05.30.14 Lovely little Kinder, Louisiana

10174784_10152137605013773_1700015888_nWe’ve been keeping this lovely little town of Kinder, Louisiana a secret and now it’s time to share!

We arrived at Quiet Oaks RV Park last Saturday making our first stop back in Louisiana in two months.   Crossing the Louisiana state line always feels good and this time was no different.



quiet oaks 2014-05-28_17-23-52_380

This is by far the quietest, most restful, well-maintained, yet quaint and pretty RV resort we’ve stayed at.  We have two rows of flowering gardenia bushes right outside our door and the fragrance they put out is spectacular.  You’re encouraged to pick any of their flowers to enjoy in your RV.  We’ve loved staying here and would choose to stay longer but it’s not a Coast to Coast resort so we have to pay to stay and a week was as much as we wanted to pay for.  If you have Passport America the rate is only $16 a night.

This is not a place to bring your kids if you’re looking for a lot of entertainment for them other than the wide open spaces, a fishing pond and fresh blooming flower bushes and vegetable plants all around.  I think it’s the perfect place for kids to get away from the plugged in world (they do have wifi if you want it) and just play like kids should play!

There are not that many RVs here but we’ve seen several come and go in our week here.  We can only figure it’s a big secret but it’s one that needs to get shared!  I’d recommend this park to anyone traveling to Texas from Louisiana or the reverse.  It’s just a few miles off I-10 in Kinder, Louisiana.

About 10 miles down the highway from here is Coushatta Casino which Roy and I visited one evening this week with our ziploc bag of $5 in change ready to blow the coushattahouse away.  Well, reality was we lost it quicker than you could snap your fingers and we got out of there!


Their dinner buffet was way out of our price range so we opted for Fausto’s Seafood about 5 miles from here.  There we had delicious fried fish, shrimp, fries, coleslaw and hot jambalaya. Delicious for only $9.99 a plate!

On our way home we saw another restaurant and this one was Roy’s Catfish Hut so of course we had to plan a visit there.  Their food was considerably more expensive but the food was not really any better, especially the stuffed crab which I didn’t find any crab in!  If you’re ever in Kinder I’d definitely recommend Fausto’s over Roy’s Catfish Hut even if they did name it after my dear hubby!2014-05-29_16-55-24_969

We’re leaving here Saturday before noon headed for our driveway on Wardline Road in Hammond.  Can’t wait to see how all the plants we transplanted and cut back two months ago are doing now that they are growing and blooming!!! We’ll be there for a couple of weeks, move somewhere else to give our renters a chance to pack and leave without us around, and then we’ll move back early July until the house sells so who knows how long we’ll be in Hammond.  We’re going to be getting the house picture perfect to put on the market as quickly a we can.  We’re hoping to see lots of friends and family while we’re in the area and are open to visits from all.  Especially if you’re having a crawfish boil, knowing how much Roy and I love them and how deprived we’ve been being in Texas these last two months we’d be glad to help you out by eating some of yours!!  I’d love to pick some blueberries and/or blackberries while we’re home, so suggestions on places to do that are welcome!

I don’t plan to do too much writing while we’re home but will keep everyone updated on things now and then.  I’ve gotten so use to telling everything that it’s a little late to try to stop now!

Ya’ll have a great weekend!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


05.23.14 Saying Goodbye to Texas!!!!!

10171773_670865186296224_3897152367971599694_nYesterday was our last full day in Texas.  We’ve been here almost two months.

San Diego, TX was terribly hot, hurricane type windy, desert land with lots of flying dirt, and wide open spaces with people being few and far between.

Victoria, TX was only what we saw in the RV park which was very pretty, not as hot, and  less windy. 1511105_613865342024565_1463403022_n

Willis, TX and the Houston area are much more civilized looking, very populated, with light breezes and moderate heat with no dirt flying all around us!  I’m very glad we got more than one view of Texas during our stay here.

