07.27.15 – Day Two in Yellowstone National Park on 07.24.15

1922432_635178163198260_1458712053_nDay Two in Yellowstone National Park on July 24, 2015 – Back down the west side of the upper loop in Yellowstone we went to get to the lower loop (the bigger one).

The Norris Geyer Basin was our first stop on the lower loop. A world of heat and gasses, where microorganisms live in such numbers they change the color of the landscape. This strange and beautiful place is on the edge of a volcano, the Yellowstone Volcano, one of the largest on earth. Boardwalks are seen all over the placed because walking on the ground is dangerous.

b3 b20 b19 b18 b17 b16 b15 b14 b13This is the Colloidal Pool

b12  This is the Hurricane Vent b8 b7 b6 b4As you walk through Norris Geyser Basin you feel as if you’ve landed in a different world. In the basin water accumulates underground, heated by the Yellowstone volcano. The water travels upwards to erupt from acidic geysers, rise from steaming fumaroles, and simmer in pools.

b23 b24 b25 b27 b28 b31 b34 b35 b36We were smarter planners today knowing how infrequent eating places are. We packed a nice picnic lunch and ate as we went along so we weren’t starving by the end of the journey.

In this whole Yellowstone adventure, the stop Roy has been looking forward to the most was Old Faithful Geyser which is in the southwestern corner of the lower loop. This in itself is a major attraction with lodges, gift stores, dining facilities, and groceries. An enormous seating area surrounds the spot where Old Faith erupts every hour or so each day. We waited 45 minutes for her to erupt this day and it was truly a sight to behold!You are looking

b37 You are looking at the people’s backs a they sit waiting for Old Faithful to errupt.  We worked our way to the front of the people to sit right in front of the geyser.  My hubby is good like this at finding great spots! b40

This is what it does when it’s not erupting.  Steam comes out and people get all excited anticipating the big event!b42

Looking at the circle of people from the front!b44

The initial signs of eruption occurring!b45 b46

The sounds of awed people when the eruption was in full force was goose bump material!b47 b47b

Two old geysers, Roy and Old Faithful!!!b48Several other geysers were seen along the way. Yellowstone information states there are over 10,000 geysers in the area.  We were constantly reminded that we were traveling atop a volcano which is difficult to get our mind wrapped around. God’s creations always amaze and humble us.  He is so great and we are mere mortals living in His world.

We stopped at the Mud Hole where mud comes bubbling out of the grown.  The Dragon’s Mouth Spring is interesting to see and hear the sounds like a dragon breathing!  The signs by each spot give so much good information about what you are seeing that I’ve included some.b51b50

b58  b55 b54 b53 b52Roy especially enjoyed seeing the mud bubbling up.  Guess it’s a male thing to like playing in mud!  And then on to the Sulphur Cauldron.

b562832_461_Sulphur_Caldron_Yellowstone_Park_mdLots of other Yellowstone beauty wrapped up today’s adventure. The first is a geyser right by the side of the road.

bgeyser along roadb70 b79 b76 b75 b74 b73 b72 b71 b70 gysers from a distance b69 b68 b66 b64 b63 b62 b60 Our last stop was at the Tower/Roosevelt area where we splurged and each got a double scoop ice cream cone! Perfect way to top off a perfect day in Yellowstone!

Even though we started out at 9 am today, we returned home again at 8:30 pm. Friday became our day of rest. There is so much to see and so many stops to make.  We certainly got a lot of walking exercise in these last two days.

I slept till 10:30 on Friday and worked on the blog and sorting out pictures all day. We took over 500 pictures in 11755753_10101594553244814_5225846400486456906_nYellowstone and it took quite a lot to get it down to 40 pictures of day one and 80 pictures of day two. That’s not including the videos I want you to see.

Saturday and Sunday were work days for me but we did go out Saturday afternoon to visit Gardiner, MT which is a really unique western town.  We stopped at the Buffalo Burger restaurant on our way home and Roy got a buffalo burger while I got a regular beef burger.  He loved it so much we went back on Sunday for him to get an Elk burger.  We were told by a friend, Al O’Connor to try Huckleberry Soda and this is one of the types we found.  I’m now a big Huckleberry Soda fan!

11755180_1104875829527108_5610528709934304113_nWe both bought cowboy hats on Saturday and are enjoying our new western gear!! Roy rarely wears tshirts so we finally found him a Yellowstone polo type shirt!  Cool cowboy dude!!

11745751_10101594497262004_4633191480468470521_n11755883_1104313162916708_3748508710849683891_nYa’ll come back now, ya’ hear!
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