01.28.16 One cold morning in Tennessee!

tennesseeThursday, January 28, 2016 – Tennessee is my kind of place all except for the very cold weather.  So we are heading out of here a couple of days earlier than planned!

Roy wrapped up his physical therapy yesterday with our wonderful Physical Therapist  from Amedisys, Patty!  She’s been patient, informative and very kind during her time with us.


Here they are yesterday on her last visit!

Roy always handles all of the duties outside unhooking the water lines, sewage hoses, removing the stabilizing blocks and storing all that under Dora.  He then proceeds to hitching up or unhitching Boots behind Dora.  Since he’s not able to do any of that at this time guess who got to do it!  ME!!!!!!  Those exclamation points should not be taken as any indicator that I liked it, just that I use ! a lot.

I learned this morning that what I’ve been contributing to us getting ready to leave or arrive at a park is maybe 1/20th of what Roy has to do. I usually make sure everything is put away inside Dora and is stored in such a way it won’t slip or fall while we’re traveling. I then get my computer set up in the passenger seat and sit down until he’s ready to travel.  Boy were my eyes opened this morning!

I now know more than I ever wanted to know about the arrival/departure process and probably won’t remember most of it tomorrow.  I got up and down off the gravel dozens of times, hauled heavy boards, touched poop and pee drizzling out of the tubes, wanted to cry, had to rest several times and was generally not a happy camper!

There are two hoses, 3 sections of poop tube, one connector to the receiving hole in the ground, 2 long plastic holders that keep the poop tube off the ground, one long according thing that keeps more of the poop tube off the ground, (Roy unhooked the electrical thingy while I wasn’t looking) and hooking Boots up to Dora took at least 10 different cords, hooks, and other things I can’t describe.  Knowing that my hubby couldn’t do any of it and that it was all in my hands got me through the long grueling process.  It didn’t help much that I don’t know what most of the items are called that are used in the process, but golly I learned fast!

20160124_163625 20160124_163324I found that Roy has a place for every last thing needed in the process and it must go back into that place for next time. If you know Roy you can probably imagine some commands being given by him during the process.

All of this in near freezing Tennessee weather!

I’ve also decided that I could not do this alone with Dora and Boots.  If I was ever to travel alone it would have to be in a smaller Class C so that I didn’t have to unhook or hook up a vehicle behind it.  Of course that would only eliminate one part of the process since there would still be water, and poop tubes to deal with, and the mystery electrical process I didn’t have to participate in!

That’s it for how our cold morning in Tennessee went.  We are now traveling Interstate 55 down through Mississippi and the sun is shining like we haven’t seen for days!!!  What a difference sunshine makes to my mood and disposition!

Our sweet Madisyn is having tubes put in her ears and her adenoids removed tomorrow so we hope to arrive at home to surprise her after the surgery.  The separation from family this time has been especially hard.  We normally start separating gradually for a week or so before we leave.  This time we were all together for Chip and Misty’s wedding up to the night before we left.  Such great quality family time together was very much missed as we left home for Tennessee.

We have a nice concrete patio by our parking spot at our house in Amite.  Roy will be able to get good walking exercise there and enjoy the beautiful warmer weather in Louisiana.  His knee may be swollen for another week or two.  Yesterday Patty said she could tell the swelling is beginning to go down.  Yay!  He’s bending the knee quite well and the worse part now is the soreness from where the tourniquet was applied above the knee.  It’s black, blue, green and ugly.  I guess that’s a no pain, no gain kind of thing!  He’s promised he won’t try shoveling or doing any real work until he’s all better.

We will be traveling back to Tennessee, in our truck, in 4 weeks for Roy’s post surgery visit with Dr. Schrader.

Last week our toilet seat stopped automatically closing.  Of course we can’t have any of that, so off to Lowe’s we went to find a new one.  Low and behold, they had one with an LED night light in it so guess who is the proud owner of a night time lighted potty!!  Us! Here’s Roy navigating through the store on the electric cart, the proud owner of a new toilet seat.


chip and misty dande

I’ll leave ya’ll with a new  photograph from Chip and Misty’s wedding!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!



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01.17.16 On the road to Tennessee!

