07.05.15 Exploring the mountain back roads in Wyoming!

Sunday, July 5, 2015 -Saturdays high was a hot, hot 89 and sunny.  Sundays high will be in the mid 60s and cloudy.  Wyoming weather is great!!!  Here’s this week’s forecast!  Got a notice on my phone that a cold front came down from Canada!  After a lifetime of hearing about those cold fronts and them never making it quite to Louisiana, I’m loving this!

wyoming weather for the week After the town BBQ and rodeo yesterday we headed back home.  One of the residents at our RV park told us about a Dam and Lake about 12 miles away that was worth checking out.  So we did.  The round trip felt more like a 40 mile journey but we don’t know for sure!

We started our exploration on a nice wide dirt road and we stopped when the road became narrow and rocky.  The sights we saw along the way were beautiful.  The road winded its way up and around mountains so that we were eventually looking down at the towns below.  We stopped at the Dam and enjoyed its beauty.  We also stopped at a beautiful lake and enjoyed walking on the sand and exploring.  We saw a few spots where RVs were gathered dry camping (what we call boondocking.)  Hopefully that will be us in a couple of weeks when we try out boondocking in Yellowstone National Park.  A beautiful river flowed through the mountain and the RVers were enjoying playing in the river.

On our way down the mountain we passed a spot Roy wanted to take advantage of getting a photo at.  My dear hubby climbed this very large rock filled hill to the top and posed for several shots.  Today, Sunday he’s paying for all that exercise, but he enjoyed it while he did it! Pictures of his hilltop experience are below!

20150704_16545020150704_165455 20150704_165522This is a panoramic view of the hill he’s was on.  Roy’s the tiny speck at the top which you probably cant’ tell is a person but I thought the big picture would show you how high he climbed! Clicking on the picture will show the full sized picture.

20150704_165633There are very few trees on the mountain but there was one where he climbed up.  There were beautiful multicolored wildflowers all over the mountain. This world God created is very beautiful in Wyoming and we feel very blessed to get to experience seeing and playing in it.

The pictures below are in the order in which we saw each amazing sight!  The first picture is of our RV park from a lower part of the mountain. Come on with us and enjoy our adventure!

Here’s Dora! ↓

20150704_171727Panoramic look down the road.  Click on the picture to see it full size!

20150704_171319 20150704_170813 20150704_170243 20150704_165702 20150704_165657 20150704_164206 20150704_164121 20150704_164116 Boondockers in the picture below by the river! 20150704_163613 20150704_163411 20150704_16123120150704_160656

20150704_154307 20150704_154951 20150704_155025 20150704_155651 20150704_155730 20150704_160012 20150704_160056 20150704_161117 20150704_152944 20150704_152936 20150704_152531

You never know when you begin an adventure just what you’ll see.  We  saw a lot of beauty, even when we got back home to Dora. Here’s a couple of pictures from both directions in front of our RV at Wind River View Campground. I couldn’t decide which of the three pictures of the house I liked so I’m sharing all of them.  We are absolutely in the west and I think we’ve fallen into the set of Little House on the Prairie!

20150705_201342 20150705_201349 20150705_201402 20150705_201423Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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