12.31.14 Jim Carrey ain’t got nothing on us! I’ve got the power……!

Just a quick post to share that after almost 3 weeks of boon docking in Dora, our RV, we NOW HAVE POWER AND WATER!!


Hopefully we’ll have a septic tank next week so that will be the final part of us will be connected to something that makes life normal for us.

Grant Fauntleroy with Washington St Tammany Electric Coop came out yesterday to give the okay for the service folks to hook us up today.  He said Roy had all his ducks in a row and had prepared properly for their hookup.  Again Amazing Man, Roy.  Thanks to Ms. Sandra and Mr. Grant for making this happen.  I’ve hear good things about Washington St. Tammany Electric compared to Entergy and they have started off great in our book.

Roy’s outside right now connecting the well that was put in two weeks ago to Dora so the water should be flowing freely soon!!!

If you’re not an RVer, what this does for us is:

We can shower every day or multiple times in a day if we want to instead of every third day taking very quickie showers

We can wash clothes without going to a laundromat

We can wash dishes instead of them sitting in the sink waiting till we’re almost out of water to use water for that.

Stop using so many paper items – thought I have to admit I like that part!

No long having to run the generator whenever we want to run the microwave, stove, vacuum, Roy’s computer and heater.

No more going from freezing to warm to back to freezing in the RV due to trying to not run the generator too much.

No longer having to use the spray water bottles to clean the counter tops and floors trying to conserve water.

I’m sure there is more I’m not thinking of now but these are the best things that could have happened today!  Now we need the ditch dug in the front, the septic tank put in, the plumber and diggers to do their thing in the form and then get the concrete poured.  The rain and holidays have put us back a lot but today we are enjoying the first day of sunshine in a while and running water and electricity so life is good in this little Chauvin household.

I’ve always tried to find something good in every bad situation and for this one I know that we are now much better prepared and experienced in the fine art of boon docking than we were before.  Whenever we finally get to head out west we will be pros at it to stay in canyons, desserts, ghost towns or whatever the west has for us!

Roy spent the last two days (and I helped!!) removing the culverts from the back ditch, digging them out (alot), replacing the first one and connecting the second one to it.  That needs to be a separate post but I have to say I am terribly proud of what we accomplished.  That big baby ain’t going no where now!

Ya’ll have a wonderful, safe, fun New Years Eve, and ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!
p.s. I’m washing my first load of clothes!!!  Love that sound!


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12.27.14 Uh oh, all is not well in paradise!

Just when you thought you might not see Dora and the Explorers showing up in your email box or on Facebook for a couple of days, the big rains came and our new home is anywhere but in paradise right now!!

The two pictures below show the view from the side of the pond looking back to where we just installed two huge culverts.  You can’t see the culverts in these pictures and it does look so pretty seeing the rushing water pour into the pond and the pond is filling up nicely from the rain.

wpid-20141227_123553.jpg wpid-20141227_123602.jpgAt the other end of the culverts a massive problem was occurring before Roy came to save the day and worked very hard out in the rain to stop one or both of the culverts from washing out into the pond.  His legs almost got sucked into the culvert at one point.  The water is only suppose to be going through the culvert not swooshing by on both sides, under and through eroding all the ground around it. wpid-20141227_123803.jpgwpid-20141227_132840.jpgRoy purchased the items (see picture above) to strap the culvert down at Lowe’s this morning but when he left to get it the large and small culverts were connected and so much dirt hadn’t washed away.  Now we need another set of those items to secure the second culvert.  We’re looking at options for how to best hold these culverts in place permanently.  It’s suppose to storm again tonight and tomorrow so we’ll have to wait for that to be over to do more securing and just pray it stays in place till it dries out some

Here’s a video I took while Roy was working on strapping down the culvert.  This one shows the water rushing everywhere it’s not suppose to!


We want that area to be really pretty when finished, but obviously that will take a while, so when we get past this ugly stage we’ll share pics!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!!


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12.26.14 Christmas Day Campfire, trench digging and applying for electricity!!!!

