12.04.15 Quartsite, Arizona and lots of Chauvin updates

Friday, December 4, 2015 –  Wow, wow, wow!  Just watched a couple of videos about a famous RVing site called Quartsite, Arizona.  We did not visit this area, but we should have!  For those who RV and for those who would love to RV here are the videos so you can increase your knowledge of great places to visit.  Here’s a brief summary of what Quartsite is all about:

Quartzsite, AZ is a sleepy town of about 3,000 residents during the hot summer months but when the temperatures cool down to the 70’s, hordes of RV’ers from the north and vendors following potential customers swell the number to around 500,000. The RV’ers stay in the various private campgrounds and more in the open desert managed by the BLM (Bureau of Land Management). Then it becomes the largest flea market in the U.S. and has the feel of a boom town. A big RV show is held annually and several gem and mineral shows can be found around town. When the temperatures climb back to the 80’s and higher in April and May, the northerners migrate back and the town goes back to sleep.

If you have time to view only one video I’d watch the first one.

What a wonderful week this has been!  On Monday we went to Chip’s girlfriend’s birthday party at his house and Chip popped the big “Will you marry me?” question and she said Yes!  Here’s the new little family,  Chip, Misty, Kallie and Madisyn.

12342566_1074974025860757_5734818357331404086_n 12301631_1074231305935029_5085455347245219553_n 12294766_1074231302601696_7753105301510746924_n

And here’s the whole family that gathered for the party plus Misty’s boss Pam who was kind enough to take this photo for us.


Tuesday through Friday we’ve been working around the RV.  We’ve raked up dirt, planted rye grass and bermuda grass seed around the RV.  Daily watering has the new grass sprouting like crazy.

I’ve been busy this week with extra RVillage work and loving every minute of it.  My favorite part of the job is when I make the phone call (at the previously booked time) to walk an RV park 11012704_10206435908670848_7416352627122687934_nthrough the process of “claiming their park” which is how they can customize their RV Park’s space on RVillage.  I get to teach them about all of the amazing resources that RVillage provides FOR FREE to their park.  Seems like the word is getting out to more parks because every day there are parks requesting to claim their park.  We have over 38,000 RVillage members now and it’s growing every day!

Roy spent most of yesterday and this morning on pressure washing our rental house.  The moisture from the pond and the dust created by people driving too fast down the dirt road created a brownish appearance to parts of our yellow and white house!

20151204_122958You may remember when we were selling our house and everything in it one of the things we sold was our pressure washer.  We’ve borrowed Elizabeth’s (the one we sold her!) and my brother in law George’s since then but Roy decided no more borrowing so we purchased one from Sam’s this week.  What a difference pressure washing has already made to the looks of the house and he’s still working on it.  Next he’ll pressure wash Dora, our RV, the patio outside the RV, and the storage building Roy built.

All that remaining pressure washing will wait until next week because tomorrow, Saturday, we are joining Misty, Kallie, Madisyn and Haylee (Kallie’s cousin) at City Park to enjoy all the great park has to offer at Christmas including Celebration in the Oaks.  What a wonderful day we have planned and I’ll be sharing when I can.

20151204_115053It’s that wonderful time of year (said quite sarcastically) when I switch out our summer clothes for our winter clothes.  While we have a nice size closet we choose to only keep one seasons clothing in the closet and the other is stored in plastic containers in the storage bins under the RV.  This is what I’ve been working on the last two days and still working on it.  All of the clothes coming out of storage need to be washed and while our wonderful little Splendide washer/dryer is perfect for most days wash, it works overtime when we switch out clothing for days on end!!!

Our Christmas decorations are now set up on our dashboard with a few decorations outside.  I took a second photo with the curtain open but all the decorations were too dark.  Maybe a photo taken later in the day, we’ll see!

Roy replaced the four sets of exterior house lights with LED lights.  It’s sad that the original ones we purchased already needed to be replaced.  The moral of this story is buy the best possible for longer life!


Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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One thought on “12.04.15 Quartsite, Arizona and lots of Chauvin updates

  1. Congratulations on adding new members to your family!! What an exciting time for you all!
    I can sympathize with you..I have been rearranging clothes and clothes tubs all day! One job leads into another and so there are kitchen things all around as well!!
    Thanks for the videos, we are going to Quartzite this year and looking forward to it!!
    Blessings to you and your family, Sue


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