07.30.15 Traveling from Yellowstone to White Sulphur Springs, Montana

11813380_451308798381704_601519213281170641_nOn Monday, July 28th rain fell and the temperatures plummeted as we traveled from Yellowstone to White Sulphur Springs.  The two times we got out of the RV we were just about frozen in place between the wind and the near freezing temperatures.  What a stark contrast to the two nights before when the temperatures didn’t fall below high 70s at the coolest in Yellowstone.

This morning we heard it snowed in Glacier National Park, just a little bit from here.  It’s Juuuuullllyyyyyy and temps for a couple of days have dipped to where it feels like the middle of winter.

26168_1aecThe landscape leveled out with the mountains growing smaller and smaller until all we saw were some hills in the distance.  We took Highway 89 north to White Sulphur Springs where Conestoga Campground is located.  This is a Coast to Coast campground where we’ll be staying for two weeks.  It is really lovely here and when I’ve had time to take pictures I’ll share them.  They actually have grass on the ground instead of the sage brush we’ve seen everywhere previously.

I’ve noticed (just like it happened two years ago) that as we make our way north we see trees beginning to bloom months and months after they do in Louisiana.  When we arrived in Minnesota May of 2013 there were no leaves on the trees, yet in Louisiana leaves began to bloom in February or March!  In early July this year trees in Wyoming were just getting their leaves.

We will be doing what we can to learn more about the area we are currently in (White Sulphur Springs, Montana) and seeing as much of it as we can while we’re here.  Anyone with recommendations of what to see in the mid Montana area please let us know!

I just updated our Visited States Map and here it is.  By the time we get back to Louisiana in December, we hope to have the entire western states covered!!


We “check in” on RVillage each time we pull into a campground or resort and they save it on our RVillage “My Places” map.  Here’s our RVillage map of places we’ve visited since we started RVing.  None of our Walmart sleep overs are on the map however.

rvillage map of our places If, in the future, you want to see the places we’ve been you can see our profile on RVillage by going to: http://www.rvillage.com/profile/289   Do  you see that little number 289 at the end??  That means we were one of the first people to join RVillage.  The new members have numbers in the 33,000s!!!  I met another RVillager today!  She works here at the campground as a camp host.  Her name is Laurie Owens. We visited a little while earlier and I look forward to getting together with she and her husband George to visit more sometime during our stay.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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