09.16.15 Jelly Belly Jelly Bean Factory Tour

wpid-20150915_101505.jpgWednesday, September 16, 2015 –  We drove to Fairfield, California on Tuesday to tour the Jelly Belly Jelly Bean factory which is located at 1Jelly Belly Lane!!!!   I love those tiny confections and really enjoyed everything about this experience today.  The lobby and all hallways are amazingly cool!!  Pictures made of Jelly beans everywhere!  I took pictures of just a very few of them to share here.




SOME OF THE JELLY BEAN ARTwpid-20150915_113406.jpg wpid-20150915_104856.jpg wpid-20150915_104914.jpg wpid-20150915_104819.jpg wpid-20150915_104842.jpgwpid-20150915_101747.jpg Here’s some pictures from the actual tour of the factory.  It is an amazing place and seeing all those different colors of jelly beans was super cool!  They did 1not allow photography in the factory but I found these on the internet.  I reallllllly wanted you to see the containers filled with each of the colors.  More than way cool45292 991092035_7cecf4c74f_b 150428100409-american-factory-tours--jelly-belly-super-169 Jelly_Belly_Factory_floor Jelly_Belly_Factory-Fairfield-CA-7fce8a7551224800b1ec6fbc3c5c7ba0_c jelly-belly-2 la-trw-factory-tours-6-jelly-bellyAfter we finished the tour we did some shopping in the awesome store!!!  We had Madisyn and Chips requests and we filled those plus some.  Even found a pair of socks in pink for Madisyn that say “Whatcha mean Jelly Bean!”, a box of buttered popcorn flavored jelly beans, chocolate ones for Roy and some candy corn for me.  They sell something they call Belly Flops which are non perfect jelly beans so you can get them for much cheaper so we bought a big bag of Belly Flops for us!!

I put some of those Belly Flops in a candy jar at home and I’ve been popping them in my mouth all evening.  I’ll undo all the weight loss I’ve been working on with these things.

We went from there to a stop at our very first In-N-Out Burger in Napa. Several friends have highly recommended them and we were not disappointed.  Other than delicious food we loved the fact that they have scriptures on the bottom of the cups, and food bags!

wpid-20150915_122825.jpg wpid-20150915_122841.jpg wpid-20150915_125427.jpg From In-N-Out burgers we went on to the Napa Valley to explore and even tour Mum Napa winery!  I’ll write about that for tomorrow since this is getting long.  We did lots of walking on these tours and will be spending Wednesday resting before we head back into San Francisco tomorrow!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!


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