01.16.2015 Very little construction update! Roy’s birthday and other updates…

It’s been a slow week at our house construction site so we’ve taken care of ordering things and Roy’s worked on the storage shed.

The well man came to move the tank from the blocks it was on to its permanent slab home!

d 7

Roy planted the two bay leaf plants we took with us from our house in Hammond.  We left the new homeowners plenty of the plant, but since it was originally a plant from Roy’s mother’s home in Metairie we wanted some of it to follow us and now they have found their new home.  We’ve also learned that they have an exceptional ability to keep flies away and since we have cows visiting all around their “leavings” attract flies!  It’s working really well so far! If you come visit us and you want some, just ask, we’re always happy to share.

20150116_170622The men who built the form for the slab came back Monday to remove the form boards so now we have a finished slab.

e slab without forms

Roy mixed up some cement and prettied up the appearance of the patio slab sides and step.  There were some small holes around the side and ground level and he made those go away. He did a great job.  We will be bringing in more dirt around the patio to make the ground more level.

e patio slab 1 e patio slabThe framers will be here on Tuesday (as always if weather conditions hold up) and hope to have it framed by end of the week.  Remember it is a smalllll house!

Madisyn, Braxton, Bentley, Chip and Kim came to visit last Sunday and we got to walk Kim around the property to show us this little land we love.  The boys loved running around but were not real wild about being toted around in our new wheelbarrow!!

e b and be chip and b

We enjoyed sitting on the house slab with Madisyn and Chip last Sunday and figuring out where each room will be.  aa priceless grandchildrenMadisyn asked if “her room” can be decorated in Hello Kitty.  Had to explain that we won’t live in the house for a while but when the time comes “her room” can be decorated however she wants!  I’m sure when the boys get older they’ll be wanting “their room” too!   Madisyn decided to share a “ghost story” with us while sitting on the slab in the sunshine and we were all appropriately frightened by her story!  What a hoot she is.

e madi seat on slab e madi e madi 1

It was Roy’s birthday dinner/party and we enjoyed some delicious crawfish corn soup that Chip made for us.  aa happy-birthday-cup-cakes-graphicI made the desert and what a disaster that was………….   The first step is to bake a yellow cake in a sheet cake pan as directed.  I put everything together correctly and put it in an aluminum pan.  I cooked it in the convection oven preheating it correctly.  Then I mistakenly clicked the “Time Cook” button which causes the microwave to kick in.  After 14 minutes of the 26 minutes cook time I smelled something burning and opened the oven door to find a very mis-shaped cake that was burning in spots.  I tasted one of the good spots and decided it would be okay to serve.  Well I basically wasted the rest oaa stupid things cake  f the delicious ingredients that go into and on the cake (condensed milk, powdered sugar, cool whip, coconut) because it was really burned throughout the middle and didn’t taste worth eating!  So I’ve promised Roy I will make another, this time baking it correctly!   To those of you who own a combination microwave/convection oven LEARN FROM THIS!!!

We met our contractor, Ronnie, at Gabriel Building Supply in Ponchatoula and picked out our windows, interior doors, hinge color, and shingles.  Ronnie invited us to his house to see his exterior window trim which we really like and will use instead of shutters.  I’ve seen it on other houses but never up close and Roy needed to see it up close to be comfortable with it.  He and Debbie have a beautiful comfortable home and I enjoyed seeing all the things they have that we are picking out now.  Went to Lowe’s and picked out our medicine cabinets (oh the discussions we had about that one – Roy and I had very different ideas on that one so it became a big deal) and the exterior front and back doors.  Then on to Mayeaux’s Siding to pick out our columns and change the height from 8′ to 10′ to match the interior family room ceiling height.   All this is on order since some of it is needed for the framer to get their work done accurately.

I stocked up on cold weather food to cook on my trip to Sam’s.  I cooked vegetable beef soup this morning and am starting a pot of chili next.  Gumbo will be up next and I bought enough of all the things to make two big pots of each.   I’m hoping it all fits in our fridge and freezer.

e veg beef

Chip’s coming to spend the night and help his dad put the walls up for the storage building  I’m sure he will help us eat up some of it!

I visited my neurologist this week and wrote a post about it on my Alzheimer’s aa Big-God-no-lights-e1339783629638blog.  Instead of repeating it all here, if you are interested you’re welcome to click here and read the story.  This condition has been going on quite a while but I’ve managed to cover it most of the time and have only shared with a few people.  If my sharing will help someone then I want to share now. My God is such a BIG God, sufficient for all my needs.  He never leaves me alone during any of the difficulties I’ve faced in life and I know he will not now.

The weather has turned sunny and beautiful and will continue that way for a few days so I’m hopeful we can get the storage building finished (I have a ceiling light, wall light and one medicine cabinet living on my bed – the storage building is very much needed!), more of the cleaning out around the pine trees and starting on our flower gardens I want to develop.

Here’s pics of some of the progress Roy’s made on the storage building. We bought paint for the building to match the color of the vinyl siding that will be on the house

e shed f
The pile of building materials is shrinking as the building is growing!

e shed a e shed b e shed d20150116_170915

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

john 8 12


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