1382905_10200781371392712_575524259_nOn Christmas day, for the first time in a while, we didn’t have to go anywhere. Roy got up early to set the post and put our new mailbox together for Dora.   I wanted a pretty mailbox and he wanted one big enough to hold packages he seems to always be receiving!  Roy found just the right one on the internet and we ordered two of them, one for Dora and one for the house.  We have 911 addresses for both.  Come to find out you can get a 911 street address for just about anything – barns, wells, culverts, radio and television transmitting towers and even billboards. Weird, right?  So Dora getting her own address was no big deal!


The house address will be 60122 Rohner Road, Amite, LA 70422 and Dora’s address is 60124 Rohner Road.  If you have any left over picture Christmas cards we’d love to get one!  The only mail box that is up now is Dora’s at 60124 Rohner Road.

With a pot of homemade vegetable beef soup cooking, Roy and I set out to conquer more bushes, trees and burn them up!  Roy burned the current pile for at least 6 hours.  I cut down more bushes and weeds from around the pond and added them to the burn pile.

pond from hill by trees

Some of the small pines that I’ve been clearing out the brush between and around them. Hopefully all our pines along the pond will be cleared out before long.

Once it got dark we enjoyed an amazing evening sitting by the fire (more like a campfire by that time) watching the 1424399_10151966484838724_84949639_nstars we see so clearly out here, and best of all listening to the waterfall sounds of the water running through the ditch leading into the pond. We haven’t figured out where the water originates but it has been flowing steadily for three days since the heavy rains on Tuesday.

I don’t have adequate words to describe the calming influence the sound of water flowing, starry night sky and a campfire has on us.  We sat there for hours talking about how happy we are that God lead us to this beautiful land!  We are going to put in a campfire pit soon so if you ever get a yearning to enjoy all this with us give us a holler and we’ll light up the campfire!

Today, Friday, Mark Lee came out to dig trenches for the plumbing and electrical wires.  While they did that and helped Roy install our electrical pedestal (permanent power for the RV and temporary for building the house), I drove to Franklinton to set up an account with Washington St Tammany Electric Co-op.  A very nice lady, Sandra, helped me and didn’t kick me out of the office even though I’m sure I didn’t smell or look the best on day three without a shower.  This boon docking is not for the faint of heart.   An engineer has to come out to check the work so far and then they’ll do whatever is next so we can have power which in turn will give us water!  I asked Sandra to pass along to the engineer that we are in “dire need”!  Oh what a happy day that will be.  I hope I never take running water and electricity for granted.


Mark is also going to dig the trench for where we will put the culvert out by the pond (where the water is flowing) which will reduce Roy’s physical work back there.  We’ll still hear the water flowing sound as it falls out of the culvert into the pond.  I’m going down there now to supervise and make sure they get it right!

Wow what a big thing that was getting the two culverts to go together and stay together!  I didn’t lift a finger except to click the pictures.  Roy, Mark and the backhoe driver worked and worked until it finally stayed together, went in the hole and was covered up as much as could be with the dirt available.



My darling husband Roy is outside still trying to wire up the electrical panel before it gets dark and the rains start again.  I don’t think anyone else is coming out to work until next week so that’ll wrap up this week of construction documenting.

If ya’ll think I’m writing much more about this than you’d care to read, I probably am.  This detail documentation is mostly for our record keeping but if you want to see all the fun we’re having out here, keep following us!

I haven’t reported on RVillage lately, here’s their new member total, 12,688!


Ya’ll take care, and come back now ya’ hear!


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12.24.14 Our Christmas 2014

LOUISIANA SNOWMANIt’s certainly been a busy Christmas season! First our home church’s Children’s Choir sang and spoke words of Christmas where Christ is center stage.  Then Trinity’s wonderful Adult Choir shared their love for the Lord through Christmas music.

We joined Madisyn, Liz, Billy and Josh at River Rock Church in Loranger last week to watch the Loranger Christmas parade, enjoying hot chocolate, jambalaya and cupcakes and a lot of pretty Christmas floats and trucks.  These small towns around Amite are wonderful family towns and this church is a special place reaching the locals for Christ.

