10.27.15 Grand Canyon North Rim Photos – Part One

Tuesday, October 26, 2015 – Finally the Grand Canyon North Rim photos!   I selected 65 out of 400 North Rim photos to share.

So this doesn’t take so long to load on your computer I will post 30 plus in this post and 30 plus in the next.   Enjoy the sights and feel free to save any of them on your computer as screensavers!

20151002_144847 (Medium) 20151002_144858 (Medium) 20151002_144949 (Medium) 20151002_145027 (Medium) 20151002_145045 (Medium) 20151002_145224 (Medium) 20151002_145226 (Medium) 20151002_145258 (Medium) 20151002_145308 (Medium) 20151002_150029 (Medium) 20151002_150148 (Medium) 20151002_150313 (Medium) 20151002_150320 (Medium) 20151002_150434 (Medium) 20151002_150531 (Medium) 20151002_150611 (Medium) 20151002_150710 (Medium) 20151002_150731 (Medium) 20151002_151057 (Medium) 20151002_151142 (Medium) 20151002_151202 (Medium) 20151002_151331 (Medium) 20151002_151448 (Medium) 20151002_151454 (Medium) 20151002_151519 (Medium) 20151002_151527 (Medium) 20151002_151545 (Medium) 20151002_151801 (Medium) 20151002_151839 (Medium) 20151002_152514 (Medium) 20151002_152556 (Medium) 20151002_152712 (Medium) 20151002_152817 (Medium) 20151002_152915 (Medium) 20151002_152949 (Medium) 20151002_153007 (Medium) 20151002_153101 (Medium) 20151002_153146 (Medium)More North Rim photos coming up next! Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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10.27.15 Kroger’s Grocery, yes really Kroger’s Grocery!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015 – First let me tell you that we really like this town we’re in, Willis, TX. The RV park is on a lake and is great! The city has lots of things we like such as Popeyes, Dollar General, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, and other of our favorites!  Their gas is the one I showed a picture of their price in a previous post.

Most of all they have a Kroger’s Grocery!

Roy shopped there a couple of days ago and came home so happy saying we need to move to Willis, TX! Today we both went there and now we’re both happy!

We’ve never been to a Kroger before. Not only is it the largest grocery I’ve ever been in but it is just amazing in all it has in it. The varieties of everything from produce to fruit to everything else was huge!

We took a few pictures (yes of a grocery store!) and even one of some employees there!
20151027_134848 20151027_134935One of probably ten cold or hot food bars where you can scoop up food to take home!20151027_135000

This is the variety of just olives they have!  20151027_135015 20151027_135047

These are small pies like you can purchase at Walmart but I think these taste much better. 20151027_135302

Below is poor Roy trying out one of those scooter carts since his knee was hurting.  He looked so funny to me but he said it helped him make it through the whole store without being in pain. 20151027_140947

This is the store he got Blue Bell at.  These three doors are just half of all their Blue Bell.  Notice the sign below asking everyone not to hog up on the Blue Bell!  20151027_141020 20151027_141155

I am enjoying coloring but found that my small box wasn’t enough variety so I upgraded to this box.  If anyone has children with colors that they don’t need or they got a new box please consider letting me have them!  There is a bigger box than this but it wasn’t cheap so I’m upgrading a bit but not the whole way!20151027_153601We will definitely make our way back here to Willis in the future and while here will definitely shop at Krogers.  We even got a Kroger’s discount card today and saved $10 off the total bill!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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10.26.15 Traveling through New Mexico and Texas

Monday, October 26, 2015 – We saw many interesting and some odd sights while traveling through New Mexico and Texas.  Since no where in Louisiana looks like what we saw I wanted to include those sights here for ya’ll to enjoy and for us to look back on!

20151018_110651 (Medium) 20151018_111717 (Medium) 20151018_114640 (Medium) 20151018_114852 (Medium) We crossed the New Mexico state line 20151018_114949 (Medium) 20151018_115358 (Medium)

We found this Cacti for sale in Walmart.  They actually cook it and eat it!20151018_135831 (Medium) 20151018_145446 (Medium) 20151018_170629 (Medium) 20151018_171858 (Medium) 20151020_120805 (Medium) 20151020_120811 (Medium) 20151020_120834 (Medium) 20151020_120854 (Medium) 20151020_121011 (Medium) 20151020_121154 (Medium) 20151020_140852 (Medium) 20151021_070729 (Medium) 20151021_074456 (Medium) 20151021_111602 (Medium)