20160117_072428Sunday, January 17, 2016 – Left dark and early this morning from our serene little slice of Heaven in Amite, Louisiana. We are headed for Hornsby, Tennessee about an hour east of Memphis.

We took Interstate 55 up to Highway 7 and should arrive in Hornsby by 4-5 pm today. We are way more exhausted and sleep deprived than we anticipated from all the activity of the last few days, a later night last night than usual for us and definitely a much earlier wake up today than normal! Poor Roy is having to pull over every hour or so to walk around outside so he can stay alert! Me, I have the heated seat turned on to soothe my aching back and I’m RVillage working as needed.

Monday is Roy’s pre-op visit at Dr. Schraeder’s office in Bartlett, Tennessee. Tuesday Roy is the second person on the surgery schedule. Don’t have a time yet for the surgery but at least we know it will be early.

We just stopped to get diesel for Dora because it was only $1.66 a gallon! That’s diesel, not gasoline!

We have arrived at Big Buck Campground in Hornsby, TN and are calling it a night. A 7 hour trip took us almost 12 hours. Combined with a much less than normal sleep last night means I’m crawling in bed right now!

12508805_10208827547032940_2245045656470865454_nI’ll write tomorrow about Chip and Misty’s beautiful wedding. They too are on their way to Tennessee but at the far eastern side whereas we are at the far western side. No parents allowed near those two this week!

Here’s one picture of the newlyweds with more promised to come!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!


01.16.16 Chip and Misty Chauvin

12496486_10207150887963097_663317686061302264_oSaturday, January 16, 2016 – This was the day Chip married Misty and they became Chip and Misty Chauvin.

Misty, the stunningly beautiful Bride
Chip, the dashing and charming Groom
Madisyn, the adorable Flower Girl
Kallie, the elegant, lovely Maid of Honor
Roy, the dashing and husband Best Man
Rosalyn, well she came along for the ride!!!

That’s our family!

Chip and Misty were wed at Soul’s Harbor Church in Hammond Louisiana followed by the reception at AMVETS in Springfield, LA.  I selected a few photos to share.  They were taken by others and me so they are mostly not professional photos but they certainly captured some nice moments!



12508805_10208827547032940_2245045656470865454_n 20160116_17434720160116_17480820160116_175132



WEDDING RECEPTION12376401_10208684696336188_5376386469267553358_n 12494671_1232378276790311_535813297544704684_n 12507554_876348922483207_6988975740174934026_n 12522920_876348729149893_3352529638120719109_n 12523011_876348775816555_6829501545475702756_n 20160116_181514 20160116_182738 20160116_183636 20160116_184537 20160116_19270120160116_201153 20160116_202549 12523064_876349062483193_4412369657477699580_n 12549029_10208827268705982_797346170232935575_n 12552790_876349232483176_391211038262249606_n  12553101_1232378576790281_1028520926291189593_n 12565491_10206723388417662_5442858259046429165_n 12573193_10208831369808507_2324840323635263501_n 12593990_1224649224218886_7198571092416951771_o


Off to Tennessee (eastern Tennessee) they went as we went off to Tennessee (western Tennessee – far far away from the newlyweds) for Roy’s full knee replacement surgery.  More on this long awaited surgery in our next blog.

20160116_201100Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Chip Matthew Chauvin!  Thanks to everyone who came to the wedding to give their support to this wonderful young couple.  Big thanks to everyone who lent their assistance to making this a beautiful night for them.

I love sharing these great times in our life and our families life and am very thankful that Chip is okay with me sharing their joy with you!

There may be more photos once the ones from the real photographers release theirs, so there’s more to come!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

01.24.16 Roy goes under the knife!!! :) Finally!!

Sunday, January 24, 2016 – The long awaited knee replacement surgery is now behind us!

We arrived at St Francis Hospital – Bartlett at the way too early time of 5:30 am.  Since it is a 90 minute drive that meant we left at 4:00 am.20160119_061042  Next came all the normal pre-op activities including Dr. Schrader coming in and putting his initials on Roy’s right leg.

I visited with a lovely lady Claudia in the waiting room while Roy was in surgery.  Got a couple of calls from the operating room with updates, all good!

