02.25.15 Interior doors, trim work and remaining work list

wednesday blessingsWednesday, February 25, 2015 – The ceiling was insulated this morning – no pictures of that!

The trim man and our contractor, Ronnie, were here early too!  I didn’t go over to the house until noon, it is way too cold and rainy. When I did I was amazed to see all the doors hung, the attic stairs installed and the window seats installed.  Still needs baseboards and crown moulding and the living room window framing isn’t finished.  It is wonderful to see the finishing touches starting now.  I love the doors we chose.  They are not the regular rectangular shaped panels but have a more country feel to them.

None of the doors or trim work are painted yet.  The color of the doors now look light grey but they will all be white when painted. Painting will start tomorrow – goody, goody!  Hopefully by Monday it will all be painted and the other finishing items will go in next week and the following week.

Guest bedroom closet and entrance door
Attic stairs
0Guest bedroom closets
Mr. Joe cutting trim on the front porch
Bedroom door
Living room window – trim not finished
Pantry door on the left and laundry doors on the right – Little Joe in front!

We still have a whole page of items to be completed before it’s totally complete but we’re very close.For those who are in the midst of construction or are considering it and are wondering what’s left here’s the list, not necessarily in the order they have to be done:

Stained concrete floors sealed and fleur de lis installedcheck list
Interior painting
Install cabinets in granite counter tops in kitchen
Install cabinets and granite vanity top in bathrooms
Install closet shelving in closets, laundry room and pantry
Electrical fixtures installed
Underground electrical service to the house
Permanent electricity to house hooked up with meter installed
Outside air condition unit installed and hooked up
Toilets, sinks and tubs all hooked up to watergeting things done
Pick up of porta potty – yeah!!!
Medicine cabinets installed
Trim work completed – after cabinets are installed
Final grading of land including filling in around and on top of the culvert and additional gravel in several places
Planting bushes around house

These are exciting times in our house construction.  If you’d like to come visit and check it out, please do.   Any day (except Sunday all day this week) any time.  We’re here and would love to show you our cute cottage before it’s occupied and we can’t!

Just got the call from the Roseland Permit Office that our septic system passed inspection and I can get our permit showing it’s completed!

Tuesday, February 26, 2015 – Our electrician came back today to do some more work.  The cabinet/counter top rep came to take final measurements now that the sheet rock is completely finished.  The trim man finished his work this morning putting up the crown molding and window trim.   That’s it for Thursday’s construction.  Painting will start Friday!!!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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