This was the most amazing rest area.  The clouds in the mountains were a very neat sight!20151021_111811 (Medium) 20151021_112434 (Medium) 20151021_112547 (Medium) 20151021_112814 (Medium) 20151021_113322 (Medium) 20151021_113338 (Medium) 20151021_114740 (Medium)

This odd looking plant is seen in abundance in New Mexico.  It’s got spindly branches covered with green tiny leaves and some we’ve seen with a purple flower on top.20151021_120302 (Medium) 20151021_120315 (Medium)

As we drove down the road I kept seeing these round green things along the highway for miles.  Begging Roy to stop because you know how I am about potential free produce he finally caved and we stopped.  They are watermelon vines just roaming wild!  I was so excited until we opened one and they are not nearly ripe.  We could have had watermelon for a month if they were ripe!!!20151022_155151 (Medium) 20151022_155207 (Medium)

Cotton fields all along the highway.  These big rectangular packages are picked cotton.20151022_160517 (Medium) 20151022_160521 (Medium)

When we got to Texas the rains poured down and soon we came to Corsicana Texas where the highways were beginning to flood.  Since this time both lanes have gone way under water with many cars under water.  The traffic on the side that was flooded when we passed backed up at least 5 miles.  Those poor people must not have gotten out of that for hours.20151023_155013 (Medium) 20151023_155216 (Medium) 20151023_155537 (Medium)

This is the absolute lowest we have seen Diesel and Gas prices in three years.  We filled Dora and Boots up quick!!20151023_182433 (Medium)

That’s it for our Travels from New Mexico to Texas.  Next we’ll be traveling to Louisiana, Home Sweet Home!!

The rains here in Texas have stopped and the sun came out for an hour earlier!  Praise the Lord!  We’ve heard many reports of high winds and high waters from rain in Louisiana.  It just amazes me that a storm that came into Mexico could still carry such a punch when it made it’s way to Louisiana.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!30differentfontyellowmumwithjas317_123066_224207_579x


10.24.15 Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico

Update on Texas weather: It stormed constantly with lots of winds for the last 36 hours here. We are on a hill in the RV park but near a lake. The lake has overflowed but we are not in danger of it affecting us. We haven’t been out of our RV since we arrived here but it is slowing down now and hopefully by tomorrow we’ll see sun again!! We were in a rising water situation when we first left Louisiana this May and here we are returning to the area and again lots of water! We saw no rain whatsoever for about two months while on the west coast, what a difference!

They do not have the worship service here at Bishop’s Landing like they use to. We are enjoying TV worship this morning with First Methodist in Houston. The other choice was Joel Olsteen and if you know me well you know my feelings about his message and ministry, so that wasn’t going to be our choice. Thankful that we still can watch a worship service in the United States. Not the same as being in a church building but with the storms here this was today’s option.

Sunday, October 24, 2015 – You may remember what a hard time I had20151021_113820 the last time we toured a cave. I didn’t forget but chose to TRY touring Carlsbad Caverns since it’s such an amazing place. Roy has never been there and really wanted to go so we went! They have various types of tours and we chose one that worked best for us. We chose a self guided tour which is free for us since we have a Senior Pass. Not sure if there 20151021_123151 (Medium)is a charge for the self guided tour but there is a charge for the ones the rangers lead.

The tour we chose allowed us to take an elevator down the 750 feet to get to the Big Room. If we didn’t take the elevator it would have added too much difficulty to the tour for me or Roy. The self guided tour is an hour and a half long so it’s not easy but their pathways were very smooth, no stairs, nice railings and a much easier hike than other caves. There are also plenty of places to sit down and rest along the way!!

At the bottom of the photos is a couple of videos I hope you will enjoy!

20151021_123049 (Medium)20151021_123028 (Medium) 20151021_123205 (Medium) 20151021_123228 (Medium) 20151021_123240 (Medium) 20151021_123531 (Medium) 20151021_123604 (Medium) 20151021_123734 (Medium) 20151021_123818 (Medium) 20151021_123952 (Medium) 20151021_124102 (Medium) 20151021_124154 (Medium) 20151021_124208 (Medium) 20151021_124400 (Medium) 20151021_124536 (Medium) 20151021_124608 (Medium) 20151021_124637 (Medium) 20151021_124644 (Medium) 20151021_124756 (Medium) 20151021_124840 (Medium) 20151021_125148 (Medium) 20151021_125228 (Medium) 20151021_125251 (Medium) 20151021_125400 (Medium) 20151021_125611 (Medium) 20151021_131403 (Medium) 20151021_132650 (Medium) 20151021_133000 (Medium) 20151021_133011 (Medium) 20151021_133617 (Medium) 20151021_133715 (Medium) 20151021_133920 (Medium) 20151021_134024 (Medium) 20151021_134039 (Medium) 20151021_134259 (Medium)

