02.03.15 Roofing, air conditioning and big shopping spree!

10428548_1089683771057896_2714292691544921573_nTuesday, February 3, 2015 – Roofing material and three roofers showed up this morning at 8 am.  Here’s some before and after pictures of the house and a picture of the storage building with it’s roof finished.


b4 b5 b6 b7  b9Roy and I spent many hours today at Lowe’s getting what we hope are the last things we’ll need to buy for the house.  Door stops, light fixtures (for both bathrooms, master closet, master hallway, laundry room and pantry, shower rods, front and rear door locks, interior door knobs, siding for the well shed, roach killer for inside the walls, cans of foam to fill up holes, dozens of light bulbs, a broom and other miscellaneous items. You wouldn’t want to see the total of all that. So many decisions made at one time wore both of us out but it’s done!

This is Roy and Ronnie unloading our quite full truck, Boots, into the storage building.  Thank goodness Roy built that building!


Here’s picture of the bathroom light fixtures.  I really like both so I wanted to show you!

guest bath lights - Copy
Guest Bath Lights
master bath light - Copy
Master Bath Lights

It’s unusual for us to hear people working after 5 but the air condition men are here installing all that. They will probably take this evening and tomorrow evening but that’s one more we can scratch off the list.  This is Cory and Tory in our living room getting ready to do the A/C work!

20150203_171942I don’t believe anyone is coming during the day tomorrow so maybe Roy and I can get some rest.

Medical update:  My neurologist ordered additional blood work to check B and D vitamins and other minerals and nutrients that I could be deficient in causing the brain atrophy.  I had the blood work done this morning (6 vials of blood…. ick) and will see Dr. Shamsnia next week for him to review that and my previous MRIs compared to the most current two.  Finally got the Social Security disability application finished.  Took several days working on it.  I’m also applying to LASERS (Louisiana Retirement) for disability through then in case I have problem getting Social Security disability due to not working in the SS system the last 10 years.


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