to see through the old foggy windows for so long!  We just discovered that the two windows over our sofas were put in the wrong (opposite) window.  The company is closed for the day now so in the morning we’ll have to get them to move them to the right window!

These people are really nice to work with.  I would highly recommend that anyone needing their foggy RV windows fixed, come here.  The price was $275 for the drivers side window and $225 for each of the other windows.  Six windows was $1542.  Lots cheaper than changing all those windows.  They are  beautifully clear now and we will enjoy our travels even more, seeing America clearly through the side windows now!

2014-01-23_12-52-08_738 2014-01-23_13-24-57_371 2014-01-23_13-50-38_267 2014-01-23_14-54-35_722 2014-01-23_14-54-50_806 2014-01-23_14-54-56_663 2014-01-23_16-20-05_289 window1window3 window2

When we paid our bill they gave us each nice t-shirts with “We Got Defogged” on them!


I cooked merlitons today and stuffed them with pork sausage and bacon! It’s been nice to stay here and have time for some good cooking.  Homemade vegetable beef soup is up next on the cooking list for this week!

They  have a nice gazebo outside our RV with benches and I’ve been enjoying reading out there during the day.  I’m reading Beth Moore’s “Beloved Disciple” right now and am enjoying learning about John.  This was a free book from Amazon offered during a short time and I grabbed up 8 of her books!

We’re leaving here tomorrow for Clermont, Florida which is about 30 miles from Disneyworld.  We’re staying there for six days and seeing all we can in that area while we’re at Bee’s RV Park!

Ya’ll have a wonderful evening, and ya’ll come back now ya’ hear!

01.23.14 Day Two – RV Window Repair

While all the work went on inside the building disassembling, cleaning, recleaning and resealing our windows nothing went on outside at the RV.  The pictures below are what we look like with cardboard windows in place while we wait!

Thank goodness for a big front windshield that is open and sun coming in,  or it would be mighty dark inside here!

cb cb 1

cb driver front

We shopped on day two for gumbo fixins and I stopped at a Hot Headz as a walk in to get a $7.95 hair cut.  It looks pretty good for being so cheap!

When we got back home I cooked a nice pot of gumbo  which we throughly enjoyed last night with plenty of left overs in the refrigerator!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

01.21.14 Day One – Window Repair Journal

946388_561649743884436_1886688389_nWe pulled in on Monday, the 20th at Suncoast Designs in Hudson, Florida.  Checked in at the office and parked Dora for the night.

2014-01-21_10-22-29_218 2014-01-21_10-23-00_922

This morning, Tuesday, the 21st, someone came to assess the work they are going to do for us.  I was still sleeping so there are no pictures of this part! They do all their work where we are parked in our spot.  We don’t move inside, they do it right here.  That is good news because having to move in and out everyday would be a pain and this is much more “user friendly” to have work done this way.

About 9 am the first pair of guys, Joe and Jim, came to remove the window shades and take the screws out of the windows.   They were really nice and worked quite efficiently going from window to window with their process.  With the curtains removed you can really see how much fog had built up inside our windows and how badly we needed this done.

2014-01-21_10-35-37_32 2014-01-20_14-16-50_249 2014-01-21_10-07-24_177 2014-01-21_10-12-10_134 2014-01-21_10-16-04_573 2014-01-21_10-19-30_920 2014-01-21_10-19-49_637 2014-01-21_10-20-11_411They were finished in about 30 minutes and then at 11 Matthew Trusty and another employee came to remove two of the windows and cover them up with cardboard and tape.


2014-01-21_12-16-19_9 2014-01-21_12-14-40_379 2014-01-21_12-13-19_780 2014-01-21_13-14-16_207 2014-01-21_13-14-48_434 2014-01-21_13-20-05_764
A storm that was expected later in the afternoon arrived after the first two windows were removed.  We put out our awnings so the guys could continue working closing up the windows.

2014-01-21_12-12-51_206 2014-01-21_12-04-54_517After an hour downpour  they were able to continue with the work on the remaining four windows.  We originally planned to do 4 windows but after reevaluating the condition of two more of them we added those to the list.   There are five more windows in our RV but none of them looked anywhere like the ones we’re having done.  Since those five would have doubled the cost, and we are not made of money, we’re happy to get the 6 done.

The foggy windows are our number one dislike with our RV being an older model.  Roy found this company months ago and it’s taken us until now to fit it into our travels.  I hope in the next blog about our RV window repair we’ll get to share pictures of beautiful clear windows!

They give a brief tour of inside the building where they do the work of disassembling, cleaning and reassembling the windows.  We took the tour and saw the specialized equipment they use to do this work.  The tour guide said they try to do between 20 to 50 windows a day.  These pictures are from that tour.

2014-01-21_13-10-20_293 2014-01-21_13-08-22_188

2014-01-21_13-06-38_204 2014-01-21_13-06-31_748 2014-01-21_13-04-00_397 2014-01-21_13-03-16_948 2014-01-21_13-02-19_114 2014-01-21_13-01-44_601

All the old windows are out now and the 6 windows are cardboarded up.  The sun is coming back out and Sunny Florida is back to being sunny today!

Brad Kirby, a young pastor whom I admire a lot, posted this quote on his facebook page and it is so very true.  I want to share it with ya’ll.

“If you’re still breathing, you haven’t run out of chances for a fresh start with the Savior.”

That thought is way much more important than us changing our RV windows. If you take anything away from today’s blog, please spend some time thinking about that statement. If you already know Him as your Savior great, if not the Christian life is a wonderful road to walk with Him at your side!”

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

01.19.14 Do you have foggy RV windows?

Do you have foggy RV windows? We have 5 of them and we’re getting them fixed!  Not replaced but they remove them, take the glasses apart, clean them, reseal them and reinstall them. Lots of RVers have this same problem and we thought this would be helpful information to pass along.

Here’s information from the company that is doing this for us.


Suncoast Designers specializes in RV thermopane window repair and replacement. If you notice your motor coach windows getting foggy, air leaking around the window seals, or moisture accumulating inside of the windows, chances are you need to come see us. We have a unique process that allows us to fix your motorhome or RV windows right the first time and to the highest standards in the industry. We offer a 10 year warranty on all of our parts and labor (give us a call for details) and we NEVER, EVER hire outside contractors to work on your RV. All of our technicians are employees of Suncoast Designers.

When you get your windows fixed or replaced at our facility, you are welcome to stay the night at one of our full hook-up RV sites for FREE. Thats right, you get FREE water hook-up, FREE electric hook-up, FREE Wi-Fi, FREE use of our on site dump station and absolutely positively NO OVERNIGHT FEE!

15050 Labor Place
Hudson, FL 34667
Phone: (727) 868 – 2773

Their website is http://suncoastdesigners.com/

Check it out if you’re in need of this.  They came highly recommended from RVers we’ve talked to.  I’ll post pictures of what it looks like as Dora goes through the process with them this week and let you know how it all turns out!

We thought we’d make it to Tallahassee today, but the next Florida rest area, about 100 miles into Florida on I-10)  seems to be calling to us to stop there for the night and enjoy the NFL games. They provide parking places  in the back or side of the rest area for trucks and RVs to spend the night and it’s nice, quiet, they provide security and it’s FREE!  I picked up a stack of brochures at the first Florida Welcome Center and can’t wait to see some of the central part of the state on this visit!

Ya’ll come back now, ya hear!