Much of the interstate around Houston for many miles is 8 to 10 lanes with 6 lanes (3 lanes on each side) for what I’d call the Service Road with the only difference being that the Service Road had stop lights at the interstate exits.  I’m not sure that the Service Road speed limit is much slower if at all than the interstate.

Here’s some pictures of the resort just left with it’s beautiful cabins and condos on the lake.  Coast to Coast rated it one of the 20 must see RV Resorts for 2014.

2014-05-22_17-56-18_712 2014-05-22_17-58-43_644 2014-05-22_18-14-51_277 2014-05-22_17-53-25_291 2014-05-22_18-14-01_68We are just a city or two away from Conroe, Texas where we got involved with the criminals and SWAT team during our brief stay there in October, 2012.   If you haven’t read about that adventure, here’s a link to it.


I had hoped we’d go back there to visit the scene of the crime but didn’t make it there.  We probably wouldn’t recognize the place now without flashing police  car lights and armed policemen crawling over the brick wall!

While in Texas we saw first hand their belief that Texans have that Everything is Bigger in Texas and that Texas is its own country and then there’s the rest of the USA!  When Mr. Bill was leaving for Europe I told him I knew he’d make America proud on their trip.  He corrected me by saying he’d make Texas proud!!!   They display on their vehicles, yards and houses more objects in the shape of Texas or a big star representing Texas than I’ve ever seen.  However, as bold as they are about their deep love for this giant state, everyone has been very nice to us and while I didn’t care for the elements here the Texas people left a good impression on us.

Here’s us leaving Bishop’s Landing this morning!


We’re heading to Kinder, LA outside of Lake Charles, LA now where we’ll stay several days before heading to Louisiana.

I’ve been doing my work for RVillage sitting on our bed with a pillow on my lap and computer on top of that.  I’m making phone calls as part of my job so I need to be in a room that is quiet and that’s the only one we have!!   My legs get numb and my back hurts so I presented the problem to my husband who figures all things out and voila a new work area set up is in progress.  If we lift up the bed, where you’d see our storage space, there are wooden braces where someone could sit on if they had the right seating apparatus.  Roy found a perfect stadium seat with a nice cushioned seat and good back support and it will fit perfectly in one of the storage spaces.   He also had a wireless keyboard and  he hooked up my computer to our bedroom TV which is much  bigger than my laptop screen.  I’ve been saying I need a bigger monitor so that’s hopefully the solution to that.   We’ll be trying that out when we get the stadium seat which is being delivered to Chip’s house in Hammond.  I have a small white rectangular shaped folding table that I like to use for my work so we’ll be seeing what combination of available options work out best.

My job has changed, again!! and it will probably change again and again as time goes on.  I no longer work primarily with Hillary as I was but now I work with a young attorney named Alex.  Alex’s job is Park Administrator taking care of communication with the RV Parks, and taking care of their RVillage needs. I am assisting him with that now instead of focusing on the advertisements that are being sold.  This old dog is finding out she can learn new tricks!!!


You guys have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  Remember those who have served so that we can enjoy the liberties we have.

Ya’ll come back now, ya hear!





05.17.14 Humble Country Crawfish Festival

Our brief stay at Lazy Longhorn RV park in Victoria, TX was very nice.  We didn’t unhook Boots and stayed at the park for three days.  Work was pretty busy while we were there but I did have one evening where I was able to spend 2 hours reading by the pool. It was a small park compared to some we’ve stayed at but it was well laid out with concrete pads and streets and nice grassed areas between.  Lots of palms and oleander bushes dotted the landscape.  It was a Passport America park and we only paid $15 per night.

2014-05-15_10-10-38_250 2014-05-15_10-11-26_848  2014-05-15_10-12-09_242

We left there Thursday morning and traveled through Houston to Willis, TX.  Houston has to be the largest city I’ve ever been in.  Since I couldn’t tell where Houston ended and the suburbs began. it seemed to go on forever.  Willis is about 50 miles north of Houston.  We’re at Bishop’s Landing which was previously known as Castaways.  Bishop’s Landing is a Coast to Coast park. We have a nice view of Lake Conroe with lots of shade trees all around so we’re enjoying sitting outside here a lot!  Roy made friends with a squirrel and started feeding him peanuts so the squirrel started coming close enough to take the peanut out of his hand!

