01.31.15 Electrical, outside lumber clean up, return air space and Grannie Madisyn

z4 Friday, January 30, 2015 – Yesterday evening Roy and I enjoyed a major bonfire burning everything we could burn.



I have to share these precious picture with ya’ll.  Our granddaughter Madisyn dressed up as a Grannie for the 100th day of school.  Her outfit reminds me so much of what my mama always wore when she was at home.  It just touched my heart and I’m now looking for a Grannie smock so I’ll be a proper Grannie!

madisyn granniemadisyn grannie 2Jerry, our electrician was back for day two of electrical wiring.  Today he had a helper.  Our contractor Ronnie checked in on things this morning.  Here’s some pictures of the electrical wiring – real exciting pics!

20150130_102652 20150130_102656 20150130_151241 20150130_151257 20150130_151316 20150130_151407  20150130_151553Roy collected all the remaining wood in the yard and burned it this morning.  After the electricians left for the day I swept up all their wood shavings and added them to the outside fire.

20150130_103217  20150130_102613 20150130_102528You may have noticed that my husband rarely rests.  He hauled some gravel down to the culvert/creek area to see how it would look and if it will stay there before he puts any more there.  If we have a good rain on Sunday we’ll know if they leave or stay. 20150130_151041 20150130_150952Roy is back in the house finishing putting the insulation board in the return air vent space.  The pics below are of him working on that space.

20150130_170805 20150129_165256 20150129_165203 I hung up the white porch swing bird feeder across the pond and I think I like it there! Sure hope the birds do too! Anyone knowing of someone who makes decorative bird feeders please let me know about them!

20150130_165351We met with the concrete staining man today to discuss colors and designs.  We followed him to a house he recently completed and were able to tell him what we like and what we’d like to be different in ours.  We’re thinking about having a Fleur de Lis in the floor when you walk in the front door!

Saturday, January 31, 2015 – Last day of January – Wow!  Our electrician wrapped up his work this morning and Gabriel picked up all the excess lumber we don’t need.

20150131_093614The yard is nice and clean ready for the little ones to come tomorrow to play!!!  Yay for children and grandchildren coming to visit!  We’re going to church with Chip’s family tomorrow and he’s taking us all to Cracker Barrell for lunch so it will be a total family day!

Next week’s construction schedule, if all goes well, is shaping up nicely. Plumber, air and heat, next inspection, shingles, vinyl siding and concrete stainer!  Wow!  Don’t know if all that will get done next week, but we’ll see!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!




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01.28.15 K-LOVE, framers and wrong windows!

w2 Wednesday, January 28, 2015 – A  nice lady who follows our blog thanked me for including the words to “You are my all in all” in the blog.  She said she needed a pick me up and that it made her day.  I was so happy to hear that from someone because I hope so deeply that my blog will touch someone by either bringing them closer to God or them understanding my deep love for Him and why He is so important in my life.

One very important thing that keeps me connected daily to God is  listening to Christian music.  Whether it’s Christian Gospel which I listen to in our RV all the time, hymns or Christian Contemporary music which I listen to on CDs and on the radio from K LOVE.

You will never hear any vulgar language but always uplifting, encouraging words and music.  No matter what is happening in my life there always seems to be a song on that x1relates to something I need to hear.  God’s love, Him being my all in all, and many other aspects of the awesomeness of what God is to me.  Surrounding yourself with Christian music on your way to and from work, while shopping and while at home can make amazing changes in your life.  You’ll learn a lot of what God’s about and what your life could be like as a Child of His.  I encourage you to take their 30 day challenge and listen to nothing but Christian music for 30 days.  Of course, you should also read your Bible and attend church – music is never a substitute for those important ingredients but it can add so much depth to your understanding and quality of your life. At the end of the 30 days spend some time thinking about whether your life is in a better place then and if your relationship with God has grown deeper.  I feel certain you will!

klove-logoK LOVE streams their music online and there is nothing like sitting outside, going to their webpage and clicking on Listen Online.  Can’t wait till we have the space across the culvert finished so I can enjoy it there!

In our area K LOVE is heard on 92.7 and you can find out the channel in your local area by clicking here, K LOVE STATIONS, entering your local zip code and they will give you the local channel.  We do this anytime we are traveling because their music means so much to my life.

