01.31.15 Electrical, outside lumber clean up, return air space and Grannie Madisyn

z4 Friday, January 30, 2015 – Yesterday evening Roy and I enjoyed a major bonfire burning everything we could burn.



I have to share these precious picture with ya’ll.  Our granddaughter Madisyn dressed up as a Grannie for the 100th day of school.  Her outfit reminds me so much of what my mama always wore when she was at home.  It just touched my heart and I’m now looking for a Grannie smock so I’ll be a proper Grannie!

madisyn granniemadisyn grannie 2Jerry, our electrician was back for day two of electrical wiring.  Today he had a helper.  Our contractor Ronnie checked in on things this morning.  Here’s some pictures of the electrical wiring – real exciting pics!

20150130_102652 20150130_102656 20150130_151241 20150130_151257 20150130_151316 20150130_151407  20150130_151553Roy collected all the remaining wood in the yard and burned it this morning.  After the electricians left for the day I swept up all their wood shavings and added them to the outside fire.

20150130_103217  20150130_102613 20150130_102528You may have noticed that my husband rarely rests.  He hauled some gravel down to the culvert/creek area to see how it would look and if it will stay there before he puts any more there.  If we have a good rain on Sunday we’ll know if they leave or stay. 20150130_151041 20150130_150952Roy is back in the house finishing putting the insulation board in the return air vent space.  The pics below are of him working on that space.

20150130_170805 20150129_165256 20150129_165203 I hung up the white porch swing bird feeder across the pond and I think I like it there! Sure hope the birds do too! Anyone knowing of someone who makes decorative bird feeders please let me know about them!

20150130_165351We met with the concrete staining man today to discuss colors and designs.  We followed him to a house he recently completed and were able to tell him what we like and what we’d like to be different in ours.  We’re thinking about having a Fleur de Lis in the floor when you walk in the front door!

Saturday, January 31, 2015 – Last day of January – Wow!  Our electrician wrapped up his work this morning and Gabriel picked up all the excess lumber we don’t need.

20150131_093614The yard is nice and clean ready for the little ones to come tomorrow to play!!!  Yay for children and grandchildren coming to visit!  We’re going to church with Chip’s family tomorrow and he’s taking us all to Cracker Barrell for lunch so it will be a total family day!

Next week’s construction schedule, if all goes well, is shaping up nicely. Plumber, air and heat, next inspection, shingles, vinyl siding and concrete stainer!  Wow!  Don’t know if all that will get done next week, but we’ll see!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!




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