2014-05-15_15-33-03_921 2014-05-15_15-36-22_482 2014-05-15_15-48-47_84 2014-05-15_15-50-29_113 2014-05-18_12-13-46_779On Saturday we ventured away from Dora for a Crawfish Festival in Humble, TX.   It was held at Humble Civic Center which is a huge place where they must hold rodeos because the floor was made of dirt.  They sold crawfish for $6.50 a pound with a small piece of corn and half a small potato. I’m pretty sure they cook it quite differently than we do.  They put something like red pepper or other seasoning on it which made it pretty hot and it doesn’t taste like it’s cooked in salt water.  They had a lot of vendors selling arts and crafts items along with a few amusement rides and lots of good music.  It took us two hours coming and going because the traffic was so awful.  Roy says we will never come back through Houston since it seems to always be like this.

2014-05-17_13-35-32_28 2014-05-17_13-42-06_551 2014-05-17_13-43-17_519 2014-05-17_13-47-38_347 A huge tree was laying across one of our neighbor 5th wheelers when we got here.  They say it fell last Friday and the neighbors thought a tornado was coming through with the sounds it made.  No one was in the rig at the time.   This Friday we sat outside and watched the big equipment and saws come in to remove the tree.

2014-05-16_13-31-22_898 2014-05-16_15-19-20_455 2014-05-16_16-41-53_584This morning we went to the resort’s Worship Service in the club house.  The preacher was an older gentleman whose preaching reminded me of Mr. Vivian Traylor’s preaching later in life.   We enjoyed a great message and singing (out of an old Baptist hymnal) with the other RVers there.   I really like it when a resort hosts a Worship Service but so few have them.

We’ll be in Willis until Saturday.  Not sure where we go from here.  We may be going straight back to Hammond if our renters move out early June but if they stay through end of June we’ll be heading to Arkansas.  For now we’re quite happy being in this pretty park and enjoying the shade trees outside where it feels cool all day!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



05.12.14 Good bye San Diego, Texas!

2014-05-12_16-39-09_396 Our time in San Diego, Texas has come to a close and we are now on our way to Victoria, TX.  We originally planned to leave Tuesday morning, but after hearing today’s weather forecast with a possibility of thunderstorms we decided to leave today.  The 9 mile caleche road we had to travel to leave MEW Ranch becomes gushy and difficult to drive on when wet.  It’s just now recovering from the storm three nights ago but would be impossible for us to drive on if we waited until after today’s possible storms and tomorrow’s definite storms so off we go!

We said our goodbyes to the Morgans who thanked us for doing a great job here while they were gone.  They gave us a little metal Eiffel Tower which I will display proudly on our bedroom display shelves. We told Bow and Willie, the dogs, bye, hooked Boots up to Dora and down the road we went.

We didn’t mention this before now but while we were there 2 chickens, 4 peacocks and 1 guinea died.   One of the peacocks that died was the big daddy peacock with beautiful feathers.  We were considerably worried when the deaths started to happen but shared it with the owners when we communicated.  They were very kind and didn’t send us away and when they returned they said it was all caused by chicken fleas.  A couple of chickens died before they left from fleas. so we suspected it but didn’t know for sure until they came home.   That was our traumatic experience while on the ranch!!

Today was my first experience driving Dora.  It may have only been down the long 9 mile icky road and I didn’t go over 15 miles per hour and only passed one other car on the road but I did it!  I may take a turn on the interstate soon to get that experience too!


We are headed to Victoria, TX to Lazy Longhorn RV Park for the next three days.  We’re hoping it’s some cooler there since we’ll be 2 hours north.  On Thursday we go 2 more hours north to Willis, TX where we’ll stay for 10 days and hopefully more.