I am hopeful that today will complete our house framing.  We again woke up to the sounds of hammering and men on the roof!  More of the plywood was on the roof and even some felt paper.  Roy brought the medicine cabinet out for them to get measurements and checked it out after they built the frame.  Perfect!   They say medicine cabinets are not something people put in now because it costs less to do without.  Maybe it’s because we’re old and grew up having one that we wanted it for both our bathrooms.  Especially since the bathrooms are small, we think the additional storage will help greatly.

The last view out the roof before it was all closed up!

f1 f2 f3 f4This is my view out the side RV window where I sit on the couch.  It is amazing to watch them work during the day, they are so in sync with each other and the work just keeps on moving along.  Roy and I know that we are in an unusual situation being able to be here all day every day while they work and are very thankful for that.

f rv view Just came from out there and they are setting the windows next to each opening.  They are ready for after lunch to install them and the exterior doors!  The Tyvek home wrap being up really defines the area of the house.  It is small but perfect for renting and for our future home.  It is really difficult to go from years of thinking bigger house is better to building a smaller house and knowing that’s okay!

Here’s pictures of what it all looked like when the framers left today.

g1 g2 g3 g4 g5 g6 (2) g6 g7Well, there is a delay now caused by the windows.  All of the windows that were delivered, except the big kitchen window, are 3’0′ windows but were suppose to be 2’8″ windows.  Unfortunately they have to order the new windows which takes 2 weeks so the framers left today after installing the big window in the kitchen and the front and rear doors but they couldn’t install all the others.  The next step that this affects the most is the vinyl siding installation.  Can’t be done until the windows are in.  So I guess we look 10428548_1089683771057896_2714292691544921573_nat Tyvek for the next couple of weeks.

All the other work can continue so the electrician will be here Friday and Saturday to do his rough ins, the plumber will be here Monday to do his rough ins and the roofer will be here sometime in the next few days to do the shingles. The cement floor staining folks will come after the plumber and electrician so we are moving right along!

We’re looking forward to a visit from our son Chip this afternoon to show him all the progress.  We’d love for anyone in the area that wants to come see it and visit to come on!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!






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01.29.15 Electrician, tub/shower enclosures, attic stair relocation

It still is when we’re living on the road in our RV!

Thursday, January 29, 2015 – Not a huge amount of construction going on today.  Our electrician, Jerry Joiner, is here a day early (I’ll never complain about that) putting up electrical boxes for switches, outlets, lights, etc.

I found out from our contractor that he asked for a rush on the new windows so hopefully they will be here by next Friday and the siding/trim can go up on schedule!

20150129_122535 20150129_122619 20150129_122714For reasons too numerous to describe here, Roy changed the location of the pull down attic stairs which means he has to close up the original opening and create a new one.   One word of advice to future builders, when you run into a problem because of where something is located, it is way better to try to relocate the thing instead of searching for something to fit where the problem is.  That may not apply in all situation but it certainly did in this one.

20150129_122632The two tub/shower enclosures arrived from Coburn’s in Hammond. Their wonderful and strong delivery man Troy got them both inside and then we discovered neither one would go in correctly without removing a several studs.  So  Roy and Ronnie removed two studs on three walls for each of the enclosure to go in.  Thank goodness for Ronnie and Troy’s help because this is not something Roy and I could have handled!  Ronnie helped Roy put the studs back in place after the tubs were situated.

h1 h2 h3 h4 h5 h6 h7

Ken, who will be providing us with shingles was here today to check everything and meet with Ronnie.  As soon as the plumber does his thing next Monday the shingles will go on.

My big contribution to today’s work was using the magnetic thingy on a pole to pick up all the roofing nails and other y2metals around the outside.  I do all the bookkeeping, paying subcontractors and writing this so I contribute more than the piddley things I say.  Roy absolutely does all the he-man work around here!

Gabriel’s will pick up from the front and side yard tomorrow the framing lumber that was not used.  The yard should look pretty good again and I can start planning for planting bushes when the roof and siding are finished!  If anyone has any lillies or other plants like that and are planning to thin them out I’d love to help you out by coming to get some of them!!

