06.03.15 Not Dorothy’s Kansas – Strataca and Cosmosphere

not_dorothys_kansasWednesday, June 3, 2015 – Two little old folks went off to the town of Hutchinson Kansas to learn lots and see plenty!

First we visited STRATACA, also known as Kansas Underground Salt Museum.  STRATACA is located in Hutchinson, Kansas about 20 minutes from our RV park. It is built within one of the world’s largest deposits of rock salt and provides the opportunity to go 650 feet beneath the Earth’s surface.  It is the only salt mine accessible to tourists so we were really excited to get to go down there and check it out.

Salt produced here is called rock salt, and about 500,000 tons is mined each year. It is principally used for industrial purposes and for de-icing stratacahighways. When finely ground, it is used for feeding livestock. It is not used for table salt or other purposes requiring a very pure type of salt.

Connected to STRATACA, Underground Vaults and Storage is a large facility that is known 20150603_100421for storing a vast number of original Hollywood movies, as well as millions of documents and items from all over the world in a secure and environmentally conducive environment.

After watching a safety video we put on our safety hard hats!  We rode an elevator (they call it a hoist) down 650 feet where we did a self guided walking tour through an immensely large salt cave. Watched several short videos along the way about the various steps in salt mining.  The videos were each shown next to the equipment and an actual site where that step was done. We road the Salt Mine Express around part of the underground mine and then were toured around on a tram.  Lots and lots of learning to be had here! We came away with a fist size chunk of salt and some small chunks of salt to send to Madisyn.

Here’s some pictures of our adventure in the salt mine!

The hoist we went down 650 feet. Took 90 very very long seconds to get down there – in pitch dark!

20150603_103044 20150603_103152 20150603_103356 20150603_104713 20150603_104800 20150603_104931 20150603_105117 20150603_105419 20150603_110758 20150603_110815 20150603_11161209kansasundergroundsaltmuseum1 train-ride

Underground Vaults and Storage seem to be part of the Salt Mines.  Old movie films, movie props, personal documents and other items are stored here.  Part of the salt mine tour included being able to walk through part of the storage and seeing some of the items.

20150603_113204 20150603_113218 20150603_113301 20150603_113350 20150603_113411 20150603_113443

The four photos below are of a sign above a case and a case that is holding an actual original edition of the New York Herald newspaper from the day after Abraham Lincoln was killed.  I tried to get some up close so you can read it.

20150603_113519 20150603_113612 20150603_113630 20150603_113732 20150603_113852 20150603_113919 20150603_114031 20150603_115857 20150603_115919 20150603_115936 20150603_120005 20150603_120013Really old Technicolor movie reels20150603_120034 20150603_120728 20150603_120846 20150603_121128The street you come in on to get to Cosmosphere is E Avenue G.  The green street sign on the ceiling is where the street is located 650 feet above.  I had to keep reminding myself we were so far down under the ground!20150603_121221A red salt vein running through the ceiling  20150603_121705 20150603_121832 20150603_124327We really enjoyed this experience and all we learned.  I’d highly recommend it if you’re in the area.  Today’s adventures have again turned into a two day post.  Too many pictures for one post!  Tomorrow I’ll share about our fun and adventures at the COSMOSPHERE – Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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