07.16.15 The western life here in Wyoming and Playing in the pool!

WyomingCowboysThursday, July 16, 2015 – We will be pulling out of Wind River View Campground in Boulder, WY tomorrow morning after enjoying our stay here for two weeks.  This has been the  most western looking and feeling place we’ve stayed since leaving Louisiana.  The towns of Big Piney and Pinedale have provided a lot of enjoyment and entertainment for us.  The people were quite friendly and I loved seeing so many cowboy hats, big belt buckles and boots all over the place.  95 percent of the homes we’ve seen are log homes and there is an abundance of open space filled with boulders and sage brush!

Wind River View Campground has also been one of the most unusual RV parks we’ve stayed in.  We’ve never seen or 10264956_849378448410910_8817732649276395566_nmet the owner because she is never here nor is anyone here that officially manages the place.  NOTE: This changed today when the owner was here and Roy met her.  There is a very nice man in one of the RVs who has a full time job at an oil company.  He works long hours but is kind enough to act as the unofficial management person to take people’s payments and answer questions.   We’ve gotten to know him, his name is Blue, while we’ve been here and he does what he does around the park just to be nice.

There is a nice building across from us with reasonable washer/dryers, puzzles, magazines, workout equipment, and books. There is a separate log cabin style building with a large men’s and women’s bathroom complete with showers.  We’re near that also and we’ve seen many women and men, who obviously have their own bathrooms and showers in their RV, making use of those facilities.  I don’t understand that, so if any of you regular RVers do 10151131_849372505078171_5431275379438584978_n understand that please help me with that one!  Can you tell we spend a lot of time outside watching what other people are doing!!!  Last week we didn’t have time for much of that but this week has been a time for rest and getting things taken care of, so we’ve been out there a lot.

We were at an elevation of over 7000 while in Boulder.  This means we were at the same level of some clouds and this seems to have made sunsets look quite different than back in Louisiana.  I’m working on a blog post to share some of these sunsets with ya’ll.

When we leave here on Friday we are only going two hours north of here to 1960053_633679430014800_1036471047_nsomewhere in the Grand Teton and Yellowstone areas where we hope to boondock  so we’ll still be in Wyoming for 10 more days.  Boondocking in an RV is when you are not connected to electricity or a water supply or sewage.   In preparation for boondocking, we’ve been collecting large plastic jugs which I filled with water to supplement our own fresh water tank for when we are not connected to water.  We don’t want to be without our morning coffee which takes water, we drink a lot of water and we flush a lot of water!!  This means we may need more water than the tank holds.  I also have a spray bottle filled with water for cleaning counter tops during our boondocking.

10329065_896581130358967_2284159612035994648_nWe went into town to the Pinedale Aquatic Center for a dip in the pools on our last full day here.  Just got back and what a blast we had!  Us, a couple of other older ladies and a bunch of kids!!!  We went round and round the moving river numerous times, soaked in the hot tub a couple of times and went down the slide.  Yes we even did that!  Roy did it three times and I did it once.  I tried to sit up so I would go down slower but it made me lay down at some point and then I sped to the bottom so fast and into the pool before I knew it.  Once was enough for me but Paw Paw did it the third time so we could take a picture for Madisyn to see!  I really think the young lifeguards got a kick out of watching the old folks be silly!  We were there almost 2 hours and when we left my legs were quite rubbery!  Here’s some pictures of today’s adventure at the Pinedale Aquatic Center.

20150716_152442 20150716_152529 20150716_152601 20150716_152916 20150716_152939 20150716_153358 20150716_153428 20150716_153433 20150716_153622 20150716_153710 20150716_154343This is a beautiful facility with so much more to do than just swimming.  That’s all we could handle but we both had a really good time getting a little exercise and having a lot of fun!

Now it’s time to start packing everything up getting ready to head out in the morning!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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