20160119_121422They brought Roy to his hospital room pretty groggy.  He came in and out of it all afternoon.  He had a Q Ball pumping pain medicine into his knee from the time of the surgery until we left.  This kept his pain levels much lower than if he had not had that.  Dr. Schrader glues his incision shut so there are no staples or sutures to remove later.  I plan to write about the difference of this type of procedure compared to older forms of knee replacement surgeries.  Even thought it is a newer form of surgery it is still major surgery.

While Roy was in the hospital their physical therapists came twice a day starting just 2 hours after the surgery.  They even helped him learn how to properly walk up and down steps since we have those at the entry way of our RV.20160119_141044


20160120_140316 20160120_141506

20160120_143433His nurses took great care of him so I felt comfortable to return to Dora our RV that evening after Dr. Schrader came by to check on him and tell us that the surgery went perfectly and Roy was doing really well. Another video of Roy making progress on day two:

Most people have partial knee replacements and their stay as a patient of Dr. Schrader is only overnight.  Roy had a full knee replacement so he stayed two nights.

After getting the all clear from doctor and hospital staff we made our way back to Dora for his time of healing.

Day by day he’s getting stronger and better able to get around.   It’s been snowing here in Hornsby, Tennessee a bit and Friday he couldn’t stand just looking out the window at it so we made a short, very brief trip down the stairs and stood in the snow for a minute!  Here’s some pictures from that event!20160122_100447 20160122_162429 20160122_162451 20160122_162523 20160122_162537 20160122_162614

We’re now with Amedisys Home Health.  Our Physical Therapist, Patty came for her first visit yesterday.  Roy was all happy when she arrived and was pretty worn out when she left.

Little by little he’s able to do more for himself so he’s progressing well.  Still needs pain medicine but probably not as often.  He falls asleep often because of the pain medicine but his leg is resting so it’s a good thing! His leg is still swollen so his mobility isn’t great yet.  The area where they applied a tourniquet during surgery is turning quite ugly purple green and blue and is quite sore.


Today is Sunday and we’re watching a local pastor preach on television, so not the same as being in church but Roy’s not there yet.  Football comes on later and I’m doing my RVillage work.  Roy walks around inside our RV with his walker really well.  He ventured outside this morning (no more snow, just very cold) and walked down the street and back.  Here’s a video of how well he’s doing with walking.

We are not really liking how cold it is here (RVs are not very insulated so even with propane heat and an electrical heater we’re not warm).  Roy will have Physical Therapy every day this coming week and we will probably leave here Saturday headed to the Mississippi Gulf Coast for several weeks.

We’re use to being able to go outside our RV a lot.  Can’t do that at all here with the frigid temps, so we’re kind of having cabin fever after just a few days.  It’s suppose to be in the 40s and 50s this coming week (that’s a heat wave compared to the teens and 20s this past week) so hopefully that will help us be able to get outside more.

That’s it catching ya’ll up on Roy’s progress post surgery!  Time for some football watching!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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01.08.16 The new Dora sign came today!!

Friday, January 8, 2016 – The new Dora sign came today!!! Here she is  right out of the shipping tube!


She’s now on the back of our RV in place of the one with rosalynandroy.com in white.  Mucho better!!  We have a lot of followers on the blog and hope this will help us meet up with some of them in our travels.

dora sign on rv

We’re in countdown mode to our January 17th departure.  Roy’s stocking up on canned cokes and gatorade which we drink while we’re traveling!  We’re going to be grilling dinner for the next few days and then the BBQ pit will get cleaned and stored until we reach our destination.

Roy removed our bicycles (mine was maybe never used and Roy’s only a couple of times) from the back of Dora.  Two less things to haul around!  While we’ve been home we’ve done a fairly good job of unloading weight we don’t need to carry around! Most of what we unloaded is now stored in our storage building on our property here in Amite.

Roy’s foot is now swollen (not just the toe) and some parts are purple.  Sure hope he heals quickly.  He’s Chip’s best man!

We’re having some quiet nice days this week.  I have a photo contest to administer on RVillage this weekend and that’s always fun and it keeps me busy!  You may remember me telling you about meeting my boss Hillary in San Francisco.  Well, she’s stepped back from that position and will be taking some time away from work to help with family matters.  She’s in Hawaii right now!!  RVillage hired someone to replace her, Deborah Thompson.  She’s been an RVillager since the beginning, like us.  She’s quite capable of doing the job.  I’m loving working with her already and look forward to a long work relationship.  Hopefully we’ll get to meet her in person when we travel throughout the East the next couple of years.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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01.07.16 Update on life in the Chauvin’s world!

