02.28.2015 Painting and visiting!!

relaxing saturdaySaturday, February 28, 2015 – Bye Bye February!  Tomorrow we will welcome in the month of March, one of my favorite months because of new flower blossoms, new leaves on trees and more 70 degree days!

Our painting trio are back today making great progress.

20150228_123311 20150228_123327  20150228_123402 20150228_123413 20150228_123557Got a call from the counter top people that the counter top we chose was unavailable.  It was suppose to be put aside for us when we gave them the deposit three weeks ago but it wasn’t.  However they offered to give us 3 cm granite in the same design instead of the lesser expensive 2 cm granite we chose at the 2 cm price!!!  The 3 cm is available in a beveled edge instead of the bull nose edge.  That’s okay too!  We are hopeful the cabinets and counter tops will begrowing old together installed next Thursday.

My sister Harriett and Brother in law George are on their way to see us right now.  Then Madisyn will be here over night so I am trying to finish this before all the fun begins!

Madisyn is staying the night with us tonight and going to church with us tomorrow so that mommy, daddy and Kim have time to decorate and get everything prepared for her birthday part tomorrow.  Plus it will make it all a surprise for her when she sees it tomorrow for the first time.  It is absolutely wonderful to see the three adults working together on something benefiting Madisyn.  The little girl deserves that and I am proud of all three of them for making this happen.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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02.27.15 Building a house is a piece of cake!

734401_833048396710692_1983591327_nWell this is the second time writing today’s blog.  The first one was finished complete with pictures and it disappeared.  Sure hope I remember everything I wrote in that one, it was good!

Friday, February 27, 2015 – Yep, building a house is a piece of cake, with the right contractor and subcontractors that is!  After a slow start due to holidays, rains, and other delays our house has gone up fast.  We are now within a week or two of the house being completed!! Thanks to Ronnie Glover, Cory Glover and all our subs!

A really nice and friendly trio of painters were at the house bright and early and started by prepping everything by filling nail holes and caulking corners and edges.  As we left I can hear them in the house spraying the ceilings!!!!! Here’s a couple of pics of their earlier work.

c10 c9We took Dora (our RV) to Amite to fill her up with propane.  We also stopped at the gas station to fill up with diesel while it is still $2.39 a gallon. Dora’s now full and happy. We also stopped at Walmart to pick up 5 items and came out1016835_1100500646642875_783139052894355040_n with 50. Just wanted fruit to make a fruit tray for Madisyn’s birthday party but we wound up buying almost enough food for us for a week. I’ve been having trouble finding our truck when I go shopping but today Dora in all her big glory was there for me to easily find!

Had a wonderful phone visit on a dear friend, Pat Turner, whose husband Bill died of Alzheimer’s and her neighbor was just diagnosed. I believe she is going to share my Alzheimer’s blog with the husband, who is very new to all this. If you know of someone my blog would help please share this link with them. https://rosalynsalzheimersblog.wordpress.com/

1377629_609944762377739_2100035853_nWhen we came home from our trip to town the painters were leaving for the day. They painted all the doors, all the ceilings and the walls in the master bedroom, closet and bath. I was so tickled to see color on the walls. They will be back tomorrow and can’t wait to see it finished! Here’s pictures of today’s painting.  Roy and I really like painting the ceiling the same color as the walls and you can see that here.  The ceilings still look lighter even though they are the same color.

c11 c7 c4  c6We didn’t think the living room and kitchen ceilings were painted until we moved around some and could tell it was.  The last picture above shows this.

Our vinyl man, Floyd Fayard came this afternoon to finish caulking the work he did last week.  I showed him the new bench Roy made for down by the pond since Roy used the ends of the front porch columns to make the bench legs from.  Here’s pictures of the bench.

c3  c1Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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02.25.15 Interior doors, trim work and remaining work list

wednesday blessingsWednesday, February 25, 2015 – The ceiling was insulated this morning – no pictures of that!

