08.01.15 Touring “The Castle” and visiting a Hutterite Colony

11745872_1142220285793390_4948386386060687588_nSaturday, August 1, 2015 – On Friday we toured the Castle Museum and Carriage House, known by locals as ‘The Castle’.  It is on a hill in downtown White Sulphur Springs, Montana. ‘The Castle’ is an imposing 12 room mansion built in 1892 by Bryon Roger Sherman, and is now the home of the Meagher County Museum. The Victorian landmark is made of hand-cut granite blocks hauled by oxen from the nearby Castle Mountains. The museum is complete with period furniture, clothing and artifacts from the region’s past.

All rooms were laid with hardwood floors and covered with Belgian 11143520_10153313872654939_6778892482954480369_nand Oriental rugs. In the bathrooms were washbowls (painted, as is in vogue again) and stands of Italian marble; the light fixtures were of crystal and brass.

The admission is $5 per person or for old folks like us it was only $3 per person!  The young lady who guided our tour was very knowledgeable about the castle and shared a lot of good information which helped us better appreciate what we were seeing.

They do not allow photographs to be taken inside the castle.  This was not a good thing for someone who goes picture happy when she can.  I did find some photos from their facebook page to share here.


castle entryway staircaseCASTLE MASTER BEDROOM

castle master bedroom

CASTLE PARLORcastle parlor


castle cameraOutside, photos are allowed so we snapped away!

castle front castle historic plaque castle rosalyn

After our castle tour we headed a few miles away down a long long dirt and gravel road to visit the Springdale Aerial of a Hutterite Colony in Cascade County, Montana, USAHutterite Colony and buy some fresh produce and bread.  We thought we must have gotten bad directions after traveling 5 miles down the dirt road and still seeing nothing!   Finally we arrived at a very large piece of property where they live and work.  Here’s a picture of the property they all live on.

We were told that the Hutterites are similar to Amish yet different.  The Hutterites are open to most modern technology, while the Amish shun it. The Hutterites also believe in an undivided way of life, such as what’s mine is yours and what’s your is mine, while the Amish tend to have a more independent lifestyle.  Like the Amish, the Hutterites all dress in handmade clothing of similar style but the fabric seems to be more colorful with patterns and is very pretty.  The little boys wore either cowboy like hats or what I call a soldier style hat.  They are descendents, like us Baptists are, of Anabaptists so they believe in adult only baptism.

hutterite from far awayEveryone there was more than friendly.  They all talked to us, asked where we were from and were very interested in our lives.  There are no signs showing where to go for their produce, etc. so we had to keep asking.  I really think they would sell more of the things they produce if they put a couple of signs up.  People gladly brought us from one building to the other.  We went to one building for the produce, a different building a ways away for the bread and a third building to the kitchen where we purchased the pie.

There were other people buying produce but we were the only people at the bread and pie buildings. We purchased fresh carrots, fresh cabbage, pickled green beans, fresh homecooked vegetable soup, an uncut loaf of bread and a strawberry rhubard pie! I cooked the carrots this evening with our chicken thighs and their pickled green beans and slices of their fresh bread!  Delicious dinner!

I thought that, like the Amish, they didn’t like their pictures taken so I respectfully did not pull out my camera.  I found a lot of pictures on the internet that they obviously posed for or were aware were being taken.  They are most likely not from the Springdale Colony but they may be. Here are some photos I got to share with ya’ll. hutterite childrenHutterites near Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. (Photo by Independent Picture Service/UIG via Getty Images)OB-AP050_HUTCEL_20070829115328hutterite boys 2 hutterite boys hutterite carrot growing hutterite menWhat a nice day we had exploring The Castle and the Hutterite Colony!  Now for two days of RVillage work this weekend!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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