07.10.15 Rendezvous Historical Tour

11111117_495533753927536_5051377872480874947_nFriday, July 10, 2015 – Roy and I took a 4 hour bus tour of the locations where six of the most recognized Rendezvous occurred.  This is called the Rendezvous Historical Tour.

This year’s event is the 80th annual Green River Rendezvous and the historical tour took us to original fur trade sites to hear unique stories of the legendary mountain men and Native Americans who traded and settled in the Upper Green River Valley.  Led by Rocky Mountain Fur Trade historian, Jim Hardee, and two other vey knowledgeable men, Clint and Glenn.  We saw monumental attractions such as Wyoming’s second largest lake Fremont Lake, Trapper’s Point, De Smet Monument, Fort Bonneville, and the New Fork Race Track.  Transportation was provided by the local school district.  Believe me these were not the school buses I remember.  They had comfy cushioned seats, air conditioning and lights.  Kind of like riding in a Greyhound bus but for children!

I have to share that Roy was absolutely miserable on this tour.  He never has liked history having failed it three  11535908_877618135620927_2135893175470495021_ntimes when a youngun in school.  He even sent me a text message while we were on the tour that stated his history failing past, and said for me never again make him do this!  In addition, on our second stop the skeeters (tiny mosquitos) were out by the millions.  Everyone was swatting continually while the tour guide tried to share the history.  Roy has O- blood type and he says that mosquitos are attracted to him because of that.  He was so overwhelmed with these little creatures he he made an early return to the bus.  However, the bugs had invaded the bus and he spent his time the rest of the trip swatting and doing away with the little monsters.   He posted his misery on Facebook but I have to say he did a “pretty good” job of hiding his misery from the other tourists, not from me though!

life is a journeyI, on the other hand, love history and loved learning about the original settlers to the area.  The day was beautiful and in the low 60s, which is common in this area.  Yes we are in July and the high every day this week was in the 60s!

I hope you will enjoy the pictures below of our tour Thursday.   The people in the picture are those on our tour group.

We plan to participate in other Rendezvous activities on this special Wyoming weekend.  I’ll explain more about Rendezvous and other activities soon!

20150709_091600 20150709_093945 20150709_100750 20150709_101216 20150709_103004 20150709_103137 20150709_105736 20150709_105959 20150709_110004 20150709_110045 20150709_110110 20150709_120742 20150709_120757 20150709_120855 This is what Roy looked like most of the day either texting his misery to me or sharing with our FB friends!  Gotta love this guy!! 20150709_122353 We’re heading out in a bit to shop the vendors on main street, eat dinner at the Pitchfork Fondue restaurant, attend the Liar’s Contest at Trader’s Row, then the Native American Drum & Dance Performance and finally if we aren’t too tired by that time the Rendezvous Rodeo.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!10402880_967630839944819_1654037641445955490_ncooltext1838781539Click on the links below to go there!

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