The trim man and our contractor, Ronnie, were here early too!  I didn’t go over to the house until noon, it is way too cold and rainy. When I did I was amazed to see all the doors hung, the attic stairs installed and the window seats installed.  Still needs baseboards and crown moulding and the living room window framing isn’t finished.  It is wonderful to see the finishing touches starting now.  I love the doors we chose.  They are not the regular rectangular shaped panels but have a more country feel to them.

None of the doors or trim work are painted yet.  The color of the doors now look light grey but they will all be white when painted. Painting will start tomorrow – goody, goody!  Hopefully by Monday it will all be painted and the other finishing items will go in next week and the following week.

Guest bedroom closet and entrance door
Attic stairs
0Guest bedroom closets
Mr. Joe cutting trim on the front porch
Bedroom door
Living room window – trim not finished
Pantry door on the left and laundry doors on the right – Little Joe in front!

We still have a whole page of items to be completed before it’s totally complete but we’re very close.For those who are in the midst of construction or are considering it and are wondering what’s left here’s the list, not necessarily in the order they have to be done:

Stained concrete floors sealed and fleur de lis installedcheck list
Interior painting
Install cabinets in granite counter tops in kitchen
Install cabinets and granite vanity top in bathrooms
Install closet shelving in closets, laundry room and pantry
Electrical fixtures installed
Underground electrical service to the house
Permanent electricity to house hooked up with meter installed
Outside air condition unit installed and hooked up
Toilets, sinks and tubs all hooked up to watergeting things done
Pick up of porta potty – yeah!!!
Medicine cabinets installed
Trim work completed – after cabinets are installed
Final grading of land including filling in around and on top of the culvert and additional gravel in several places
Planting bushes around house

These are exciting times in our house construction.  If you’d like to come visit and check it out, please do.   Any day (except Sunday all day this week) any time.  We’re here and would love to show you our cute cottage before it’s occupied and we can’t!

Just got the call from the Roseland Permit Office that our septic system passed inspection and I can get our permit showing it’s completed!

Tuesday, February 26, 2015 – Our electrician came back today to do some more work.  The cabinet/counter top rep came to take final measurements now that the sheet rock is completely finished.  The trim man finished his work this morning putting up the crown molding and window trim.   That’s it for Thursday’s construction.  Painting will start Friday!!!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

psalm 91 10 11cooltext1838781539

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02.24.15 Sheet rocking – finished!!! Doors and trim delivered and Roy sits on the septic tank!

8993_798800553521510_155397213311381904_nTuesday, February 24, 2015 – The sheet rock crew came early this morning and applied their final layer of mud. They came back around noon and sprayed the texture on the walls and ceilings.

20150224_122200 20150224_122347 20150224_124323

While they were here in the early morning the big delivery truck from Gabriel’s arrived to deliver the interior doors, trim and attic stairs.  They were suppose to arrive in the late afternoon (after the sheet rock was finished) but came early.  After me talking to the sheet rockers, the sheet rockers talking to their boss and the Gabriel’s guys talking to their store it was determined that they could put the trim and stairs in the house and the doors on the front porch.

20150224_095723 20150224_122215I put in the call to DL Cabinetry (cabinet and counter top people) letting them know the sheet rock is finished.  They will be here Wednesday afternoon to take final measurements.

Roy finished up the electrical connection for the septic tank and I caught him sitting on top of it so I had to snap a shot of that!!20150224_113758It’s so cold here in Louisiana that it’s not at all enjoyable to go outside for anything.  I’m very thankful we do not have the massive snow storms and below freezing temperatures so much of America is experiencing right now.  Before it turned cold this week we had a couple of nice warm 70 degree days.  One of those afternoons I pulled rye grass up that grew through the mulch over the plants along the fence.  The rye grass hasn’t grown well most everywhere we planted it. but wow it grew crazy great under the mulch – where I didn’t want it!  My ex-daughter in law Liz gave me some lilies which I separated into 15 plants and planted along the cement patio edge.  They will be beautiful when they take and start to grow and flower!

images10846106_10152872275506740_2206044827414185710_nI put a call out on Facebook and want to do the same here.  I’m taking on a massive project of documenting the events and people in my life from birth to whenever it is finished.  Hopefully this will help me later on in life the remember the good times and wonderful people I’ve met along the way.  If you’re one such person and want to share memories you’ve had with me or our family over the years please send me an email to rosalyn@selu.edu.  I would deeply appreciate all the input you are willing to give. Thanks!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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02.23.15 Electrical and appliance buying, Roy’s big fishing experience, hiking through the woods!