While this was a much easier hike it was still VERY long and my poor Honey was tuckered out at the end!20151021_134418 (Medium)

This is where Dora and Boots patiently awaited the Explorer’s return!20151021_141900 (Medium) 20151021_141903 (Medium)A couple more blog posts and we’ll be caught up! Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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10.23.15 Old Apple Barn, Cloudcroft NM,and McGinn’s Pistachio Ranch

Saturday, October 23, 2015 – One day we left the desert and drove up a mountain to Cloudcroft, NM.  It’s a quaint little town with lots of shopping opportunities! The amazing thing is that you leave the warmer desert at the bottom and as you drive up the trees become green, lush and taller all along the way.

Barn_exterior We stopped on our way up the mountain at the Old Apple Barn that had everything amazing in it! I tried some iced Apple Cider which was delicious! Tried some pumpkin spice fudge, also delicious! and picked up some other must have item including a bag of old time candies!


While in Cloudcroft I was so focused on shopping that not many pictures were taken – yes that does happen!  The first photo is a panoramic photo that I grabbed off of the internet.

cloudcroft20151020_131644 20151020_134157The temperature in Cloudcroft was much colder than at the bottom of the mountain in Alamogordo.   On our way to Cloudcroft we saw a pistachio ranch, McGinn’s, and stopped there on our way back.  We love pistachios and walking through the door took us into Pistachio heaven!

348s (Medium)6a00d8341d171f53ef00e54f27f1a78834-800wi (Medium)The sampling station with a dozen or so flavors of pistachios A  N  D  the most wonderful pistachio brittle……..  We shopped and picked up some goodies for us as well as a two pound bag of pistachios for Chip!  20151020_142924 (Medium) 20151020_143309 (Medium) 20151020_143433 (Medium) 20151020_144105 (Medium) 20151020_144145 (Medium) 20151020_144154 (Medium) 20151020_144232 (Medium) That’s our Old Apple Barn, Cloudcroft NM, Pistachio adventure in a nutshell!!!!  Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear! 1ce20cf50a9f8ca5d9a77de98c898510cooltext1838781539Click on the links below to go there!

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10.23.15 White Sands National Monument

Saturday, October 23, 2015 – We’ve been traveling, had lots of adventures and I haven’t been20151019_170603 (Medium) able to spend much time on this blog.  I have decided to skip the Grand Canyon photos for now and when I have about a week of spare time to devote to that I’ll share.  It was absolutely the most amazing place we have ever visited.

The posts that are easiest to put together are the ones that will come out first!  I love documenting our travels for ourselves and sharing them with you all!  I normally try to keep things in chronological order but it just ain’t gonna happen right now!!

In today’s post I’ll share with you White Sands National Monument in New Mexico.  White Sands is a spectacular landscape shaped by natural forces and is like no other place on earth.  Located 13  miles west of Alamogordo, it is the largest gypsum dune in the world.  It is over 275 square miles in size.  Only the top few inches of the gypsum dunes are made of loose sand. Rainwater falling on the dunes dissolves some of the gypsum and cements the sand grains together, creating a crude form of plaster of Paris. This makes the white sand dunes easy to walk on.

If you would like to learn more about White Sands here is a link to some interesting information:  White Sands Information

Our photos may look like just a whole lots of photos of white sand but they are different!!

This is a panoramic picture so blow it up and take a look!  A video is at the bottom!

20151019_170858 (Medium)

The seemingly never ending road that takes you through White Sands.  You stop wherever you want and climb a hill!

20151019_165411 (Medium)

This is where we parked Boots while we explored!

20151019_171121 (Medium)

20151019_170145 (Medium)

20151019_165418 (Medium) 20151019_165559 (Medium) 20151019_165609 (Medium) 20151019_165833 (Medium) 20151019_165841 (Medium) 20151019_170020 (Medium) 20151019_170036 (Medium) 20151019_170039 (Medium)  20151019_170116 (Medium) 20151019_170128 (Medium)  20151019_170137 (Medium)   20151019_170230 (Medium) 20151019_170300 (Medium) 20151019_170313 (Medium) 20151019_170320 (Medium) 20151019_170408 (Medium) 20151019_170450 (Medium)  20151019_170648 (Medium) 20151019_170719 (Medium)  20151019_170830 (Medium)  20151019_171017 (Medium) 20151019_171105 (Medium)  20151019_171210 (Medium)

That’s our day at White Sands!