20141216_192956 20141216_190613 Our family Christmas time with Chip, Kim, Madisyn, Braxton and Bentley was the highlight of this season.  We shared dinner together at Chip’s and then enjoyed watching the children and grandchildren open their presents.  Braxton and Bentley didn’t stop playing all evening with their John Deere dump truck and tractor.  They pushed them around everywhere.  Madisyn loved all her presents and even started on coloring the backpack we gave her.  She and Kim did a great job on the part they did that evening!  Roy and I loved the presents we got from Chip and Kim but above all else we loved the time we spent with our little family.  Kim surprised Chip with tickets to see the New Orleans Saints play the Atlanta Falcons Sunday in the Mercedes Benz Superdome.  We won’t go into how that game turned out but the experience of watching the Saints in the Superdome is unforgettable and I’m so thankful she thought to do this for him.

20141219_19491620141219_18295620141219_19161020141219_191740Last weekend we went with Chip and Kim to see the production of One Night in Bethlehem.  Calvary Christian Church and other local churches put this production on each year but this was our first time seeing it. A bus picked us up at the church and took us to the site where the production was presented. We started out in the line leading up to where the Census was taken (just like in the Bible!) followed by several tents representing various authentic aspects of Biblical times (fishing net maker, apothecary, etc.)  We even got to take home a tiny bit of Frankincense, just like the Wise Men brought to baby Jesus.  There was a waiting time for our turn to go on the journey through Bethlehem so we enjoyed hot chocolate and visiting with one another.

20141220_192702https://rosalynandroy.files.wordpress.com/2014/12/20141220_194110.jpg 20141220_192939  20141220_193510 20141220_194110 20141220_194414  They make wonderful use of an old closed Interstate rest area to stage each of the scenes in the production.  Ginormous 18 wheeler flatbeds with sides holding 60 chairs each took us on the journey from before Christ was born to his birth and a short sermon by Pastor Mike Bush at the end.20141220_21011520141220_21054120141220_211010

Sweet Madisyn was in her first Christmas play/musical at River Rock Church in Loranger last Sunday morning. It was a wonderfully done production of Jeremy the Mailman.  All of the songs were secular Christmas songs changed to Christian words.  It was very enjoyable and of course we thought Madisyn shined throughout the presentation.  One of the funniest things in the show was the two boys who dressed up like the church’s two pastors.  They are both bald and the little boys wore matching clothes and a hosiery like covering on their heads to make them appear bald.  The first picture here shows the boys next to their look a like pastors.  Afterwards we were treated to some delicious sausage chicken gumbo, turkey, potato salad and red velvet cupcakes.  This church sure eats well!!!!

madisyn pastorsmadisyn singing river rockIn between all this we’ve been picking out things for the new house, meeting with our contractor and doing a lot of yard work clearing out things.  On Christmas Eve day Roy added to the RV patio a step down so that when the concrete is poured it will be there.  Not in the original plan so he did the work himself.   We both got cortisone injections on Monday.  Roy’s was in his knee which is flaring up from the physical work he’s doing out here.  Mine was in my shoulder from what may be a small rotator cuff tear.  The shot will hopefully ease the popping sharp pain I feel when raising my arm over my head or behind me.  Us old folks got fixed up so we can keep working on clearing out the brush and small trees.

Christmas Eve was spent at our home church, Trinity Baptist, for our Christmas Eve Worship Service.  I always look forward to that service because whole families come to church together.  It’s how it’s meant to be and I’m so thankful that we go to a church that still does this.  Seeing the children gather around the last Advent candle being reminded of the true meaning of Christmas is precious to me.  Chip, Kim, Braxton and Bentley joined us there which just made our Christmas Eve perfect!

trinity christmas eve adventThis Christmas season has been filled with many blessings!