10685683_844012512323870_602757824269562937_nMonday, February 23, 2015 – The sheet rock workers didn’t work today.  Hopefully they will tomorrow, the rest of the construction this week depends on them finishing by Tuesday.  Our electrician came back today to install the outside electrical box, and the inside switches and outlets.  Our concrete stainer came today to pick up a check and said he thinks we’ll be ready for him to come in a week or so to seal the concrete.  Can’t wait to see the flooring finished!

Roy and I went to Hammond to Lowe’s today to get all the electrical conduit and other electrical materials for  him to run electricity from the house to the lift station at the septic tank.  This was not originally planned for since we didn’t know our septic tank would need a lift station until it was installed.

We also decided to add a refrigerator and washer and dryer to the appliances that will be included for the renters. These are Frigidaire appliances which will match the range, dishwasher and microwave we previously purchased.  They will all arrive next Tuesday!!!!!

20150223_120942 20150223_121002 20150223_121047Here’s a picture of Roy enjoying some fishing time by the pond yesterday.  The fish he and Madisyn caught were all  near the pond’s edge and were all small.  The pond is suppose to be very deep further out so we’re hopeful that means larger fish are in there!

In case ya’ll didn’t seen enough pictures of Madisyn visiting last week I found out that Roy had several pictures on his camera.  He and Madisyn went over the fence to track down where all the water that goes through our culvert comes from.  Some of these pictures are from their hike in the woods.  Others are from time we spent playing around the pond.

Madisyn making a sign on some shingles that tells Adults they are not allowed to cross her bridge (over the culvert). Only children can go that way, adults have to walk across on a narrow board!
Madisyn and Grannie (see our house in the background)

20150218_140543 20150218_140747  Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

 ISAIAH 40 8cooltext1838781539

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02.18.15 to 02.20.15 Fun with Madisyn!

20150219_160603Our little dynamite of a granddaughter stayed with us from Wednesday morning till Friday morning.  She loves it out here in the country and the freedom for playing that this brings!

We made peanut butter hay stacks, created love cards (since Valentines is over) for her mom, dad and dad’s girlfriend Kim.  She loved the glitter paint, heart and love glue on stickers and the glue on crystals and princess crown crystals she got to use.

We went to White’s seafood for dinner Thursday and on Wednesday she and Paw Paw enjoyed a pizza while watching the movie “Enchanted”.  Grannie went to a Young Living Essential Oil hand scanning that night which I’ll write about another day.

On Thursday we went fishing almost all day.  The final fish count was Madisyn 3, Roy and Rosalyn 0.  The excitement on her face when that first fish was caught was indescribable!  That afternoon she asked the two neighbor girls to come fishing with her and that was simply too precious!  She had her special ice cream time with Paw Paw each night but only because she ate healthy good food during the day.  We had plenty of fruits, yogurt and other healthy food and she loved snacking on those!

The pictures below are from our time with Madisyn this week. There are a lot of pictures because I just couldn’t choose a few.  They were all special in their own way.  You’ll see Jake, the dog that visits us often, in these pictures.  He and Madisyn became good buddies!

20150219_09030320150219_123102 20150219_122944 20150219_101246 20150219_123231 20150219_131019 20150219_125559 20150219_144459 20150219_144519 20150219_145107 20150219_150103 20150219_153306 20150219_153428 20150219_154629 20150219_154709 20150219_16060320150219_161707Well another adventure with Madisyn is over.  We brought her to her mom on Friday morning and are still recovering!!!!!  It’s the best kind of exhaustion a grand parent can have!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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02.16.15 to 02.20.15 Sheet rocking, building up the culvert, anchoring columns, neighbors houses!

