08.03.15 Quick update

Monday, August 3, 2015 – It seems like this date is someone I knows birthday but for the life of me can’t remember who it is.  Happy Birthday to everyone having a birthday today!!!

We received here at the campground, several packages of various things we ordered.  Roy has several new rolls of lights to replace the ones under our awning and under neat the RV.    He’s tried to convince me that this is an RV maintenance purchase!  Right!!!!!

We also received replacement parts for our sleep number bed and Roy’s already done with those what needed doing!

I ordered a selfie stick (!!!!) and now we can take more normal looking selfie pictures!!  Gotta figure the thing out first but we’ll get it!

We ordered an upgraded Verizon mifi, but when it came in we found it needs a smaller sim card, so we’ll be going to a Verizon store tomorrow to get that worked out.

We have not seen a Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, KMart, Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Burger King or other big chain stores in at least the last month.  We’re so use to there being a Walmart (or other) at the next stop or where we are currently that this seems strange to us.  However, it forces all the locals to shop at local businesses which probably is a good thing for their local economy.

The two groceries in White Sulphur Springs are small and fit into old existing businesses. You enter the larger one through the back door!!  Really, you do!!  They are laid out to fit into the existing buildings which makes navigating through them a bit difficult.   Roy went to both stores this weekend to get okra for our gumbo.  One said they didn’t carry it and the other said “what’s okra”???????!!!!!  So I made gumbo with no okra but froze most of it for when we can get okra to add to it!

I haven’t seen any of the containers of chopped onions and other seasonings like I’ve gotten use to buying.  None of that to be found here so when I made gumbo it felt like I would never finish chopping onions, garlic, celery and green onions!

These northern states are much less populated than southern states.  The total population in Meagher County Montana is 1000!

As we’ve gotten further north, more and more businesses do not accept debit cards for small purchase since the card charges are high here.  That didn’t happen at all in the south as far as I can remember so there must be some reason for it.

We’ve discovered a real liking for all things huckleberry (there’s huckleberry everything here) so we’ll be looking for some fresh ones when we go to the Farmer’s Market in town on Wednesday afternoon.   We both gobbled up two huckleberry ice cream sandwiches yesterday and loved every bite of them!  The Hutterites come to town on Wednesday with their goods for the Farmer’s Market and we’ll be buying more of their fresh produce, bread and pies!

We may top Wednesday off by attending the Conestoga Campground ice cream social and have some moose tracks ice cream – delicious vanilla with chocolate chips and bits of reeses cups!  This place is not good for the healthy eating I’ve been doing since we left Louisiana.

Tomorrow, we are going to the state capitol, Helena, Montana, (it’s 1 hr. 15 min. away) to see things, shop at a real Walmart and Walgreen’s and visit their Verizon store about our new mifi!  We’ve stayed around the campground for a few days resting so it’s time to get out and explore again!

I think that’s about all the stuff I wanted to share!  Okay, so it wasn’t a “quick” update!!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!




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