From Roy and Rosalyn Chauvin to your Family may you have the Merriest of Christmases!

happy birthday jesus


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12.16.14 More to the Music: ‘Mary, Did You Know?’

mary did you knowI’m pretty certain everyone has heard of Billy Graham. I’ve enjoyed his crusade sermons throughout my life.   I still watch the reruns of really old ones, they are that special. Recently I’ve enjoyed reading devotionals and stories the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association publishes.  Being Christmas time and since the song Mary, Did You Know? is  one of my top favorite Christmas songs, I wanted to share today’s posting with you, my blogging friends and family!

The following is re-blogged from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’s website http://billygraham.org

December 15, 2014   •   By Tiffany JothenMary

(Editor’s Note: This is the first of a five-part series, taking a look at the meaning behind some of the favorite Christmas songs we sing).A lot of Christmas songs you hear on the radio date back to the ’40s and ’50s. But there’s a more modern song—well, modern in terms of Christmas tunes—that considers the story of Jesus from the view of the very woman who brought Him into this world. Here’s some background on “Mary, Did You Know?”—and something to think about when you hear it.You might have heard the phrase “A mom knows.” Maybe from your own mom. But that night in Bethlehem, when the promised Messiah finally came in the form of a helpless baby, there was a lot His mom didn’t know.

Mary, did you know that your Baby Boy would one day walk on water?
Mary, did you know that your Baby Boy would save our sons and daughters?
Did you know that your Baby Boy has come to make you new?
This Child that you delivered will soon deliver you.

Singer, songwriter and comedian Mark Lowry wrote that song back in 1984, inspired by a Christmas program he was working on for church. It wasn’t until seven years later that Buddy Greene wrote the music and sang it for Mark over the phone.

While Michael English and Kathy Mattea were the first to record it, it has since graced the lips of dozens of artists—people like Vickie Winans, Kenny Rogers and Wynonna Judd, Cee Lo Green and a cappella group Pentatonix.

Sometime after the song became a hit, Mark once said, Gloria Gaither pointed out that it should be “Mary, Do You Know?”—but he laughs about it today and says “did” sounds better anyway.

The best part about the song, though, might be the audience. Today’s audience knows all about Jesus—or can know about Him by reading the Bible. We know about Him walking on water. We know about Him giving sight to the blind and calming the storm. We know the man He became—the Savior.

But do we act like we know? Mary didn’t fully understand what the future held or how her innocent Son would die for sinful people, but we can look back and read about it. The trouble is … sometimes we forget.

We forget how He calmed a fierce storm with His words and, instead, think He can’t handle our problems. We forget He created the world—think about that—and, instead, try to drown Him out. We forget He delivered us by grace and, instead, let guilt and feelings of inadequacy overwhelm us.

We do know who Jesus is. But do our actions show it?

“Did you know that your Baby Boy is heaven’s perfect Lamb? The sleeping Child you’re holding is the Great, I Am.”

christmas divider 5I know this could never be so, but in the event you don’t follow my Wacky Wonderful Wednesdays blog, you may have missed this amazing version of Mary, Did You Know? sung by the a Capella group Pentatonix.  Here it is for you to enjoy now.  Click on the group’s photo below to hear this amazing song!

mary did you know image

christmas jesus

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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12.16.14 Staking and digging and forming!

Dora’s home Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday – Jellystone Yogi Bear Campground

So much has happened that we’ve been too busy for me to write regularly.

Early last week we met Todd and Ronnie at our property where they staked out the location of the house and our RV pad. It was neat to see how everything will lay out on what is now just empty land.  We plan to park Dora about 20 feet off the fence line so we can create a pretty patio area there for our flowers and chairs. The side where our awning is will be facing away from the house and will give us privacy. It rained enough in Amite on Monday night that our dirt man Todd couldn’t get dirt from the pitt (wherever that is)!

Todd suggested that we not cut down the back part of our property until the spring time because the grass roots there now are holding the dirt in place.  Cutting off the grass will expose the dirt to the winter rains and would erode before spring.  We agreed,  though I am looking forward to when that can be done since it will take off some of the hill we need to climb from the pond to the house.  Aging folks don’t climb hills real well, as I’ve learned this past week from hauling limbs that Roy cut down, up the hill to the burn pile multiple times!

