02.18.15 to 02.20.15 Fun with Madisyn!

20150219_160603Our little dynamite of a granddaughter stayed with us from Wednesday morning till Friday morning.  She loves it out here in the country and the freedom for playing that this brings!

We made peanut butter hay stacks, created love cards (since Valentines is over) for her mom, dad and dad’s girlfriend Kim.  She loved the glitter paint, heart and love glue on stickers and the glue on crystals and princess crown crystals she got to use.

We went to White’s seafood for dinner Thursday and on Wednesday she and Paw Paw enjoyed a pizza while watching the movie “Enchanted”.  Grannie went to a Young Living Essential Oil hand scanning that night which I’ll write about another day.

On Thursday we went fishing almost all day.  The final fish count was Madisyn 3, Roy and Rosalyn 0.  The excitement on her face when that first fish was caught was indescribable!  That afternoon she asked the two neighbor girls to come fishing with her and that was simply too precious!  She had her special ice cream time with Paw Paw each night but only because she ate healthy good food during the day.  We had plenty of fruits, yogurt and other healthy food and she loved snacking on those!

The pictures below are from our time with Madisyn this week. There are a lot of pictures because I just couldn’t choose a few.  They were all special in their own way.  You’ll see Jake, the dog that visits us often, in these pictures.  He and Madisyn became good buddies!

20150219_09030320150219_123102 20150219_122944 20150219_101246 20150219_123231 20150219_131019 20150219_125559 20150219_144459 20150219_144519 20150219_145107 20150219_150103 20150219_153306 20150219_153428 20150219_154629 20150219_154709 20150219_16060320150219_161707Well another adventure with Madisyn is over.  We brought her to her mom on Friday morning and are still recovering!!!!!  It’s the best kind of exhaustion a grand parent can have!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

1 thessalonians 5 11


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