09.26.15 Bakersfield, CA to Las Vegas, NV

Saturday, September 26, 2015 – I believe the journey is as important as the destination.  When we arrived in Las Vegas last evening I started writing about being here.  When I looked at the 50 photos I’d taken between Bakersfield, CA and Las Vegas, NV I realized this journey should be shared so here it is!

The scenery changed dramatically as we drove along.  The multitude of mountains in the parts of California we’ve been in gave way to open deserts with NOTHING to see for miles!!!  Not necessarily an interesting ride through the desert so I’ve picked out 10+ photos that depict the drive and will share them in order below, starting with the RV Park in Bakersfield where we spent the night.

desert palms in bakersfield (Small)desert palms in bakersfield 3 (Small)desert palms in bakerfield 2 (Small) The next two are just a tiny bit of the solar wind mills we saw along the way.  The first up close one has something attached we didn’t see on any others.  If you know what that is let me know!

bctlv5 (Small)bctlv4a (Small)This is what creeks look like all over – bone dry.  Look at the bottom part of the picture.

bctlv6 (Small)Now the unidentified rest of the trip!bctlv2 (Small)bctlv1 (Small) bctlv14 (Small)bctlv7 (2) (Small) bcltv12 (Small) (Small) bctlv9 (Small) bctlv11 (Small) bctlv8 (Small) bctlv10 (Small) bctlv7 (Small) We thought about going to Death Valley but learned the high temp there today was 114 so probably not going to make the list this time!

bctlv death valley sign (Small)I got a little excited when Las Vegas was in sight.  As soon as you hit the California/Nevada border you start seeing casinos and big things!!  The first was a huge roller coaster ride that wrapped around Buffalo Bill’s Casino!

lv1 (Small)lv3 (Small)lv2 (Small)lv5 (Small)lv7 (Small) lv8 (Small) lv6 (Small) lv10 (Small) lv9 (Small)lv11 (Small)That brings us to Riviera RV Park in Las Vegas, Nevada where we’ll be living for a week.  It is an odd established park with some of the oldest RVs we’ve seen.  Most of the park seems to be permanent park residents.  It is neat and clean.  The laundry area is right next to us so our view out our door is laundry hanging on lines!!  That’s a first!  We’re very close to Fremont Street which leads to the Vegas Strip so the convenience of its location makes it a good part!  The people who run the place are extremely nice and answered all my questions about the strip which helped us know what to plan to see!

Next time we’ll share about Las Vegas and our evening at Fremont Street!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

nevada-desert-joshua-tree-phil-2v5-linda-phelpscooltext1838781539Click on the links below to go there!

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