Running the string from front to back of the property.
Stakes showing where the RV pad will be located. Very uneven now but not when Todd’s finished with it!
Staking out where the house will be located!

On Wednesday Roy went to Amite to meet Ronnie and Todd the dirt man. He wanted me involved in some of the decisions that needed to be made so he went back to Robert, picked me up and we headed back to Amite. We spent the whole afternoon and early evening there while the well man, Lloyd Stilley, installed the well pump and cover. We also met with three parish employees (health department for sewage, roads and bridges for a ditch) and the AT&T man.

20141219_113051 20141217_165013 20141217_164957

Because of the way the land is laid out it’s taking some figuring out how to run the line for the septic tank and whether or not we need ditches and if so where. Looks like we will have the added expense of purchasing a lift station to carry our precious cargo (poop) to the tank. The joys of country living! We had nowhere to stay inside, so we sat outside the whole time. Good thing the weather was great!

With the well successfully 99 percent completed, we left Amite and went to Chip’s house to pick up mail and eat dinner, as well as having fun time with all the children and Kim and Chip. We left having totally recharged our grandparent selves with lots of love and fun!  Can’t wait for our family Christmas get together Friday night at Chip’s house! After three more stops we were home with Yogi Bear at Jellystone Park.

Knowing that the parish folks (one department or the others) and the mechanical treatment company will be coming back Thursday or Friday and hopefully the forms will go down Saturday we decided to move back to Amite and tackle boon docking again. This time a little better prepared. I have lots of disposable things that don’t need to be washed: bottled water, aluminum trays for cooking, Styrofoam cups with lids for coffee, plastic forks, plastic cups and paper bowls and plates. I also put together three spray bottles of water for cleaning counters, and three jugs of water for making coffee and for back up if we run out. I am hopeful that doing these things will make more water available for bathing!

Roy placed the order for the Onan Generator Auto Start Control thingy.  It arrived yesterday and    I am hoping that he will write a blog post soon about that since I think it would help other RVers to know more about that.

We  moved back to Amite on Thursday and our RV, Dora, is now parked in what will be her home in Louisiana any time we come back to visit. It is suppose to rain this evening and all day tomorrow so we got here now to avoid driving in the rain. We’d also like to see how the land handles the rain before the final dirt grading is done.

One of the parish employees is a wonderful man by the name of George Peltier. He happens to be the brother of an attorney, Gary Peltier, we used in Hammond to do several pieces of legal work for us. George looks just like his brother Gary and is every bit as nice. I feel like he’s gone out of his way to help us. I hugged him today to let him know how much we appreciate this personal service he’s given us. He pulled up here right after we arrived at the property. John Pevey with ABC Well and Septic met him here. They met with Roy and I and decided the best location for the mechanical treatment tank to avoid a lot of problems that other locations would cause. Seems we have an unusually sloped lot in several ways but finally those great minds came up with the right place.   Never knew it could take so much and so many people to decided on something. If it all works correctly then we’ll be really glad they spent the time figuring it out.

Roy cut down more trees with the small chainsaw we bought at Lowe’s. Again something we had and sold all of them to go on the road. We may need to have a mini garage sale when we get ready to get back on the road to sell all the stuff we’re acquiring!

Saturday morning the slab forming guys came and built the forms for the house and for the patio outside our RV.

20141220_085948 - Copy 20141220_085919 - Copy

Monday we went back to Hammond and picked out our light fixtures, bathroom things, kitchen faucet, appliances, vinyl siding, columns and railing for the front porch.  Nice to have that behind us.  Still have a few more things to pick out, doors, windows, roof shingles and some other minor things.

We ordered three culverts, one for the front and two for the rear  where the water drains into the pond. They were all delivered on Monday and sticker shock was definitely happening today when I found out how much those simple tubes cost.

