03.18.15 and 03.19.15 Electricity on – FINALLY, air conditioning on, floors sealed!!!!!

10172807_939981799353012_8805566607690589901_nWednesday, March 18, 2015 – Yippe, yippe, yay!  Around noon today Washington St Tammany Electric Co-op pulled into our driveway and in the street hooking up the finishing piece giving us electricity to the house. It was kind of cool watching the man get in the bucket and get lifted way up high to do his thing.  Not sure why three trucks were needed but hey we have electricity now so….. Thank you Ms. Sandra for your patience with all my calls!

20150318_123530Now the final fun begins.  We will finally be able to turn the lights on to see how they really look and will be able to see well enough inside to clean the tubs, bathrooms, inside of cabinets and everything. I loved being able to see today while I scrapped sheet rock mud out of the bathrooms and scraped the floor getting ready for the floors to be sealed. 10940436_852978264743724_6105966092457149834_n Also enjoyed the fans being on cooling down the house!

Now that we have power the air conditioner was hooked up this afternoon, another big thing!  Now it will run all night to start drying out the air and floors in the house.   The last of the money is is flowing – not much more to go!

A wonderful couple came to see the house today and someone is coming tomorrow and another is coming Saturday so hopefully soon we’ll have it rented!

Thursday, March 19, 2015 – Our stained concrete guy, Roy Bankston came this morning to put several layers of floor sealer on the stained floors and put the Fleur de Lis down.  We’ll leave it for two days to dry before moving the appliances into the kitchen and laundry room.  It needs another coat or two but that will come.

Here’s pics:

Living room floor cleaned but not sealed. I swept that floor a dozen times and never got it this clean. So happy they did!
Fleur de Lis inside front door
Looking into the kitchen from the living room
Floor in front of the breakfast bar
Living room by front door

10996561_929544167063442_2054726244523761543_nRoy finished putting down all of the cross ties yesterday and promised me he will rest today…………


Only thing left is a little wrap up for the electrician and plumber and the final dirt grading which will include covering the culvert with dirt.  Then we can plant the bushes and some grass to wrap everything up !  Whoop whoop!!

Just found out we’ll have Madisyn one night/day next week and a few days during the week after Easter!  Fun times!  We are having a couple of dear friends from Clinton, MS, my sister and brother in law coming to visit Saturday morning so it’s clean up time around here tomorrow.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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