07.18.15 Grand Teton National Park here we come!

9263_10153482470714939_4339326639948529096_nSaturday, July 18, 2015 – After staying in one location for two weeks, being back on the road was fun!  As we got closer to the Grand Teton National Park the scenery got more and more beautiful! And cooler and cooler!  The beach scene to the left is a stark contrast to summer here in the mountains.  Long sleeves, jackets and long blue jeans are proper attire for a 51 degree day!

We drove through Jackson (also known as Jackson Hole), Wyoming.  The pictures below are of Jackson plus a couple I got off the internet that were better than mine! Jackson is a coooooool town.  We plan to go back Sunday afternoon when we’re not in big old Dora and check out the town some.

JH1JH7 JH5 images 1902_655_Jackson_Hole_Wyoming_Town_Square_md JH4 JH3 JH2We stopped at the information center and picked up a map of the area including a couple off road boondocking locations to JHWCcheck out.  The only one north of us (going towards Grand Teton) was off Long Silver Lake which is a beautiful lake in the middle of no where!  Perfect for us!  Except that we got no internet reception (not even a smidgen).  Since I work on the weekends using the internet we drove all around there looking for at least 3G but found nothing in the wilderness areas.  We drove for several miles, enjoying the scenery but when the road became too narrow and rough for Dora and Boots (not to mention Roy and Rosalyn’s fillings getting knocked around) we turned back and returned to civilization.

Here’s some pictures on our way to Jackson from Boulder.

GTY12 3 4 5 7 8These are pictures of the scenic views while searching for an overnight stop.


Dora was hoping she’d get to stay here next to the beautiful lake but it was not meant to be!GTYDORA Since we couldn’t find anywhere to stay in the wilderness, we came back to Gros Ventre Campground (a National Park Service campground) where we got great internet reception and could boondock, but at a fee.  We paid our $12 a night for four nights (to get us through the weekend and Monday) and parked.  Dora is a big, long girl and barely fit into their tiny spots.  Lots of tents here and much smaller RVs.  If I had plenty of money we could have two rigs, one large and one small for times like this!   We love our Dora so as along as she can hold up to the treatment she sometimes gets, we’re good!

This is a picture of  the mountains from the road leading into this campground.  That’s sage brush all over the ground.  GTYGVCVIEW

We’re under a Bear Alert here so there’s no food or anything left outside.  They are so serious about this that we had to sign something when we checked in saying we were aware of all the Bear rules.  We also saw Buffalo Crossing signs all down the highways.

We are just a couple of miles from the entrance to Grand Teton’s scenic highway.  Monday we are going to visit Grand Teton. Can’t wait!! Then we’re on to Yellowstone for the rest of the week.

There is an amphitheater down a road across the street from where we are parked in the campground.  They have Worship Services there on Sunday so we’re going tomorrow!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!11738032_903729529742640_7652964672224822653_n




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