06.18.2015 A day of rest and getting things done!

10989132_335718083298378_4750702601139750237_n Thursday, June 18, 2015 – Today was a much needed day of rest to catch up on things around here we don’t take time for when are out sightseeing. I cooked a big pot of chicken and rice. Enough for two days so I don’t have to cook after we get home Friday from our adventure back up Pike’s Peak this time on the COG Railway and our visit to the North Pole!

I made Roy 3 dozen chocolate, caramel and pecan treats!

Caught up on the laundry, cleaned the bathroom, the vinyl floor and vacuumed the carpet. Even boxed up a goodie package for Madisyn and Chip to put in the mail on 10991065_867089956667418_3763566919219845591_nMonday.  We try to buy one unusual something to send them and she loves opening the packages and reading our letter to her about them!

This afternoon I got some sun outside while continuing to read book 3 of the Divergent series! It stays daylight here until well after 9pm which I’m growing to like a lot!

10989253_972524509432074_7637782557512785515_nMy amazing husband Roy created a deadbolt for the RV front door. He’s promised to write about what he did so I will not say any more. Just that he once again proved he can do anything!!

I’ve started writing a short blog for RVillage’s new blog feature. I’ve learned about so many places from other folks on RVillage that I’m glad to share what we are doing with our RVillage family!  I share a paragraph or two and then provide a link to the full blog post here.

We’re not sure whether we’ll go west to Utah or north to Wyoming once we leave Colorado near10987333_935856206460263_2130217789371812745_n the end of July. We have a lot of time to decide.

Here’s some pictures from around this RV park, Colorado Heights.  I’d love to stay here again in the future.  It’s very big as you can see from the map below.  We are in one of the spots on the left hand side of this graphic.  There is a hot tub, swimming pool, adult lounge where they show movies every night, weekend activities, a natural trail and a beautiful pond where you can fish or picnic around.  I’d have to say the place is mostly full right now.

colorado heights rv park mapch1 ch2 colorado heights pondI’ll write again tomorrow after we come home.  That’s it for today!

Ya’ll come back now’ ya’ hear!

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