02.02.15 Plumbing Monday!

Monday, February 2, 2015 – I love waking up to the sounds of construction work going on at our new house.  Our Plumber, C. Dan Wrinkles was here bright and early putting all our plumbing rough-ins in.  His son Hunter was with him shadowing his dad’s work today for school.  He was a very good helper for his dad and probably learned a lot today.  So glad they did this at our house, it was nice to meet this fine young man!

Here’s some pictures of their work here today.

a11 a12 a13 a14I remember when I first saw what the top part of a well looked like and I was shocked that such a sight was found by many many houses.  Thankfully my honey is fixing the awful look of that sitting next to the house. Roy’s out there busy AGAIN today working on a small building to surround our well.  He’s using the excess lumber we kept and came up with his own design.  He’s just too smart for his own good! He plans to finish it with the same vinyl siding that’s going on the house.

a16 a15

The roofing material will be here Tuesday (tomorrow) morning so the roofer will start then! They will also roof the storage building so that tacky plastic covering can go away!  The air conditioning will be on tomorrow’s schedule also.

The gravel Roy put at the end of the culvert by the pond seems to have survived yesterday evening’s rains.  They weren’t heavy rains but I’m hopeful they will survive that as well so we can haul more of the gravel down there to finish prettying it up.  If anyone has any excess larger rocks they’d like to donate to this area, we’d love to have them!


Now it’s time for me to go give the house another good sweeping so the air conditioner man can come into a clean house tomorrow.  Some of the a/c equipment was just delivered from Coburns!

We have the absolute best contractor.  All the work is perfectly scheduled and is going along at a great rate!  Thank you Ronnie Glover for being “Da Bomb!!”

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear

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