03.08.15 Beginning of the wrap up week!

988366_757121440981134_297470205_nSunday, March 8, 2015 – Sure hope the time change treated you well.  I messed up and slept late, late.

Our contractor, Ronnie Glover, warned us that around this time we’d get overwhelmed and really tired of the construction, ready for it to be over with.  He was spot on right! Thank goodness everything should wrap up this coming week!

Roy finished up installing the shower rods, bath towel rings, towel bars, toilet paper holders, and window screens this weekend.

20150308_162326 20150308_162335 20150308_162344  20150308_174816He also moved dirt from the pile to behind and around the water well shed where the bulldozer can’t reach.  The man DOES NOT STOP!

20150308_174259Monday the painter and trim carpenter will e here to put their finishing touches on.  Tuesday the concrete stain man 988887_820858334649065_8418513050709188721_nwill be installing our Fleur de Lis and sealing the floor.  No one comes in Wednesday to give the sealant a chance to cure, dry, or whatever they call it!

We’ve had lots of inquiries about the house for rent but no appointments scheduled, YET!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Here’s Toxey Koehn, 985-634-8856 our painter and his assistant Chris, painting the window headers and touching up what others nicked, dinged, or gouged!   20150309_103330 20150309_103539And Joe our trim carpenter, 985-969-0533 who installed the bathroom trim this morning and other pieces that couldn’t be done until now. 20150309_103510 Our plumber, Chris Wrinkles will be back to finish up his work once the new faucets are received.  Our electrician, Jerry Joiner, will be back once the permanent electricity is run to the house.

My Macular Degeneration update:  I returned to my retina specialist for a very long visit.  My eyes wouldn’t dilate and after a second try it dilated.  This happened last year with my regular eye specialist but that time they had to dilate them three times. Dr. Noguchi, said my tests showed that the macular hole I have has changed.  It didn’t look like it went any deeper but the top and bottom are the same width now.  Before the bottom was narrower than the top.  Now it looks like an even hole top to bottom.  It hasn’t gone through enough to need surgery but it explains the increase in the vision hole size that I see.   I’m glad I went before we rent the house and leave town.  She said for me to come back in a year, but if I notice significant additional changes she would find a specialist near wherever we are.  I love doctor’s who are willing to work with our transient life style.

Social Security Disability update:  Filled out the requested job history forms for 2012, 2013 and 2014 (multiple pages each year).  Sent those, information about my 1983 income (yes 1983) and Dr. Shamsnia’s report to Social Security in Sioux Falls, SD.  Calling Dr. Noguchi tomorrow to get her report and still waiting on LA Dept. of Revenue to send me some information I requested about 2007 taxes.  Hopefully that will take care of everything they asked for but I don’t know when we’ll hear anything.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear

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