01.07.15 Construction update and sweets!


An army of men showed up today and what a wonderful site that was!

Our contractor Ronnie was here supervising everything.

Ronnie Glover and me!

ronnies sign

The digging crew was here bright and early preparing the dirt for the slab.  They worked hard and got the job done by noon.  Here’s pictures of them making progress throughout the morning.

b diggers b diggers 2 a termite sprayer b patio digging b rebar and mesha rebar and mesh 2

The termite man came after they had the dirt prepared and sprayed everything to help prevent termites in our little new home.

a southeast pest a termite sprayer

The parish roads and bridges crew was also out early surveying and digging the ditch, and preparing our driveway ditch to accept the culvert.

b ditch before
Before the ditch was dug
b culvert in ditch
Our part of the ditch with our shiny new culvert in it!


This provided us with lots of free dirt which will be used to dress up the area around the house and patio.  Lots of GOOD dirt!!

b dirt20150106_142339

Within two minutes of the parish leaving and all their trucks going down the road the Lowe’s delivery truck arrived with our storage building parts.  More work for Roy but when it’s finished we’ll have somewhere to store things we purchase for the house until they are needed. No more big boxes in the RV!!

20150106_142439 20150106_142207

The parish inspector came next and said today’s work was a-ok!

We went everywhere in the evening shopping for house things and did pretty good! Picked out most of our lighting, interior doors, and Roy got more parts for the storage building.

I decided to make some sweet snacks and put them in cookie tins to give the workers as they come to work.  Picked up everything while we were out and will get started on that tomorrow.  Hope this helps tell them how much we appreciate their work in building our little house!

Time to go crash so I’ll pick up with tomorrow mornings concrete delivery!


5 am came WAYYYYY too fast this morning.  We hopped up, showered, drank a bit of coffee, pulled the slides in, unhooked our water and power and moved Dora about 100 feet out to the road for the day so the cement trucks and pumps could get in.  Kinda weird living on the actual road but I guess it’s no different than living or showering in a Walmart parking lot!

The first picture shows the beautiful sunrise although the picture itself didn’t capture the deep pink, almost red of the sky.  The guys are getting closer to finishing up now and have worked at it all day.  Here’s a snapshot of each phase from start to finish:

c 9 (2)c pumpc 6

c 7ac 8c 3c 5c c 2 c 4


d 7
Slab for the well
d 2
RV Patio Slab
d6 (2)
House slab from the front

d6 d9d 1Miscellaneous pictures below: Three of the cement trucks lined up on the road.  I thought they looked like colorful Easter eggs!  Then the huge trash truck was able to pass by Dora on the road, we were impressed at their skill!  And finally Roy by the big pump truck. c 9 c progressive waste c royI made 100 hay stacks (sweet snack) today to put into the tins for the worker’s thank you gift.  Tomorrow I’ll make a multi-chocolate and peanut snack for the tins.  I gave the first batch to the cement finishers and I think they enjoyed them.  They worked very hard and we really couldn’t do it with out their diligence and desire to do a good job.  Thanks guys!

Here’s a picture of some of the containers.  I like that the large one looks like a clear paint can – kinda appropriate for a construction site!

20150107_152428The workers day is done and so are we.  Late night, early morning, this retirement is wearing us out!  Actually as I write this around 4:00 pm  Roy is still out back working on the frame and flooring for the storage shed.  Guess he’ll come in tonight!!!

We got to spend some time today visiting with a young man (on the cement finishing crew) who grew up at our home church, Trey Sirone.  It was really nice catching up with him and just visiting!  Never know who you’re going to run into out here.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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