09.27.15 Getting settled in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Sunday, September 27, 2015 – On Friday we arrived in Las Vegas Nevada and are staying in Las-Vegas-Strip-map.mediumthumb Riviera RV Park. Wikipedia says “The Las Vegas Strip is a stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard South in Nevada. The Strip is approximately 4.2 miles in length, located immediately south of the Las Vegas city limits in the unincorporated towns of Paradise and Winchester (however, the Strip is often referred to as being “in Las Vegas”). ” I did not know that the Vegas Strip is not in Las Vegas, did you??

locationMap_smallNow that we’ve had our educational update, let’s go on to cooler things! Not cooler as in the weather, which by the way here is hot as Hades at 102 today (Friday) but cool as in Vegas things that are cool.

Our RV air conditioners are both running but the one in the front has only cooled us down to 79 degrees and the bedroom one is at 81 degrees and it is almost 7 pm and dark here…….. Sure hope the casinos open their doors and cool down the strip for us while we’re here.

Our plans for today are to do my RVillage work, then around 6 pm to head to Freemont street where they have a nighttime light show – a different one each hour! Sunday we will go to the Hoover Dam which is only 20 minutes from here after doing my RVillage work.

It is absolutely a blessing from God to have this job with RVillage. I’m working right now in my pajamas and took a bit of time off to finish this up and blanch the remainder of the tomatoes. We can still see a little of the area we’re in during the day as long as I get my hours in and take care of my responsibilities.

During the upcoming week we will go to the Vegas Strip to see several casinos, eat at a couple of buffets, and see all the free things we can see.

Now back to the tomatoes we scooped up on the side of the interstate on our way here!

I soaked all the road dirt off of them overnight. Friday evening I blanched them, soaked in ice water and peeled about half of them. I did the same this morning (Saturday). I chopped and squshed them up and put them into three quart size ziploc bags and froze them. That’s a bag for chili, a bag for spaghetti sauce and a bag for Chicken Geraldine!! I ate several of them throughout the process and roadside tomatoes are really good!! Here’s the first batch ready for bagging.

tomato sauce

Now on to the pomegranates. I ate the one pomegranate that I purchased at the farmer’s market to find out about the process of eating them. They are unlike any other fruit I’ve eaten and am enjoying the bowl of shiny seeds I got out of the one I opened. I’ve read you can use them in salads and other things. I have eight of them so I’ll find out what I like them in once I get time to cut all those open!

My pictures are not cooperating so I’ll deal with them and share Fremont Street and the Hoover Dam with ya’ll next time!

Ya’ll come back now ya’ hear!


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