06.26.15 The wonderful little world of Diamond Campground and the town of Woodland Park, CO

20150627_143215Saturday, June 27, 2015 –  Roy and I may have found our favorite campground so far – Diamond Campground!  It is so comfortable here in a naturally beautiful setting.  We are parked amongst several seasonal residents who are all friendly and welcoming.


Several of their lawns are decorated with flowers, flags and other decorations I mentioned in my last post.  I could really imagine coming here every year and staying a while.   The temperature here is way below what it was in Monument even though that is only a few miles away.  High yesterday was low 60s and low was high 40s!!! Very weird for being so close to where it was in the high 80s but we like it. Roy obviously enjoyed it here today!

20150626_132025Below are some pictures I took while out for a walk today.  I got to visit with the three ladies in one of the pictures who are living across the street from us while we are here. 20150626_133201 20150626_133222 20150626_133336 20150626_133429 20150626_134132 20150626_134141 20150626_134513 20150626_133137 20150626_142109These pictures are from some of the same spots after the solar lights start shining in the evening.

20150626_205112 20150626_205024 20150626_205044 20150626_204942During the day on Saturday we drove into town, Woodland Park, Colorado.  It is a lovely town with beautiful views of the mountains.  Here’s some pictures we took today.  We bought some over sized donuts at the Donut Mill which is one of the pictures below.

20150627_130945 20150627_132111 20150627_13352820150627_142948 20150627_133726 20150627_131945 20150627_125431We stopped at a Safeway Grocery to get stocked up on fresh fruits, vegetables and a little meat.  I’ve started cooking fresh vegetables (instead of canned or frozen) with our meat and picked up some good ones today!  Tonight we’re having BBQ ribs and fresh brocolli!!  Yum!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!

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