Ya’ll have a great evening, and ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


05.10.14 So God Made a Mother

happy mothers dayHappy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers I’m blessed to know.

A special Happy Mother’s Day to the three young women who have blessed us with grandchildren, Kim, our oldest son’s wife who he requested that we do not use their names and Liz.  Kim’s two boys are Braxton and Bentley.  Liz’s daughter is Madisyn. Our oldest son and wife (whom requested that we do not use their names) gave birth to theit fourth child Gracie Jane who joined Ella, Jacob and Caroline.  We started with two sons and our family has grown to a dozen with Roy and I, the grandparents, our sons and their and spouses, and our grandchildren.

My own mom, Josie Mae Cochran Blum Traylor, is now with God and I miss her every day.  Happy Mother’s Day Mama!


so god made a mother

The graphic above was created by Ann Voskamp, whose writing you know I admire greatly.  The full version of her beautiful Mother’s Day blog:

“To all The Giving Mothers: So God Made A Mother”

can be read at http://www.aholyexperience.com/2014/05/to-all-the-giving-mothers-so-god-made-a-mother/

One of our newest grand babies (not officially yet, but he is in our heart) Braxton is in the hospital in St. Tammany with Pneumonia and RSV.  His mom Kim and our son Chip are with him and will be staying with him overnight so Kim’s Mother’s Day will be spent mostly in the hospital with her little one.  Kim is an amazing mom to her twin boys and cares for our Madisyn in such a loving way. We’re very thankful to have her in our lives.

I love both of my sons and will miss them on Mother’s Day.

In case you don’t go to Ann’s site to read her blog I want to share a favorite part of it here.

God said I need somebody who can shape a soul and find shoes on Sunday mornings and get grass stains out of Levis.

And make dinner out of nothing and do it again 79, 678 times, and keep kids off the road and out of the toilet and in clean underwear and mainly alive though she’s mainly losing her mind and will put in an 80 hour week by Wednesday night and just do one more load of laundry.

And one more sink of crusted burnt pots.

And keep on going another eighty hours because raising generations matters and weaving families matters and tying heart strings matters and these people here in hidden places matter.

So God made a mother…

Happy Mother’s Day! Ya’ll come back now ya’ hear!

05.09.14 Best seat in the house — if you’re feeling pooped!

1901437_831512066864325_1323996970_nOkay now for our exciting news.  We have a new toilet!! Warning: If you don’t want to see someone else’s toilet, skip this post!

If you don’t live in an RV you may not realize how great this is!  Having an old style one with a broken seal that wouldn’t hold water in the bowl and that let fumes come up was not a fun thing so we finally ordered a new one.  UPS delivered it yesterday and Roy got to working!

He removed the old one and then came the fun cleaning of the bathroom.


I scrubbed the walls, floor and everything down since the old toilet was out.


Roy put the new one in and what a difference it makes.

2014-05-08_18-13-25_585 2014-05-08_18-13-08_731

He even purchased a self closing toilet seat and lid.  We have one of those in our master bathroom in Hammond and being a woman loved my husband having that.   Anything to make it easier for him to close that lid!!

This new model is much more like a normal toilet in a sticks and bricks home and I am so happy to have it.  Never thought having a new toilet would cause such happiness.  That old toilet was my least favorite feature of Dora’s and now I know Dora is happy to have a brand shiny new one!  If you are an RVer in need of a new toilet, check out Adventure RV at http://www.adventurerv.net

It is storming here right now and has been storming for quite a while.  What a relief to have some rain and I know the plants are happy again!

2014-05-09_17-28-47_527 2014-05-09_17-28-35_544 2014-05-09_17-28-11_168

Here’s a picture of Roy’s last grass cutting day here at MEW Ranch and the beautiful grape vine I helped grow with my watering!  Behind Roy in the picture is the raised round vegetable garden that I chased a guinea and a rooster around today to get them out all while the spinning sprinkler is soaking us wet!  The guinea is in the grape vine picture too.

