01.29.15 Electrician, tub/shower enclosures, attic stair relocation

It still is when we’re living on the road in our RV!

Thursday, January 29, 2015 – Not a huge amount of construction going on today.  Our electrician, Jerry Joiner, is here a day early (I’ll never complain about that) putting up electrical boxes for switches, outlets, lights, etc.

I found out from our contractor that he asked for a rush on the new windows so hopefully they will be here by next Friday and the siding/trim can go up on schedule!

20150129_122535 20150129_122619 20150129_122714For reasons too numerous to describe here, Roy changed the location of the pull down attic stairs which means he has to close up the original opening and create a new one.   One word of advice to future builders, when you run into a problem because of where something is located, it is way better to try to relocate the thing instead of searching for something to fit where the problem is.  That may not apply in all situation but it certainly did in this one.

20150129_122632The two tub/shower enclosures arrived from Coburn’s in Hammond. Their wonderful and strong delivery man Troy got them both inside and then we discovered neither one would go in correctly without removing a several studs.  So  Roy and Ronnie removed two studs on three walls for each of the enclosure to go in.  Thank goodness for Ronnie and Troy’s help because this is not something Roy and I could have handled!  Ronnie helped Roy put the studs back in place after the tubs were situated.

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Ken, who will be providing us with shingles was here today to check everything and meet with Ronnie.  As soon as the plumber does his thing next Monday the shingles will go on.

My big contribution to today’s work was using the magnetic thingy on a pole to pick up all the roofing nails and other y2metals around the outside.  I do all the bookkeeping, paying subcontractors and writing this so I contribute more than the piddley things I say.  Roy absolutely does all the he-man work around here!

Gabriel’s will pick up from the front and side yard tomorrow the framing lumber that was not used.  The yard should look pretty good again and I can start planning for planting bushes when the roof and siding are finished!  If anyone has any lillies or other plants like that and are planning to thin them out I’d love to help you out by coming to get some of them!!

The concrete stainer man will be here tomorrow to show us a selection of stain colors for the flooring.  That should be fun!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

ephesians 3 20



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