03.23.15 and 03.24.15 Fresh fish, rental ad, CPAP, sweet visit, woohoo – dozer work!

1236245_422743977829505_1298705541_nMonday, March 23, 2015 – Spent all morning updating the house for rent photo album with current pictures, deleting the ads on 23 Facebook group pages and posting new ads with a link to the updated  pictures.  Here’s the current pictures (as if you haven’t seen enough pictures of this house!).  Click on the link below to go to the album:


Roy went fishing and brought in about 8 perch that he cleaned and fried for our lunch!!  What a treat to eat fresh out the pond fish!

unfried fishfried fishTuesday, March 24, 2015 –

Roy and I sat outside this morning drinking our coffee for about an hour.  The beautiful oak leaves are coming in bigger and bigger each day now.  The birds were all out chirping and making beautiful sounds.  Such a morning reminds me why we love this lifestyle.  I’m so thankful that God allowed us to do this and is with us each and every day.

Five years ago mid May of this year I’ll have been using my CPAP for sleep apnea 5 years.  That means I’m eligible10898029_10152580549741198_601716070469061758_n for new equipment.  But we won’t be here in Louisiana then (hopefully!) and our local company Life Care Medical can’t ship to us.  This means we have to find a new company to handle this who can ship to us country wide.  I began working with LINCARE this morning to make a transition to them.  They have all my information and now I’m just waiting for them to contact me with a status of getting set up with them.   Just another little thing that has to be taken care of for us to continue living on the road.  This equipment is critical in stopping me from having more TIAs so I need to make sure this is in place.  This is what my CPAP machine looks like.  This may be an older model because when I searched for pictures there were lots of other ones but this was the only one I found.  When my 5 years is up I hope to get the latest and greatest.

cpapElizabeth Halpin Smith came to visit today to bring Roy a back up drive that wasn’t working.  Of course my brilliant computer husband got it working and is transferring all the files to a new one.  We always love it when Elizabeth visits and we got to show her the new house and this beautiful land.   No pictures of our visit, just know that we both had bit smiles on our faces from her visit!

Todd Hampton, our dozer man pulled up a little bit ago and dropped off his dozer to begin work tomorrow morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   When our contractor, Ronnie, called to say Todd was on his way was a Hallelujah moment for sure. This is the very last step of work someone else does in this whole house building process.  Roy and I will be spreading centipede seed and planting all the plants we purchased when this grading is finished.  Then the grass should start growing 2-3 weeks later and finally the yard and landscaping is done!!!

We have to wake up very early so we can move Dora back out into the street so the dozer can deliver more dirt and gravel in the space Roy created with the cross ties last week. 20150324_170950Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

joshua 1 9


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