2014-05-09_11-48-59_834 2014-05-09_11-50-05_524

Ya’ll have a great weekend and ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear

05.08.14 Update from San Diego, TX where it actually rained (a little)!

10247458_630365407033657_8044946759335763879_nWe woke up yesterday to a light, light rain and on the news that evening you’d have thought it had really rained a lot.  I don’t think it rains very often here so they talk about rain coming a week away, on every evenings news!  This morning we also had some sprinkles for over an hour and can’t wait till tonight’s weather news to see what they call that!  It may rain (sprinkle!) tomorrow too and thank goodness because the grass is looking a little dead.  I’ve watered the whole yard every other day but its been so hot and I guess that’s not enough.    I water all the plants every day so they are doing fine.  My sweet hubby took care of my plant watering this morning so I could do my RVillage work early instead of later.  After 41 years I can say I’ve raised him well!!!

rainy_day_scrap-58The rainy day picture looks absolutely nothing like rain here has looked, I was just being wishful!

A couple of weeks ago I posted some pictures of the oil drilling down the street.  Just a week later we went by there again and this is what we saw.  Bill, Jr. said they do the preliminary work which is what we originally saw, move out (which is what is in the picture below) and sometime in the future they will come back and put a real oil pumper on it.

oil  drilling gone


The ranch owners come back Saturday evening and we are planning to leave here Tuesday morning heading north!   It’s not definite yet but we want to go back to Mountain View, Arkansas for a few weeks.  The two blog posts I wrote while we were there are shown below so you can see what we originally liked about it and why we’re going back.  Also, when it was 106 here the other day I checked their weather and it was 63 so that makes them a prime place to help us get out of the heat!

https://rosalynandroy.com/2013/05/01/mountain-view-arkansas-holiday-mountain-resort/    and      https://rosalynandroy.com/2013/05/02/763/

Another reason we are going to that location is in case we need to go back to Louisiana end of June to get the house ready for selling.  Mountain View is 10 hours from Hammond but it’s not as far away as the 24 hours away we’d planned to be by that time.   We will be going through San Antonio and Austin on our way to Arkansas and plan to see the sights in those old cities.

My job with RVillage continues to go well.  My assignments change as time goes on which really keeps things fresh.  I’m really loving working from the RV and even in my gown when I want to!  The number of RVillagers has now grown to:

6953We are inching towards the 7000 member mark.   Because of a change in the process of requesting ads to be made, Roy’s work has decreased a lot, but he’s done such good work that they are paying him more for the work he does do.   I’ve also gotten great feedback on how pleased they are with my work.  It’s nice to know my contribution is making a difference and I hope to be helping this great new concept grow all I can for quite a while.

When we get back on the road and are staying in RV parks I will be meeting with the RV Park owner or manager to sign them up with us so that will be a new element where I can help.  Roy will probably do this also and may do it instead of me.  You’d probably never think of Roy as a social person unless you know him well.  However, he sees how great this company is and really wants to share with RVers and parks so he does just that!!!  My little social butterfly, coming out of his cocoon!

There’s something exciting brewing in our house right now and as soon as it’s ready I’ll be sharing with ya’ll.  Until then, ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!!



05.04.14 Our one year traveling milestone and a great visit to the U.S.S. Lexington!

Roy and I have reached our 1st anniversary mark for full time RVing on the road!!!!!  We were full time living in our RV for several months before we took to the road but having lived on the road for a year is a big milestone for us!

We’ve managed to avoid hot weather for most of the first year which was high on what we feel are benefits from this lifestyle.  When we headed out from Hammond, at the end of April last year, we went up to Minnesota.  Our entire summer there was spent in 60 to 70 degree weather.  We made it back to Louisiana after the heat left and the cool weather had set in.  When we stayed in Florida, Mississippi and Alabama the weather was still cool and we’ve loved every minute of that cool weather.