Week of February 16 – 20, 2015 – The only house construction this week was the sheet rocking.  Almost every day they were here doing all the many layers of mudding, etc.   It has taken longer than usual for the materials to dry between coatings so they did not finish this week.  They will be back Monday or Tuesday to finish up with the texturing.   Roy is very pleased with the quality of work these guys are doing so I’m happy too!

a5 a4 a3a6Our contractor Ronnie was in Disneyworld this week with his family including two little grandchildren but has checked in with us often to get updated on the progress.  He arranged for the work to be moved to mid week last week from Florida.  He may have been playing with Mickey but he was still on top of our house construction and we appreciate that!

The delivery of interior doors and trim work has been pushed back to next Tuesday. The ceiling insulation work has been pushed back to Wednesday of next week so that no one is in the way of the sheet rockers.

Roy moved wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of dirt from the big piles to the culvert this week so that the part in front has time to gets good and packed.

a8 a7Roy also finished moving the front columns and anchoring the outside two columns to the concrete.  Those things aren’t going anywhere!   He’ll secure the inside two after he installs the railings which should be in soon!

a2 20150216_120839That’s it for construction this week.  Madisyn, Roy and I took a stroll over to the other side of the pond where another house is going up.  It’ll be the only house over there since they have 9 acres.  It’s further along than ours but not by much.

a9Another neighbor down the street from us just put their house up for sale.  Here’s two pictures from across the pond and a link to the real estate listing if anyone is interested in moving to this beautiful land!  Two friends of ours just messaged us that they have an appointment at 1 pm to see it.  I’d LOVE to have them as neighbors, even if it’s just when we’re in town!  We’ll see!!

a11 a10http://www.abek.com/details/3205 is the link to the realtor’s page.

I’m working on two other blog posts today, one about Madisyn’s visit with us and one about my visit yesterday with the brain doctor.  Hope to have those ready and published this weekend.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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02.17.15 It’s Mardi Gras time in New Orleans! repost from 2014 and new 2015 pics

This post was published last year on Mardi Gras. It continues to be one of the top viewed posts I publish so I thought I’d post it new this year in case someone missed it last year! New 2015 pictures have been added!nardu gras sign

2014 – I’ve been given the day off work so I’m ready for some play time! I’ve played all morning with our granddaughter Madisyn who is celebrating her 5th birthday! We had a special breakfast of waffles with fresh blueberries and strawberries on top and a fruit smoothie. Lunch was peanut butter and jelly so breakfast had to be special. Roy’s working all day today on his ad creations so it’s Madisyn and Grannie time all day!

It’s freezing cold and raining here today and unfortunately raining in New Orleans and Metairie on the Mardi Gras parades. For those who don’t know, Mardi Gras lasts for two weeks with dozens of parades nightly all around the area. Today, is Mardi Gras Day and even though the weather is terrible enough to keep some people home there are thousands still out on the streets today catching beads, doubloons, trinkets and coconuts. Yes, coconuts! The Krewe of Zulu throw coconuts that have been painted in brilliant colors by hand and are considered a huge prize to catch one from one of their floats.

mardi gras coconuts


Mardi Gras (in New Orleans and the surrounding cities) is 99% family oriented (acceptable viewing by all) involving massive amounts of food (mostly fried chicken and king cake and lots of BBQ), music, bead and doubloon catching and fun with family and friends. The 1% of Mardi Gras that is filled with nudity, perversion, drunkness, etc. is what the media picks up and shows the world. Never ever fear to come to Mardi Gras because of that. What you see and experience will not include that unless you choose to go there.