The concrete stainer man will be here tomorrow to show us a selection of stain colors for the flooring.  That should be fun!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

ephesians 3 20



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01.27.15 We have a roof (framed), exterior doors, lights and medicine cabinets!

y3Waking up this morning I looked outside and seeing men on the ROOF hammering and building was a wonderful sight!  Then to see the Gabriel’s truck drive up and unload roofing boards and felt paper was a double wonderful sight!

20150127_100728e1e2We received a call from Lowe’s yesterday that the back door we special ordered is in.  The back door is normally an 723647599217lgin stock door but we added a special jamb that is weather proof to stop it from rotting since it is not protected from the weather like the front door is. The front door was in stock (see pic on left) so we’ll pick both of them up today when we go into Hammond.   Lowe’s charges $65 minimum to deliver so we will pick them up ourselves.

We ordered windows from Gabriel’s and they are at the store now. Gabriel’s will deliver them as soon as they are needed.   They have a store in Amite so their delivery is free.

Before we went to Lowe’s our contractor and electrician came by.  The picture below is of the three of them, Roy, Jerry Joiner and Ronnie Glover.

e4We talked about various things we want that are different from the original plans.  Jerry marked everyplace we want outlets, TV, etc.  and will be back on Friday to do his work!  Yeah for things moving right along.

When working with them near the bar area I looked up and saw the view of the pond and pine trees from the kitchen and it just took my breath away.  Without the mounds of dirt and lumber all over it will really be a beautiful sight.  To see that when you walk in the front door is very special!

Kitchen bar looking out rear window. Picture does not do the view justice with all the mud and lumber in the way!
Closer view through the rear windows
Roy and Ronnie discussing strategy in the kitchen!
e inside to our
Looking out the front windows and door

We went to Lowe’s to pick up the doors and while there purchased several lighting and bathroom things.  Things like three pendant lights and globes for over the kitchen bar, two beautiful wall fixture for the front porch and one for the Screen shot 2013-07-20 at 7.55.50 AMrear door (another last minute change since we originally picked out cheap ones and upgraded today), exterior flood lights for all four corners, roof vents for the bathroom, bath towel holders, toilet paper dispensers and towel rings.  I’ve been looking at bird feeders every time we’ve been there and today bought two to hang outside.  One is for a tree down by the pond and the other is for near the RV.

When we arrived home we saw their finished work for the day.  Some TYVEK is wrapped on the front porch area and I guess will be finished tomorrow.  We think they will finish their work tomorrow or if necessary Thursday morning.

e front of house e0 e12 e11The exterior doors are stored in the house until tomorrow when they will be hung.

e back door e f ront doorThe second medicine cabinet arrived today.  Here’s the front and interior of it.  We love this one!  We picked out a wall storage cabinet for over the toilet today that matches the medicine cabinet.  There was no room in the basket for them today so that will be another day!

e2 (2)


Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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01.26.15 “You are my All in All” and more house framing!

i am a child of godSunday, January 25, 2015 – During our Worship Service this morning one of the songs we sang was You are my All in All.  The lyrics for the verses are below (without the chorus)

You are my strength when I am weak
You are the treasure that I seek
You are my all in all

Seeking You as a precious jewel
Lord, to give up I’d be a fool
You are my all in all

prayTaking my sin, my cross, my shame
Rising again I bless Your name
You are my all in all

When I fall down You pick me up
When I am dry You fill my cup
You are my all in all

This was originally a choir special, so we sang it often while practicing it.  When I first heard the words that I bolded above, I felt as though those words said exactly how I look at God as my Heavenly Father.  When all in life is void of meaning and I am running totally on fumes, only God can lift me up, fill my cup and give me strength, just like the song says.  Those few small words say so simply what God means to me.  I am never so low or so dry that he is not my all in all.  No one else can do that, only God. It means so much to me that I had to pass the words of this amazing song along to you.

After we got back to Amite from church we had a wonderful visit from my sister, Harriett and brother-in-law George.  This was their first visit and they loved it out here which made Roy and I very happy!  It was a beautiful sunny day perfect for showing them all around and sitting outside visiting and eating King Cake!

Monday, January 26, 2015 –  Roy started early cutting in half the wood stakes used in the slab forming so we can use them for firewood in our new campfire pit. He got a lot cut up.