We thought that even southern Texas would be nice in April and early May.  We never expected  to be welcomed by this first real hot weather in a year, and can’t wait to escape!  The only thing saving us from withering here is the wind that is always present and most days between 20-40 mph.   Last Sunday was 106 and today is 95.   One day last week was really nice with a high of 77 so we went into Corpus Christi that day to do some sightseeing.

We fed the animals and watered the plants early that day, and left for our 90 minute trip to Corpus Christi.  Corpus Christi and San Diego is in an area known around here as the Coastal Bend because it’s where the country bends around the Gulf of Mexico.  Corpus Christi is a nice city that reminded me somewhat of New Orleans.  I even expected to see the Superdome but of course we didn’t!   One thing that was similar but different was that in New Orleans all the oil companies are way out of town in LaPlace and that area.  Here they are right near the downtown area.

The main purpose of today’s trip was to tour the USS Lexington, a naval flight carrier that is now a museum in the water here.  You may remember that the Lexington was docked in New Orleans years ago.  This is its permanent location since it’s been retired.  While it was in New Orleans we were blessed to get a personal tour of it by my cousin David Hutson who was the Lieutenant Commander of the Lexington at that time.  I was so impressed with his position and us being able to see parts of the ship that weren’t on the public tour.    I remembered parts of that tour when we were there on Thursday, and couldn’t help but miss David.  He died a few years ago from myasthenias gravis which is an autoimmune neuromuscular disease and he is greatly missed.

2014-05-01_12-31-35_350 2014-05-01_12-32-40_379 2014-05-01_12-33-27_721 2014-05-01_12-33-37_577 2014-05-01_12-34-56_863 2014-05-01_12-35-07_559 2014-05-01_12-35-26_402 2014-05-01_12-35-43_716 

Every square inch of the eleven decks on the ship is used to display military memorabilia from several wars and engagements, including other ships.  If you were really into it you could spend the entire day touring the ship.  The breeze from the Gulf made it a very comfortable tour.

One of the first things we did was watch the 3D movie about the military’s recent involvement in helping the people of Haiti recover from the earthquake.  Very well done and informative 30 minute movie in 3D.

There are five different self guided tours of various parts of the ship with signs guiding you all along the way.



The tours are really well thought out and a perfect way to tour it.   Several areas were set up to where when you walked into the area an explanation of the area was given over the speakers in that area.  Manequins were dressed up to represent sailors in all areas of the ship with fake food even on display in the galley.



The whole tour was fascinating and I learned much more than I thought I would.  It’s so nice to be retired, not in a hurry and have plenty of time to enjoy things!  Touring the ship got my interest peaked to learn more about the events leading to the USS Arizona being sunk at Pearl Harbor.  We came home and watched the Pearl Harbor movie which I wish I had watched before we toured the boat but anyhow it made me want to learn more so I got a book for my Kindle about the Pacific War.

The Lexington is an enormous air craft carrier and is three football fields long.  The flight deck, on top where the aircraft took off and landed,  is said to be big enough to hold 1000 cars!  I think they would have to be compact cars but that’s a big place!  The flight deck currently is a display area for several planes from various eras.  My phone’s battery died before we got to that area so the only pictures I have of the planes on the flight deck are ones I got off the internet.

lex planes on dec k 2 lex planes on deck USS Lexington Tour 2-6-11 (24) lexington planes on deck

The pictures below are from before that happened.  I bought a disposable camera and took pictures of the rest of the tours but it was way too far for this old gal to go back up to take my own pictures of the planes.  Those pictures are sitting in the camera since we didn’t use them all and when they are taken to Walgreen’s I’ll share them with you!

2014-05-01_14-00-05_651 2014-05-01_13-57-56_156 2014-05-01_13-54-51_211 2014-05-01_13-54-19_500 2014-05-01_13-39-22_123 2014-05-01_13-39-11_124 2014-05-01_13-34-39_312 2014-05-01_13-38-08_426 2014-05-01_12-54-11_723 2014-05-01_12-53-46_552 2014-05-01_12-50-13_240 2014-05-01_12-49-25_737 2014-05-01_12-48-01_405 2014-05-01_12-39-21_945  2014-05-01_12-42-05_246

We saw the crews dental office, surgery room, sick call area, the captains in-dock and out at sea bedrooms, his personal food galley, officers lounging area, crews eating area, the engine room, the bridge (where Roy sat in the Captains chair and acted like he was guiding the ship!), the barber shop, the pilots ready rooms, the anchor room, crews quarters, female crew quarters, the Brig (where I stayed for a while! and Roy refused to enter!) and hundreds of steep steep stairs.