One very New Orleans Mardi Gras tradition is the ladders. Dads and Grandpas (yes and maybe some Moms and Grannies) make wooden boxes to attach to the ladders for the kiddies to sit in so they can see the parade over the parents heads and catch tons more goodies. My dad held me on his shoulders for many parades when I was little and I’m sure he’d have liked to have had a ladder back then when I got bigger! The ladders and boxes are painted and decorated in traditional purple, green and golds making the parade route even more colorful! Seems like someone got creative one year and figured out how to get the box to fold up and roll it all on wheels!

Sunday Gras! 026 mardigrasladders mardi graw ladder boxThe New Orleans Police force knows how to do Mardi Gras and keep control over hundreds of thousands of partiers for days on end during Mardi Gras season. This video clip shows a couple of policemen getting into it with parade goers doing the Wobble. Only in New Orleans!

Here’s the policeman back on the streets this morning during the Zulu parade doing the Cupid Shuffle with the residents!


Another only in New Orleans pictures…. NOPD officers handing out free donuts to the Carnival crowd from the back of one of their squad cars.

mardi gras donutsThe picture below is an old tree in New Orleans that has filled up with beads over the years and lives this way all year long!

mardi gras bead treeI seem to be finding more videos of NOPD officers participating in Mardi Gras this year than usual. The one below is of an officer leading a cheer with the crowd.

Since most of the schools close here for the week of Mardi Gras a good many families traditionally take a vacation to Disneyworld, Colorado or somewhere since most American children are in school and these high traffic destinations are a lot less crowded. A bunch of people from our church in New Orleans where I grew up, Lakeview Baptist Church use to go skiing in Colorado every Mardi Gras. The church flooded terribly in Katrina, was restored and is now a new church incorporated the original membership and another churches membership so I don’t know if they still do that. But this type of tradition take a lot of people away from the city when it is it’s fullest with people from all over arriving for Mardi Gras. This morning the news reporter asked one man where he was from and he said San Diego, then the next where they were form and they said New York and the next was from Washington DC. While the New Orleanians are flying out, the rest of the world is flying in there!

There are plenty of parades before Mardi Gras day for the New Orleanians to get their fill. Just the weekend before are Endymion and Bacchus which are the two super parades with spectacular floats every year. FLOATS are professionally built and quite expensive. TRUCK FLOATS are made by organizations and families and while expensive to make don’t carry quite the huge price tag that regular floats do.

Below are some floats related pictures of floats created by Blaine Kern at Mardi Gras World. Below those are three pictures of truck floats called that because they are pulled by either tractors or trucks. In all the small towns we’ve visited when they had parades they were all pulled by trucks or tractors but none of their truck floats were like the ones in Mardi Gras parades. I loved the small town parades but Mardi Gras has it’s own brand of parade truck float making!

mardi gras blaine kern float
One of the elaborate professionally built floats built by Blaine Kern
mardi gras endymion
Another professional float in the Endymion super parade
mardi gras inside bacchus
Inside the Superdome where both Bacchus and Endymion Krewes roll through, exit their floats and enjoy a wonderful evening partying!
mardi gras inside blaine kern
Inside one of the professional parade building buildings where all the big decorations are created and stored.

mardi gras truck float mardi gras truck float mario mardi gras truck float 3

Here’s the Mardi Gras Food Pyramid – don’t know why fried chicken is missing though!

mardi gras food pyramid

Okay, our little princess birthday girl just woke up from a good nap so it’s time to quit the blogging and have play time with her!!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

Here’s some new pictures from this year’s Mardi Gras 2015!

assorted throws nyx
Assorted throws from the Krewe of Nyx
baby kingcake LITTLE KING CAKE
regular size king cake

phunny phorty phellowsstreet car beads zulu gator float jester float

“The No. 1 Muses treasure and one of the greatest trophies in all of Carnival, is the custom-decorated recycled shoe,” reports Doug MacCash. “Each year, the glitter-encrusted pumps, sandals and stilettos seem to become more elaborate and expressive.”