#60122 -kitchenThe cabinetry and counter top company, D L Cabinetry, sent us a picture this morning of what our kitchen will look like.  Yes it is small but it has everything and since we enlarged the pantry to much larger size we will have all the storage we need.  The only change will be to the end cabinet on the bottom which will go from a 12″ to a 21″ cabinet because we found some more room!!!

The framers arrived again at 7 am this morning. All the interior walls were framed by lunch.

b2 b1 b scott

A friend of ours said he couldn’t tell there was a fence between our property and the property next door where the cows are.  That’s because Roy cleared off the property line so well!  I took a new picture today from a different angle where you can see the fence.

20150126_120818b fence

I made two more batches of the haystack snacks to go in the Thank You tins for the construction workers. I wanted more in the tins but I had to replace those I nibbled on the last couple of weeks. They are very good and addicting. Plus peanuts and peanut butter are very healthy for my brain!

Roy built a big mound of trees, bushes, and thorny vines on our land just past the culverts and set it on fire. We are sitting out here by the fire right now, enjoying watching it burn and watching the construction workers work on the house.   There are several men working on the house and hearing them shout measurements to each other and discussing their work just warms my heart!

b4 a2a1 a4When the framers stopped working for the day at 3 pm they had sheets of boards (plywood?) around most of the exterior and the ceiling joists are going up also. Here’s pictures from their work today.  Great progress made and they say they will start on the roof tomorrow!!  With the interior walls studded and the exterior walls closed in you can get a better idea of the room sizes and they are not as small as I thought they may be!  It will be a  house before we know it!

a3 a5 a6 a7Brain Note: North Oaks Hospital called this morning to say they dug deep into their storage and found my brain MRIs from 25+ years ago so I’ll be picking them up and bringing them to Dr. Shamsnia (brain doctor) for him to use as comparison to the more recent two!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

acts 2 21


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01.24.15 Cabinets and counter tops on order…. and our new campfire pit!

weekend blessing Friday, January 23, 2015 – The rain Thursday night and this morning was heavy enough to stop the framers from working today.  It was also very cold and windy.

Roy and I headed to Hammond for our follow up cortisone shots in my shoulder and his knee.  We always wait at Dr. Chaisson’s office far too long, but today it was zip in and zip out.  Man we liked that and our body parts are feeling way better!

From there we went to Lowe’s and tried to buy a lot but came away with just four smoke alarms, rye grass to give us some greenness to the yard around the RV and lastly we bought enough stones to make a nice campfire pit.

Then we were on to the big shopping at D L Cabinetry in Hammond to put our deposit on cabinets and granite counter tops for the kitchen and two bathrooms.

EVERYTHING CHANGED From what we picked out a month ago and were absolutely sure that’s what we were going with, to what we actually signed up for today!

The granite we wanted for the kitchen was no longer available so we picked out something new.  Once we got the final quote on the kitchen cabinets we realized we could get a much better grade cabinet and still stay within thethings you want to do go do them budget. Also, we went from all of them being the same cabinet styles to having different cabinet styles for the kitchen and the two baths!  The only thing that seemed like it was going to survive from our original choices was the bathroom granite.  After changing the cabinets and their color changing we didn’t like how it went with the bathroom granite so we changed that also.  It was surprising how all that worked out.

Saturday, January 24, 2015 – Roy jumped right into building our campfire pit this morning.  Everything he does has to be just so and that showed in the time he spent on the pit.  He put the first ring together and took it apart numerous times before being satisfied.  Some of the dirt around it had to be dug out and leveled, then spread.  My big contribution was breaking up some of the big lumps of dirt and supervising his work of course!

e1 e2 e4

The cows came out to see what was going on and you can see them in the picture below.   We sat out there a long time this evening enjoying our first fire in our new pit.  Roy has made nice progress creating our own little RV park here in Amite!


We are looking forward to a visit from my sister and brother-in-law tomorrow after church.  Their first visit to our new home, can’t wait!!!

Hopefully the framing will get back in full swing on Monday and having a full week of sunshine should help us move the construction along really well this week!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

the lord is my strength


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01.22.15 Remove those trees…. and the framers are here!

1505991_593229847473656_7083649049030602947_nWednesday, January 21, 2015 – Beautiful sunny day in Amite, Louisiana!  I can’t say often enough how beautiful it is out here and how much we LOVE it here!