20141222_120310 20141222_12085120141222_120254

I’ll share our family Christmas, our visit to One Night in Bethlehem and Madisyn’s Christmas play at River Rock Church in Loranger in our next post.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear.


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12.15.14 Boondocking, TBC Christmas Cantata, Ponchatoula Christmas Parade and Soldier Chip!

We enjoyed our time on our new land but were real ready for the boondocking to be over with!  For you RV newbies, Boondocking is Dry Camping in the Boonies without Hookups. We’ve done it in Walmart parking lots for a day or so but never 5 days in a row.

Here’s one of the things you get to do if you’re willing to boondock.   If you know where this is please let us know because I want to sit in that very spot sometime this coming year!

boondocking by edge of canyon

There is no clothes washing, daily bathing and no dish washing because we had a limited amount of water.  Dora (our RV) can generate enough electricity for watching TV and all the lights.  We have to run the generator if I’m going to cook and when the electricity Dora’s creating isn’t enough. The air conditioning cannot be run without the generator but if the temperature is in the 60s you’re fine.  Above 65 and it’s hot inside the RV without air conditioning or fans.  We like the freedom that boondocking allows, but have learned we need to study this form of RVing more before doing it again. I was out of disposable cooking pans so the pots and pans piled up.  I’m not facing 6 loads of laundry which was greatly reduced from probably 10 loads by Chip helping us out and washing some clothes this weekend and us wearing clothes longer than we normally would have.

If any of ya’ll are experienced boondockers please share with us any tips you have on doing it right.  Roy’s looking at getting a generator auto start machine to better manage our generator use.  Even the simplest tip would be appreciated.  I know to be better prepared with lots of disposable things but beyond that not much! We want to boondock when we go out west and enjoy the solitude this type of RVing brings.

We’re at Jellystone Yogi Bear Park for up to a week so that we are out of the way while the dirt man moves our dirt around to level off our property.  Once that’s done, it’s scheduled for Tuesday which is tomorrow, and the septic system is installed we can then get the electricity turned on and move back since we’ll have full hookups.  I don’t think this is the general rule elsewhere but here the septic system being complete and inspected must happen before you can get your electricity turned on.  We’re going to drive back to Amite in Boots our truck tomorrow to watch them move the dirt!!!

Saturday, our granddaughter Madisyn was in the Ponchatoula Christmas Parade with her dancing school, Stepping Out.  Ponchatoula is a town next to Hammond where we lived.  We went with Kim, Chip, Braxton and Bentley.  They had big eyes watching all the colors, lights, people, horses and all marching by.

madisyn christmas parade

Sunday our home church, Trinity Baptist Church, presented it’s annual Adult Choir Christmas Cantata.  We thought that leaving Amite at 10 am would get us to church by 10:45 but we were 5 minutes late and thankfully didn’t miss any of the special music.

You’ve heard me talk about how much I love hearing this choir sing and this Sunday was no exception.  What an amazing thing to hear people who love the Lord sing praises to Him.  A couple of new soloists, Christie Williamson and Barry Sterken, joined Teddy Forest, Deanna Cummings, Derek and Koree Wall, and Barbara Davis singing solos and duets during the cantata.  The choir wore new choir robes which is a new thing for Trinity (at least in the almost 30 years we’ve been members) and they all looked fantastic.  Here’s a picture of all these special friends of ours.

tbc christmas choir

Sunday evening our son Chip was a soldier in a local church’s presentation of “One Night in Bethlehem”  a drive through showing scenes from the time surrounding the birth of Christ.  His daughter Madisyn went to see it and took a picture with her daddy.  Here it is.

chip soldier and madisyn

This got lots longer than I thought when I started!  I’ll end with a new video about our beloved Saints.  They haven’t done too well this season but they are Our Saints and we’ll hang in there no matter what.  This is a local parody of the song “All about the Bass”.  It’s called “All about the Saints”.  Hope you enjoy this little peek into our little Who Dat Nation!  The Saints are fixin (Southern talk for getting ready to) to play Da Bears right now so I’d better turn my attention to that!  Click on the photo to see the video.

its all about the saints

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear.


