07.29.15 Boondocking in Gros Ventre and Canyon Campgrounds

11017349_10153457838204939_963602649114849117_n Boondocking in Gros Ventre and in Canyon Campground – July 17 – July 27th.  Eight of the ten nights the temperatures fell into the 50s and it was breezy.  This helped us to sleep really well without any air conditioning and we woke up to cool temperatures making for a great start to each day.  The last two nights were not breezy and the temperatures were in the high 70s which made it more difficult to fall asleep those nights.

We successfully made it ten days only filling up the fresh water tank once.  The tenth day there was only a sputter of20150726_190250 water out of the faucet.   The 8 gallon jugs of water and the water spray bottle we brought with us helped to stretch the 85 gallon water tank.

There was no clothes washing ,so clothes were aired out over night and worn a little longer than we normally do. Now there are huge stacks of clothing waiting to be washed and dried.

20150724_133414We planned our meals for this time period so that little cooking was done.  Lots of sandwiches, hot dogs, ham steak and pulled pork fed us through this time.  Also a lot of fruit was eaten, especially watermelon!  I found we just didn’t eat as much while boondocking.  Definitely not a really bad thing!

Because of the bear alert we didn’t cook outside or sit outside a whole lot like we usually do.  No bear sightings 20150726_135516for us though!

Some RV parks are crowded and cramped and we don’t care for that.  While boondocking, we were not crowded and got to enjoy the natural beauty of our surroundings.

We could, but we didn’t watch very much television since our Satellite reception for shows we like was almost non-existent.  Also watching TV causes the generator to run more often.  That means today was the first day I watched Young and the Restless in 11 days!  A lot changed on that show and I missed it!  We also saw no news and very little facebook.

20150726_135619Costs while boondocking:

While boondocking, the refrigerator runs on propane so we used some propane.  This cost was less than $10.

We also used half a tank of diesel running the generator to recharge the house batteries.  We run off the house batteries for lights and small things while boondocking.   Roy has ordered something to check the batteries because it seemed the generator ran more than it should have.  The cost of this diesel was over $100.

Gros Ventre was $12 per night, total of $4820150726_190231

Canyon Campground was $3.50 per night, total of $21

I believe I’m safe in saying that we could have stayed in a park with full hookups for 10 days for close to the $180 that boondocking cost.  If  you also throw in the Automatic Generator Starter we recently purchased to use while boondocking which cost over $600, it is really too much!

Even thought it didn’t cost less we really saw a lot and learned about other campers while boondocking that we wouldn’t have learned in a regular RV park.

20150724_133319– Lots and lots of people sleep in tents in these places, taking their showers and using the potty in the buildings provided.

  • You can hear lots of laughter and giggles from those who basically live outdoors until they go in their tents to sleep.

  • You can smell their outdoor cooking.

  • While camping outdoors people tend to walk around the park more and we got to enjoy seeing whole families taking daily walks at Gros Ventre and Canyon Campground.

  • Roy surprised a young couple with two daughters with ice cream cones one night and they were thrilled!11025201_10152873790342851_1565006033479973164_n

  • Our life, living in a Class A motor home, is so full of modern conveniences. When you’re without them you realize how nice it is to have them.  We do take things for granted!

  • Once you figure out how to find the information it is not that difficult to find National Parks campgrounds at little cost and Forest Service campgrounds even cheaper.

As we are now back to normal living I appreciate the little things more:  taking a full length shower – every day!!, washing dishes with plenty of hot water, heating a cup of water or blowing my hair dry without turning the generator on,  vacuuming (it was nice not to have to do that!) flushing the toilet without picking up a water jug and adding water.  It may take me three days to catch up on the laundry but when that’s done we’ll have a lot of clean clothes!!

11038689_619005011562806_4429873198491187422_nI think that’s about all I wanted to share about boondocking.  We will of course continue to do that when we choose to stay at Walmart, but for an extended time like 10 days I’m not sure we’ll do that again!

For now we are enjoying have all the electricity and water we want!!  We’re happy to be back in the land of civilization.  Oddly enough we have all the windows open and the a/c is turned off right now!!!  Yesterday was rainy, today is breezy but clear and tomorrow will be perfect.  We plan to get out and see as much as we can of this part of Montana!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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