10.24.15 Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico

Update on Texas weather: It stormed constantly with lots of winds for the last 36 hours here. We are on a hill in the RV park but near a lake. The lake has overflowed but we are not in danger of it affecting us. We haven’t been out of our RV since we arrived here but it is slowing down now and hopefully by tomorrow we’ll see sun again!! We were in a rising water situation when we first left Louisiana this May and here we are returning to the area and again lots of water! We saw no rain whatsoever for about two months while on the west coast, what a difference!

They do not have the worship service here at Bishop’s Landing like they use to. We are enjoying TV worship this morning with First Methodist in Houston. The other choice was Joel Olsteen and if you know me well you know my feelings about his message and ministry, so that wasn’t going to be our choice. Thankful that we still can watch a worship service in the United States. Not the same as being in a church building but with the storms here this was today’s option.

Sunday, October 24, 2015 – You may remember what a hard time I had20151021_113820 the last time we toured a cave. I didn’t forget but chose to TRY touring Carlsbad Caverns since it’s such an amazing place. Roy has never been there and really wanted to go so we went! They have various types of tours and we chose one that worked best for us. We chose a self guided tour which is free for us since we have a Senior Pass. Not sure if there 20151021_123151 (Medium)is a charge for the self guided tour but there is a charge for the ones the rangers lead.

The tour we chose allowed us to take an elevator down the 750 feet to get to the Big Room. If we didn’t take the elevator it would have added too much difficulty to the tour for me or Roy. The self guided tour is an hour and a half long so it’s not easy but their pathways were very smooth, no stairs, nice railings and a much easier hike than other caves. There are also plenty of places to sit down and rest along the way!!

At the bottom of the photos is a couple of videos I hope you will enjoy!

20151021_123049 (Medium)20151021_123028 (Medium) 20151021_123205 (Medium) 20151021_123228 (Medium) 20151021_123240 (Medium) 20151021_123531 (Medium) 20151021_123604 (Medium) 20151021_123734 (Medium) 20151021_123818 (Medium) 20151021_123952 (Medium) 20151021_124102 (Medium) 20151021_124154 (Medium) 20151021_124208 (Medium) 20151021_124400 (Medium) 20151021_124536 (Medium) 20151021_124608 (Medium) 20151021_124637 (Medium) 20151021_124644 (Medium) 20151021_124756 (Medium) 20151021_124840 (Medium) 20151021_125148 (Medium) 20151021_125228 (Medium) 20151021_125251 (Medium) 20151021_125400 (Medium) 20151021_125611 (Medium) 20151021_131403 (Medium) 20151021_132650 (Medium) 20151021_133000 (Medium) 20151021_133011 (Medium) 20151021_133617 (Medium) 20151021_133715 (Medium) 20151021_133920 (Medium) 20151021_134024 (Medium) 20151021_134039 (Medium) 20151021_134259 (Medium)

While this was a much easier hike it was still VERY long and my poor Honey was tuckered out at the end!20151021_134418 (Medium)

This is where Dora and Boots patiently awaited the Explorer’s return!20151021_141900 (Medium) 20151021_141903 (Medium)A couple more blog posts and we’ll be caught up! Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

10263_0-85505500-1441588089_49fb203180106386288309b3a313e6a1cooltext1838781539Click on the links below to go there!

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