10.09.14 Sunny, cool, family day at Ms. Heather’s Pumpkin Patch!

squirrel and gordsIf your travels take you through Southern Louisiana between late September to late October any year a must see stop is Ms. Heather’s Pumpkin Patch. The address is 11215 Lee’s Lane, Hammond, La. 70401 and here’s their web link:

http://thfarms.com/mrs.-heather-s-pumpkin-patch.html where you can find out hours, etc.

It’s so much more than a patch of pumpkins. Dozens of rides and activities for children of all ages. Adults doautumn scripture not pay to get in, only children and each child leaves with a pumpkin to enjoy!

This past Saturday Roy and I along with Chip’s family (Kim, Madisyn, Braxton and Bentley) set out for Ms. Heather’s which is less than a mile from our house. Madisyn is five and the boys are 1-1/2 so that meant lots of running around so they all got to ride and play on things appropriate for their age. Last year Chip’s family took a family picture at Ms. Heathers and this year they did the same. Look how cute! This year’s picture is first.

ms heathers pumpkin 2014
ms heathers pumpkin 2013

Here’s some more pictures of our fun outing! It was a beautiful sunny cool day and we made the most of that opportunity! I’m not sure why there are black bottom and top borders on some pictures so please excuse that!

chips family picture

1653420_937298632950290_5170767497355894283_n 1962711_937298772950276_2409805273967818083_n 10345933_937298572950296_3547940643093031943_n 10354221_937298552950298_5848504550148465112_n 20141004_133707_Android20141004_133718_Android20141004_143743_Android20141004_143958_Android10413330_937298146283672_1364849696126742687_n 10447618_937298076283679_634053621202822286_n 10616476_937298366283650_8628699815584870681_n 10646749_937298332950320_5640338372291861585_n 10671235_937298392950314_4052665349811359477_n 10689423_937298522950301_6505874288854876029_n 10696471_937298739616946_3440215068414514421_n 10703689_937298309616989_640863873574517785_n 10712921_937298596283627_2882957048669613597_n


Ya’ll have a great weekend! Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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