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12.12.14 We are moving right along!!

10325522_10152436276118903_1909418304734190750_n It has been non-stop for us since we left Hammond.  We moved to our new property on Wednesday.

On Thursday we went with our contractor Ronnie to the Roseland Health Services department to apply for our permit to install a mechanical treatment (sewage plant).

Ronnie, Roy and I met with the man who will dig trenches to bury the electrical service and water supplies to our RV, and 1620975_714387978591656_942445942_nwe met with the well man who are ready to come in as soon as we have our dirt leveled.   We also met the last of the house owners on our street.  All we’ve met seem to be nice folks.  We found out from him that the neighbor closest to us purchased the land we first wanted.  We like the land we did buy better and are happy he  purchased that just to park his boat and trailer on!  That creates a good bit of distance between the two houses.

God always makes things turn out how they should in his time.  His timing with this, as with all things, was perfect.

Later we drove around some to familiarize ourselves with the area and picked up rainer storage shedour lawnmower from Chip.  The health inspector called Thursday afternoon to say our paperwork was ready for us to pick up.  We went back to Lowes and purchased a new storage building, looks like a barn, fits in perfectly out here! It will be delivered in two weeks.  Then Roy gets the joy of putting it together!

Today, Roy got up early and  cut the tall brush on the left side of the property about 20 feet in width.  That gave me a much better idea how big that area is.  That is where we’ll create a pad for Dora and Boots to park while we’re building the house and when we come back in town to visit.   We plan to plant some azaleas and other flowers there to pretty up our little parking spot.

Roy then went back to Roseland and met our contractor.  They picked up our paperwork saying it’s okay for us to move forward with installing the sewage treatment plant. When we first moved to Hammond I thought having a sewage treatment plant in your yard was just awful.  Funny how that now seems so normal to me.  Guess I’ve become a country girl after all this time!  They also got our building permit and other permits we need to get started.

Roy wore our little lawnmower out cutting cut down all the bushes around the trees and used a small ax (real small) to cut back lots of small trees along the fence line.  I joined him for about 4 hours and cut back a lot of under brush and small trees, hauled all the trees he cut down to the burn pile and raked up a ton of pine needles.  It’s all burning outside right now.  We again wish we had the chain saw and other tools we sold !

We invested in a new heavy duty rake yesterday which was used constantly today!  We are planning to handle all the clean up during construction, so we felt it was something we can use then and today!

This was a few weeks ago. The tall weeds and brush on the left side of the picture are now gone!
This is the area where the tall weeds and brush were in the picture above. Roy took care of mowing them down this morning!
A different view of what all he cut down.
This was taken a while back. The brush growing this side of the little pine trees was very thick and most of it is gone now!
Most of the brush is now gone. Just need to get in there and clean out the rest and it will be beautiful!
My wonderful husband Roy chopping down small trees and bushes.
Roy on the mower plowing down whatever he could. I prayed the whole time he was working.
One area of tall weeds Roy burned yesterday.

Our property is pretty high and is higher than the other houses down the street.  We plan to cut down the dirt about a foot and use that elsewhere on the property to level things out.  Hopefully that will be done Tuesday.

We can’t boon dock too long since we don’t have unlimited water. Just an hour ago I took my first very quick shower in three days.  We will be moving to Yogi Bear Park in Robert on Monday where we can catch up on laundry, shower when needed and be out of the way of the dozer work.  I really will not like leaving here even for that short time.  We are truly country out here and even got to hear some cows moo this evening.

Here’s a picture, not really good because of distance, of some of them. That’s the pile of pine straw I raked up around the tree.


I hope all our friends who have relatives in Amite will come see us when you are in the area.  We have several folding chairs and you can enjoy sitting outside with us, enjoying the surroundings.

Well, tomorrow Madisyn will be in the Ponchatoula Christmas parade with her dance class, Stepping Up.  1557628_10151809459720806_84195362_nWe’ll be there to cheer her on with Chip.  Sunday our church’s adult choir will be singing their Christmas Cantata which is always outstanding.  We hope to have our family Christmas with Chip’s family after church Sunday.

