02.24.15 Sheet rocking – finished!!! Doors and trim delivered and Roy sits on the septic tank!

8993_798800553521510_155397213311381904_nTuesday, February 24, 2015 – The sheet rock crew came early this morning and applied their final layer of mud. They came back around noon and sprayed the texture on the walls and ceilings.

20150224_122200 20150224_122347 20150224_124323

While they were here in the early morning the big delivery truck from Gabriel’s arrived to deliver the interior doors, trim and attic stairs.  They were suppose to arrive in the late afternoon (after the sheet rock was finished) but came early.  After me talking to the sheet rockers, the sheet rockers talking to their boss and the Gabriel’s guys talking to their store it was determined that they could put the trim and stairs in the house and the doors on the front porch.

20150224_095723 20150224_122215I put in the call to DL Cabinetry (cabinet and counter top people) letting them know the sheet rock is finished.  They will be here Wednesday afternoon to take final measurements.

Roy finished up the electrical connection for the septic tank and I caught him sitting on top of it so I had to snap a shot of that!!20150224_113758It’s so cold here in Louisiana that it’s not at all enjoyable to go outside for anything.  I’m very thankful we do not have the massive snow storms and below freezing temperatures so much of America is experiencing right now.  Before it turned cold this week we had a couple of nice warm 70 degree days.  One of those afternoons I pulled rye grass up that grew through the mulch over the plants along the fence.  The rye grass hasn’t grown well most everywhere we planted it. but wow it grew crazy great under the mulch – where I didn’t want it!  My ex-daughter in law Liz gave me some lilies which I separated into 15 plants and planted along the cement patio edge.  They will be beautiful when they take and start to grow and flower!

images10846106_10152872275506740_2206044827414185710_nI put a call out on Facebook and want to do the same here.  I’m taking on a massive project of documenting the events and people in my life from birth to whenever it is finished.  Hopefully this will help me later on in life the remember the good times and wonderful people I’ve met along the way.  If you’re one such person and want to share memories you’ve had with me or our family over the years please send me an email to rosalyn@selu.edu.  I would deeply appreciate all the input you are willing to give. Thanks!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

galatians 5 22 23



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