07.20.15 The gloriously beautiful world of the Grand Teton!

Monday, July 20, 2015 – Not far from our campground is the beginning of a beautiful 44 mile scenic route around the Grand Teton.  All of the turnouts and stop off spots are nicely done and easy to get to.  The pictures below are in the order of the scenic route.  The drive today was 4 hours long and every stop was breathtakingly beautiful!  When I can remember I’ll point out where we were!

20150720_102914 (Small) 20150720_141647 (Small) 20150720_103111 (Small)  Snake River Turnout and Snake River20150720_103708 (Small) 20150720_104003 (Small) 20150720_104032 (Small) 20150720_104311 (Small) 20150720_104418 (Small)Next stop along the way – I loved the lavender wildflowers here

20150720_110057 (Small)Oxbow Bend Turnout – thank goodness I took pictures of some signs!!20150720_112536 (Small)20150720_112152 (Small)Jackson Lake Dam and Reservoir

20150720_113642 (Small)20150720_113410 (Small) 20150720_113430 (Small) 20150720_113917 (Small) 20150720_114127 (Small) 20150720_114735 (Small)On both side of the resevoir there were Life Rings.  Nothing prevents you from going right down to the water so I imagine they might be used often.20150720_114911 (Small) 20150720_115036 (Small)We packed a picnic lunch and at by the other end of Jackson Lake which was beautiful.

11173332_10101585715201324_6576285925696858168_nNext stop was the Chapel of the Sacred Heart – beautiful old Catholic church where they actually still have Mass. This lovely bench was outside and Roy and I enjoyed some resting time there!20150720_121133 (Small) 20150720_121211 (Small) 20150720_121414 (Small) 20150720_121526 (Small) 20150720_121746 (Small)

Signal Mountain and Lake20150720_124049 (Small)

Fairly close up pictures of parts of the Grand Teton20150720_125147 (Small) 20150720_132329 (Small)Leigh Lake – this was the most congested of our entire drive.  Hard to find a parking space and lots of people around and in the lake having a wonderful time. 20150720_134102 (Small) 20150720_134238 (Small) 20150720_134537 (Small) 20150720_134545 (Small)There are more wildflowers in this park than I’ve ever seen (along with too much sage bush).  At the visitors center I purchased some wildflower seeds from this area to plant at our house in Amite when we return.  One of the flowers I bought is the one in the picture below.    20150720_140203 (Small)

Jenny Lake –  Jenny lake and Leigh lake were named after a woman and her husband who were among the first settlers (we learned this from the Forest Ranger on Sunday).  She was a Shoshone Indian  who had six children with her husband.  They took in a young woman and child who happened to have small pox.  It spread and killed Jenny and all six children.  Her husband married again and had three more children but they didn’t name anything after them.  20150720_141311 (Small) 20150720_141601 (Small)We are plenty tired from all this beauty!!  Tomorrow we head out to Yellowstone.  We have no place to stay there and could not get reservations anywhere.  Hopefully we will find a good boondocking place just outside the Yellowstone park area.  We did a lot of research and found 12 campgrounds outside of the park where we might be able to boondock if they are not full when we get there.  We’re getting up bright and early Tuesday to get out of here and cover the 113 miles between our campground here and the ones near the north entrance of Yellowstone.  Gonna be a fun time!!

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One thought on “07.20.15 The gloriously beautiful world of the Grand Teton!

  1. Your pictures are beautiful! We were there about 30 years ago but hardly remember how spectacular it was. We need to head in that direction!! Looks like it just might be possible now, as our doctor has released my husband to travel!! Whoopee! Enjoy all there is to offer! God is good all the time!


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