We are so happy to be moving forward with our lives instead of parked in one place.  God has been so good to us throughout all of this.  We believe we are in the place he wants us to be and are most thankful for that!

Here’s directions to where we now live in Amite:

Take I-55 north towards Jackson.  Get off at the Amite exit and turn right onto Highway 16.  Go through downtown and several miles down Highway 16 until you get to LA Highway 445 (Life Way Fellowship church on corner) which is approximately 9-10 miles down.  Turn right, go down 445 for about 1.5 miles until you get to E. Bell, turn left.  Go down E. Bell about .75 mile.  Right past Gambino’s Buzzard Bait (sign on road to the left) you’ll turn left onto Rohner Rd.  It’s a gravel road. You’ll pass a house, two lots, three more houses, an empty lot and then our lot. If Dora’s here you can’t miss us.  Our address here is 60122 Rohner Road.  We don’t have a mailbox yet but we will next week.   Here’s a portion of a map showing the route from Hwy 16 to Rohner Rd.

rohner map


Time for us to crash for the night and start it all again tomorrow!  Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear.


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Some Things I Learned About Alzheimer’s

12.10.14 Good friends, little angels and precious grandchildren!

CHRISTMAS hark the heraldOur RVing friends Russ and Annie are headed west now to visit family and work a bit.  We loved having them visit us in our little free spots at Berryland Campers.  We left there this morning and they left yesterday morning.  If you’re from Hammond you know it’s not a big sightseeing town but we showed them everything we could.

We showed them our land we’re now parked on in Amite and everything of importance to us in Hammond.  Sunday they went to church with us at Chip’s church, then dinner at Chip’s with Kim and the boys after church.  The only picture we took while they were here was at Chip’s.  The boys took them them quickly.  Being retired Kindergarten and 1st grade teachers they could easily interact with our little men, Braxton (white shirt) and Bentley (burgundy shirt).  The boys loved their little dog Maddie and she returned the love!

20141207_145936 20141207_141720 20141207_145649 20141207_145910 20141207_145930

Russ and Annie went with us Sunday evening to Trinity Baptist Church’s Children’s Choir Christmas musical.  There weren’t as many children in this presentation as usual, but man did they sing out well!  Most of the children are sons and daughters of adults who grew up in our church.  The adults sang in the Children’s Choir when they were that age.  It is wonderful to see generations of families at the same church.  We were very thankful to get to bring our friends to worship with us both morning and evening.

Here’s some pictures of the choir from that night:


After the children sang we enjoyed fellowship where homemade cakes baked by the men of our church were served and we got to introduce our RV friends to our church family.  When our tummy’s were full of sweets we went back to Chip’s because Madisyn was there.    They all got to meet each other and Madisyn enjoyed playing with them a little before we left.

It’s wonderful to have RV friends like them.  We all understand each other and enjoy being together.  We went Christmas listthrough a lot together when we first met them in Minnesota.  They welcomed us into their world in St. Augustine earlier this year and were so kind to show us all around even though Annie was still having her cancer treatments.  We’ve learned so much from them about the RV lifestyle from their 30 years camping experiences and Roy’s been able to help them a little with technology.  We will see them again when we head out west and Roy and I are really looking forward to it!

Diesel prices have been much higher than gasoline for a long time.  It’s still that way but we found Diesel for only $2.99 at the Shell off the Airport 12 Exit in Hammond.  We were so shocked to see this, that we went there as soon as we left Berryland today.  The second picture shows $2.96 because we have a card that gives us a 3 cent discount per gallon.

20141210_134710 20141210_133515

Our lives for the next 2-3 months will be mostly centered around house building.  We’re meeting our contractor in the morning to sign our contract with him, apply for permits and hopefully the dozer work will begin shortly.   We’re going to be clearing out the underbrush tomorrow from around the small pines by the pond.  We’ve been itching to start on this and finally we are here!

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