Thursday, January 7, 2016 – We’re in whirlwind mode right now! Getting everything around the house and RV ready so we can to take to the road again on the 17th, Chip’s wedding coming up on the 16th and all that those two entail.

Roy recently constructed a new storage area in the bedroom including a place to store our upgraded larger television. It was a many stepped process starting with purchasing a new larger television and a movable support bracket for the television. He removed everything from the hole above the washer and dryer including the old television and all wiring and supports.

This picture is of the original television the RV came with.

oldest tv in bedroom

This is the newer television that he installed when we purchased the RV. He just removed it, creating the new storage space.

newer tv out from wall To install the new one he created a new bracket and installed a sliding television mount.



Then he built a wall to separate the new storage area from the new television.


Now that the television was installed the the separating wall built he installed the shelving in the new space. The space is 13″ wide by 30″ deep. Lots of “stuff” fits in there!!20151210_102917Since it looks really ugly with lots of stuff stored in there we purchased unfinished cabinet doors. After purchasing three or four different stains and winding up combining a couple Roy was able to match color of the the doors on the closet. The louvered doors that cover the washer/dryer have changed color over time with the heat from the dryer so it’s not a perfect match with those but it’s difficult to tell the difference between the new storage doors and the closet doors. Roy does everything so well with so much attention to detail!

20151229_093816 20151229_103950Here’s a photo of the finished product.

new tv picture

So much of our “stuff” that was crammed into our closet is now stored in the new space which makes our closets sooooo much nicer!

Roy baked one of his “family famous” lemon meringue pies for our new daughter in law Misty and Kallie! He baked a second one for he and I so I can attest that it was absolutely delicious. He hasn’t cooked one in many years but wanted to feed Misty’s love for all things lemon!



I made a batch of chocolate caramel turtles, which are all gone now!

20151226_163747Since we started RVing 3 years ago we’ve talked about having signs made for Dora (our RV) and Boots (our tow truck). Thinking it was going to be very expensive we let the idea just sit there. Roy recently found an online company that made the ones below on a transparent background! And the cost was quite reasonable! On Dora’s the wording that says rosalynandroy.com is in white so it doesn’t show up on the white paper background.

20151231_114001 20151231_114007 They are now installed and we are quite happy with the look. The Dora one’s white wording doesn’t show up like we thought it would so a new one with black rosalynandroy.com has been ordered. Roy also discovered after he put on the Dora one, and had bubbles he couldn’t get out. that it was best to spray the surface with Windex first. The Boots sign went on much smoother using Windex. The new one for Dora will get the Windex treatment first for sure!20151231_125152 20151231_132735 20151231_132804

The water in our pond is the highest we’ve seen it. The water came over the culvert and almost covered the white bench on the side of the pond.

20151225_142056 20151230_110202 20151230_110827

So that our flower gardens are left as nice as they can be, I’ve started pulling weeds and the tiny oak trees that seem to have grown a foot already from the acorns. That will take a few days to complete since there are many shoots of rye grass that crept into the gardens and will take over if not removed!

Another of Roy’s projects was to create a place on the back of the new storage door for me to hang my necklaces! He did and I LOVE IT!!! 20160106_201346 20160106_202432Last week I cooked two big pots of chili which are now frozen waiting to be served at Chip and Misty’s wedding reception. Madisyn, Kallie and her cousin Haylee are going to join me next week to make some more things for the wedding, including oreo cookie balls!!!

Roy has been shoveling wheelbarrow loads of dirt from under the storage building to fill in holes in the yard and by the pond. Not just 4 or 5 wheel barrows full of dirt, more like 20 wheel barrows full! He gets so into the digging that his foot slipped yesterday and now his right foot big toe is swollen and purple, possibly broken. follow me button He’s in a lot of pain, but he’s keeping it elevated and protected. Please pray that he heals quickly!

This is not nearly all we’ve been up to lately but it’s all I can remember for now!!

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Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!


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