12.09.15 Christmas in New Orleans

Wednesday, December 9, 2015 – Here’s a little bit of the beauty of CHRISTMAS IN NEW ORLEANS


Mr. Bingle – more on Mr. Bingle in a future post!

9479_758034394252282_7002739391015309941_n 970389_758034480918940_5830156491919640906_n 1743596_758034767585578_660414381482658383_n 10013793_758034720918916_7527650479087005481_n 10365832_758034787585576_7506050096239029244_n 10405666_758034264252295_932613995499551566_n 10406988_758035000918888_5851390280801706352_n 10410850_758034537585601_3679255691595319230_n 10522897_758034880918900_9187388762021754132_n 10702166_758034504252271_4910815205053952054_n 10801776_758034337585621_7318501453271721814_n 10801778_758034930918895_5223058150361395495_n 10846377_758034910918897_758773539439879560_n 10849898_758034377585617_910616954016465980_n 10850048_758035014252220_8731512498073939932_n 10857863_758034657585589_2862217336366414830_n 10857892_758034700918918_3249571360417226549_n 10858506_758034354252286_7997150467096454011_n

fulton street 2-L New-Orleans-Saints-XMas-2010

I’ll be sharing more about New Orleans and Christmas in future blog posts!  I haven’t shared nearly enough about the wonderous things to see and do here in this city of my birth!  RVers are so welcomed here and I hope this blog will give ya’ll a better inside into what to see and do in this area.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!




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