When you went up a set of stairs you always had to come back down that many and this part did us in!  We managed to not trip or fall, but going from deep in the bottom of the ship all the way to the Bridge at the very top, took several hundred stairs and these old folks were worn out after just a few hours of touring.

I loved going out on the overhangs (I am sure they have a real name but I don’t know it) where you could stand in the breeze looking out over the water.   So peaceful and such a freeing feeling!


We left having really enjoyed this experience and  all that walking and fresh air left us quite hungry.  I googled eating places before we left and found that Corpus Christi has a Catfish Charlies.  Those of you from the Hammond area know there was kind of a landmark restaurant in Hammond for years known as Catfish Charlies.  It’s now a different name but we decided to see what Corpus Christi’s Catfish Charlies was like.  We both got the seafood platter with sweet tea.  It came with seafood gumbo, coleslaw, bean soup, hush puppies, fried catfish, fried shrimp, fried oysters and french fries all for $13.95 each.  We were hungry enough to be able to finish off our food but with much effort!  Roy stopped about 2/3 way through and said he had to stop for a while or he’d die!

This was the most delicious seafood I’ve had in a long time and quite a bit better than the Hammond Catfish Charlies’ was.  Sorry homefolks!!  They don’t have the same atmosphere being on a small lake with ducks swimming around outside wanting to be fed like the Hammond restaurant does.  We haven’t eaten out since coming to Texas so that could have something to do with how delicious it was but the shrimp were huge, the catfish were plentiful and good sized and every thing on our plate tasted perfect.  If you’re ever in this area I’d highly recommend it.

catfish charlies

Well that’s our one and only sightseeing trip outside of the San Diego/Alice, Texas area.  We’re going to spend some time in San Antonio and Austin when we leave here and can’t wait to see what’s in those areas.  I love the history behind those areas and look forward to learning more and seeing more!

I know this has been a long blog with lots of pictures but there could have been more so be thankful for a dead phone/camera battery!!

One things we’ve found we do like out here is the isolation.  Especially since we like to watch movies with the volume turned up like we did with Pearl Harbor last night.  In RV parks and anywhere there are others around we disturb them on those occasions we turn the sound up but here no one cares!!!  It’s very peaceful here and the animals are very loving so we consider this a nice place to visit but definitely not on my short list of places I’d want to settle down with the extreme heat!

Ya’ll come back now, ya hear!

05.04.14 All you know what just broke out!

I planned to tell ya’ll here about our trip to Corpus Christi but that will wait for a bit.

Roy and I were just sitting in the RV watching an LSU baseball game on TV and all of a sudden the RV started shaking and making a horrible sound we’d never heard before.  It lasted for a few seconds.

I looked out the side window and saw Bill, Jr’s lawn chair flying across the yard and then it all stopped.  We ran outside and everything was real still with the only sign of damage being our the slider top cover.  That is a little awning that operates with the slide that covers the top of the slide when it’s extended. That’s all that is damaged.

Bill, Jr. was outside and said it was a sudden wind storm.  This must be a tiny little bit of what a tornado must feel like.

Roy’s outside standing on top of the ATV working on it now.  Hopefully he’ll be able to fix it. 2014-05-04_14-26-21_455 The frightening feeling has me a bit shook up right now so I think I’ll end this blog.  We are physically fine and the RV is fine except for the awning.  Just our nerves are a little unraveled!


I know God’s taking care of us! Please pray this weird weather stops out here at least while we’re still here!  They think this is normal but then we think hurricanes are normal so go figure!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!