We are currently at Bishop’s Landing RV Resort in Willis, TX which is a bit north of Houston.  We’ll be leaving here this coming Wednesday and arriving in Amite at our home on Thursday!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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10.14.15 From Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon

I am still in the process of getting use to my new responsibilities with RVillage and we are still at my boss’ house in Arizona. I had a couple of frees hours today so I thought I’d start the catch up of our journey!  We now plan to be back in Louisiana by October 29th so we can go to our church’s Family Fall Festival with Chip and Madisyn.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015 – The drive from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon takes you from Nevada into Arizona then into Utah then back to Arizona. These mountains really make a straight drive any where unheard of. The scenery changed a lot along the way and here’s some photos of that journey. 20151002_085744 20151002_090058 20151002_090242 20151002_092030 20151002_100137 20151002_100239 20151002_100658 20151002_100857 20151002_101530 20151002_102019 20151002_111908 20151002_112214 20151002_112329 20151002_114531 20151002_114646 20151002_114920 20151002_114926 20151002_115252 20151002_120317 20151002_120605 20151002_122431 As we got closer to the North Rim there were more huge pine deep green trees and a lot of gold shimmering Aspen trees mixed in. Quite a difference from the desert look going on in before that in Nevada and Utah. 20151002_131632 20151002_131648 20151002_141134 20151002_141510 20151002_141632 20151002_143319

Here’s some videos showing our drive from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon.

Next comes the Grand Canyon North Rim and then Grand Canyon South Rim. Two totally different places in most all aspects.

The North Rim is much cooler, more beautiful tall trees along the roads, not any visible animals that we saw, and can be seen in 2-3 hours at a leisurely pace and for some reason it is not at all crowded.

The South Rim is still cool but not as cool as the North Rim, not nearly as many trees but lots of bushes with flowers, several elks were seen and we only saw a portion of it in about 5 hours at a brisk pace and it is crazy crowded! Several big shuttle buses travel several different routes to all the spots where you can see different parts of the canyon.

Roy developed a habit of saying “Yep another big hole” when we’d look down from a new location. He was affected by his beauty but that’s his sense of humor!

I did a lot of research on where to stay and other information about the Grand Canyon. While there is a lot out there, until you actually go there the published information just doesn’t connect.

I wouldn’t mind coming back here sometime and planning a week of short day outings to see more of it.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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10.06.15 Checking out for a bit

Tuesday, Octob er 6, 2015

Hi all!  Just wanted to share that I’m stepping back from posting our travel blog for a week or so.

I’ve been offered additional work time with RVillage during the week and I start tomorrow.  I want to devote my time to that so that I learn what I need to do and how to do it well.

My laptop screen broke (my fault) and Roy ordered a new one.  It came in and is not working correctly so Roy is working on it.  I’m using other computers and find that trying to keep track of RVillage work, blog posting and facebooking on different computers is more than I want to do right now!   Hopefully I can get a new DELL laptop ordered soon!

We had a fabulous time at the Grand Canyon which I will write about when I come back into this little blogging world.

We are currently parked at my boss Curtis’ house in Casa Grande, Arizona.  We’ve loved our time getting to know him in person and I don’t think we’ve scared him off!!  Always a good thing!   Curtis sang with the New Christy Minstrels years ago.  He just came in here and played a few songs for us.  What a treat!!!!  What a blessing his has been to get to meet him in person and get to know him better.

20151006_140834Curtis is leaving for an appointment out of state in a few hours and we offered to keep his little doggie Augie while he’s gone.  Don’t remember exactly what type of dog Augie is but he looks like white fox terrior.  He likes us and has 2 acres here to roam during the day so we’ll have fun and hopefully take excellent care of the boss’ dog while he’s gone!!!  It’s very nice here, he’s on a lake with a boat dock and an amazing house and he has RV hook ups we will use once he disconnects his Prevost bus from them.

20151006_094548 Roy and Augie bonding!  20151006_111930 I’ll say see ya later and leave you with some of the views we are enjoying here!

20151006_094553 20151006_094556 20151006_094641 20151006_094707 20151006_09475320151006_094753Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!

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