Our” oh so beautiful,” temporary roof covering for the storage building is now protecting it from the weather until the permanent roof goes on.

c1We now have more room inside our RV and Roy’s truck as he moved everything he could to the storage building.  This created room in the truck for picking up the exterior doors and other things.

c2c3 c4We focused our energy yesterday afternoon on removing the last of the small or ugly pines from along the house side of the pond. Many of them were very close together which would have stunted their ability to grow properly.

c15c18When we finished that, we moved to the end of the pond and began cutting the small pines and the same thorned vines and bushes we removed from the first area.  We worked until we couldn’t do it any more and will pick it back up soon.  The area we are working on now will make a really nice gathering area to watch the children play in the pond and visit.

c5 c6

This video doesn’t exist

c13c14c17We’ll work on that side of the pond as soon as the weather gets nice again.  The last picture above is of just some of the pine trees and vines we cut down.

1510462_795076053893960_8328172282580487684_nThursday, January 22, 2015 – At 7 a.m. this morning the framers arrived along with a ton of lumber!  We made changes to the original plans so those were discussed with the framer by Roy and our contractor, Ronnie.  His guys have been working hard and last time I looked they have all the rooms laid out so we can actually see the layout which makes it so much more real!

c8 c9 c10 c11 c12 d0 d1 d2 d3 d4 d6It started raining around 2 pm so they wrapped up their work for the day.  We are expecting 100 percent chance of rain this evening and over night so the culvert system Roy worked so hard on will get a good testing out overnight.

1897724_562437190552922_6698646529210389290_nSee ya’ll tomorrow!  Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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01.19.15 Nice light yellow storage building

Roy and I shopped for a storage building for some time.  We decided upon the Heartland Rainer Gambrel Wood Storage Building from Lowe’s.  It’s a 10 x 10 building with a storage loft inside.

We bought it as a kit for $998 (plus tax and $65 delivery) instead of paying $2,000 for one already built.  As time went on we saw the total cost adding up to over $1,500.  I’ve written about why the cost is now so high so I want to show you what it took to get it finished.

We bought our four house fans today and we now have a place (other than our RV bed) to store them and the lighting fixtures we’ve been acquiring!

Since these pictures were taken earlier today I painted the bottom edge of the exterior (yes I painted some dirt too!) We are both so happy with the finished building.  Love the storage space, the loft, the color and Roy especially loves that all that is finished!  When we get the felt paper, shingles and door lock it will really be finished!

On to more tree and bush cutting/cleaning out tomorrow and HOPEFULLY the framer will start Thursday!


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01.17.15 Two Chauvin men working hard… and a little hitch-itch!

aaa tucson
Coronado National Forest (yes they call this a forest!)

I am beginning to have some growing hitch-itch.  For non RVers hitch-itch is the desire and even yearning we get when we are off the road “too long” and want to get back to traveling and exploring.  We still plan to head west after the house is rented.

aa tucson 2
Life size sculptures of Wyatt Earp and “Doc” Holiday in Tucson, Arizona

I follow several blogs, a few of which are other RVers.  All of them are in the southwest right now describing the beauty they are seeing and oh, how it makes me want to be there.  I know we will and then the hitch-itch will diminish as we take to the wide open roads again.

Don’t get me wrong, we are really enjoying our time building our small house in Amite, the roads just calling!

Our son Chip joined his dad Saturday morning in raising the walls of our storage building.  Here’s pictures of their progress:

a sb a sb2 a sb3 a sb4 a sb5 a sb7a sb6 a sb8 a sb9

Chip left after raising the walls to go to his church and work, so I helped hold the trusses in place for Roy to put the screws in.

Just a side note, this $998 storage building kit has now risen to over $1,500 and it’s not finished.  In case someone is thinking of buying one like this, it is well worth it but it doesn’t come with any of the flooring, no shingles or roofing materials, no paint. And of course Roy upgraded lots of things like using screws instead of the nails it came with (several boxes of screws!) and using 3 dozen more metal braces than it came with, so this building will be around many years!  He read a lot about the kit before we purchased it and was very impressed with how they constructed the walls, etc. and laughed when he read that it took someone over a week to build it.  I’d estimate he’s at least 50 hours of labor into it now, guess the other guy was right!

Ya’ll enjoy this tail end of your weekend, and ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear! proverbs 3 5to6


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