Watch the Endymion parade in this 2 minute time-lapse video shot on Orleans Avenue as the 3,000 men of the Krewe of Endymion roll down their traditional Mid-City route with their parade “Fantastic Voyages” on Saturday, February 14, 2015. After the first few smaller floats you’ll see some of the biggest floats in Mardi Gras. Click on the picture below to watch the video.

endymion better

“The No. 1 treasure from the Krewe of Muses and one of the greatest trophies in all of Carnival, is the custom-decorated recycled shoe,” reports Doug MacCash. “Each year, the glitter-encrusted pumps, sandals and stilettos seem to become more elaborate and expressive.” Here are some examples and a picture of one of their shoe floats.

muse shoes
SNOW BALL DECORATED HIGH HEELSmuses shoe float muses shoes 3 muses shoes 2

Here’s something I’ve never seen but it’s very New Orleans Mardi Gras. The Laissez Boys in Tucks. Now do they know how to parade in style and comfort, or what? Viva Naugahyde! Click on the picture below to watch the short video!bill capo

Well that wraps up this years (and last years) edition of It’s Mardi Gras Time in New Orleans!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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02.16.15 Sheet rocking, hose reel and column moving!

aaa useRoy and I really like these sturdy roll up hose thingies (had to look up that word since thingy isn’t a real word but the recommended plural is thingies) and brought one with us to our new little house. Roy attached it Friday so we’re all set. He created some bolt thing made up of three or four different parts to attach to the wall without damaging the vinyl siding.


20150214_115702Madisyn spent the night with us Saturday and went to church with us Sunday morning to Trinity and not one picture was taken.  Too much playing!

Her mom picked her up after church and we went on to Lowe’s where we purchased 26 – 50 pound bags of concrete on Sunday. Roy placed them between the ditch dirt walls and the culvert outside wall to stop dirt on the side from floating away if it gets wet. More money gone into the hole, sure hope it turns out to be worth it!

Monday, February 17, 2015 – The sheet rock guys came back to put their first layer of mud on the sheet rock.  Here’s pics which may not do anything for ya’ll but I see progress in every tape and mudding!  The red X in one of the pictures is where the medicine cabinet will go.

20150216_120555 20150216_120608 20150216_120639 20150216_120647 20150216_120731 20150216_120802Roy is going to put the porch railings in between the columns, so he measured the distance this morning.  They should be the same but they weren’t.  One set was 6′ 1/2″ apart and the other was 6′ 3″ apart.  Since the railings need to be the same size and the two sets of columns should be the same distance apart, Roy’s out there right now moving the columns.  This man is so amazing and wants everything to be just perfect – guess ya’ll can see why he married perfect me!!  hahahahahaha!

20150216_120839He’s on his way now to order two six foot railings from Mayeux’s in Hammond where we got all the vinyl and aluminum outside stuff from.  Then  onto Lowe’s to buy something to attach the columns to the cement better – yes Mr. Perfection!

mardi gras crawfish and shrimp divider


Social Security wants my 1983 W2 from Alliance Federal Savings and Loan but they don’t even exist any longer so that will require a lot of digging.  They also want something from 2007 which may be a little more doable but still requires research since I only have tax returns back to 2008.

I needed Southeastern’s approval one of of the LASERS forms but the said I can’t apply for retirement disability since I’m already retired.  I have to contact their main office in Baton Rouge to ask for an exception since when I retired I didn’t know I was disabled, just knew I had brain problems which affected my ability to do my work well. Retiring then seemed  like the best way for me to relieve myself of that stress and for us to get on the road in our new lifestyle.

So I’m stuck with both avenues to disability being blocked at this time.  Hopefully when Mardi Gras is over and I can reach LASERS (yes the state basically shuts down for Mardi Gras and the day before which is Lundi Gras) and when I get the SS information we can move forward.

mardi gras crawfish and shrimp dividerThe sheet rock guys should be back tomorrow for another coating of mud so unless something thrilling happens tomorrow I won’t be writing about construction.  I have updated my 2014 Mardi Gras blog and added some 2015 photos and videos.  That will be published tomorrow morning!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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