07.03.15 Thoughts about Colorado and a beautiful drive through Wyoming!

colorado_ref_2001 Friday, July 3, 2015

Some parting thoughts I want to share about Colorado

The mountains and rock formations are astonishingly beautiful

The roadside grass does not seem to get cut – just lots of wildflowers and bushes growing all around!

The people in Colorado aren’t especially friendly. We are from the south and in the south everyone smiles, waves to each other and at least acknowledge when someone talks to you. In Colorado no one look at us, smiled, acknowledged when we said excuse me passing by them in the aisle. The extremely friendly folks we met at Diamond Campground were from southern parts of the country so it made the difference seem even larger between Colorado residents and the southerners.

There is more to see and do in the part of Colorado we were in, than any other place we’ve been to.

The Christmas tree like pine trees are just as beautiful as those in Minnesota but they are abundantly more plentiful in Colorado.

Most all the buildings we saw after leaving Seibert, CO were designed to fit into the naturally beautiful scenery.

Alongside almost every major road was a creek with water running over rocks which was a very calming affect.

Even though marijuana is legal in Colorado we never saw anyone smoking. They also have very strict laws about where you can and can’t smoke it. It’s also illegal to drive under the influence.

It is such a beautiful natural peaceful setting in Colorado that I can’t imagine why anyone would need to smoke marijuana except for maybe medical reasons.

Colorado is vastly different in scenery from it’s east side to it’s west side.

Colorado can be vastly different in temperature depending on how near you are to mountains. We went from high 80s at one park to high 60s at a park just 10 miles away. We obviously preferred the high 60s!

I think it is because we are at such a high elevation, but there is hail in the rain almost every time it rains. It doesn’t rain long but it’s quite powerful when it does.

This happened last night in Wyoming too. Dora’s okay but other folks in our park had varying damage to their RVs. divider hot pink butterfliesHere are some pictures of Dora, Boots and the Explorer’s journey from Colorado to Wyoming. It was a beautiful trip going from the mountains, rocks, red rocks and pine trees in Colorado to the mountains, different looking rocks, not nearly as many pine trees ad just a very different scene in Wyoming.

20150630_143957We first stopped at the Southeast Wyoming Visitors Center where I discovered a beautiful place with lots of scenes depicting Wyoming life. Here are a few of them.

20150630_144754southeast-wyoming-welcome20150630_144914 20150630_144941 20150630_145247These are from our drive leaving Colorado going to Wyoming.

20150630_153757 20150630_155046 20150630_165031

Sunset our first night in Wyoming – way much more beautiful than this picture shows. The following night there was one very similar. 20150630_210047Another visitor center we stopped at in Wyoming. Lots of people were climbing Independence Rock there. It was part of the Oregon Trail! 20150701_093355 20150701_093405This is a panoramic picture showing all around the visitors center. Click on it to see it in panoramic view. 20150701_093508 20150701_093647 20150701_093652 20150701_093808 20150701_093947 20150701_094012 20150701_094034

More of our drive – they bale their hay in rectangular box form. Really different than the round bails we are use to seeing. 20150701_101601 20150701_101653 20150701_111218It is wonderful being able to look out our big windows in the RV where the land is so open and seeing all the way from west to east at the same time. Driving in Louisiana can be pretty but the sights we are seeing in the West are exceptional! Can’t wait to get closer to Yellowstone tomorrow where we’ll be for two weeks! One week in a park and one week boondocking!

A little Wyoming fact. Wyoming is the least populated state in the mainland US. We’re driving through it right now and after hours of driving I think we’ve seen 10 people/houses.

wyomingYa’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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One thought on “07.03.15 Thoughts about Colorado and a beautiful drive through Wyoming!

  1. That sunset picture is beautiful! We have never been to Wyoming but we love the wide open spaces! Waiting to hear about your trip to Yellowstone! My husband worked there when he was 16! We haven’t been back yet! We like the idea of boondocking there! We had 6 solar panels installed this year so we are looking forward to using them! Have a wonderfully blessed day!


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