01.28.16 One cold morning in Tennessee!

tennesseeThursday, January 28, 2016 – Tennessee is my kind of place all except for the very cold weather.  So we are heading out of here a couple of days earlier than planned!

Roy wrapped up his physical therapy yesterday with our wonderful Physical Therapist  from Amedisys, Patty!  She’s been patient, informative and very kind during her time with us.


Here they are yesterday on her last visit!

Roy always handles all of the duties outside unhooking the water lines, sewage hoses, removing the stabilizing blocks and storing all that under Dora.  He then proceeds to hitching up or unhitching Boots behind Dora.  Since he’s not able to do any of that at this time guess who got to do it!  ME!!!!!!  Those exclamation points should not be taken as any indicator that I liked it, just that I use ! a lot.

I learned this morning that what I’ve been contributing to us getting ready to leave or arrive at a park is maybe 1/20th of what Roy has to do. I usually make sure everything is put away inside Dora and is stored in such a way it won’t slip or fall while we’re traveling. I then get my computer set up in the passenger seat and sit down until he’s ready to travel.  Boy were my eyes opened this morning!

I now know more than I ever wanted to know about the arrival/departure process and probably won’t remember most of it tomorrow.  I got up and down off the gravel dozens of times, hauled heavy boards, touched poop and pee drizzling out of the tubes, wanted to cry, had to rest several times and was generally not a happy camper!

There are two hoses, 3 sections of poop tube, one connector to the receiving hole in the ground, 2 long plastic holders that keep the poop tube off the ground, one long according thing that keeps more of the poop tube off the ground, (Roy unhooked the electrical thingy while I wasn’t looking) and hooking Boots up to Dora took at least 10 different cords, hooks, and other things I can’t describe.  Knowing that my hubby couldn’t do any of it and that it was all in my hands got me through the long grueling process.  It didn’t help much that I don’t know what most of the items are called that are used in the process, but golly I learned fast!

20160124_163625 20160124_163324I found that Roy has a place for every last thing needed in the process and it must go back into that place for next time. If you know Roy you can probably imagine some commands being given by him during the process.

All of this in near freezing Tennessee weather!

I’ve also decided that I could not do this alone with Dora and Boots.  If I was ever to travel alone it would have to be in a smaller Class C so that I didn’t have to unhook or hook up a vehicle behind it.  Of course that would only eliminate one part of the process since there would still be water, and poop tubes to deal with, and the mystery electrical process I didn’t have to participate in!

That’s it for how our cold morning in Tennessee went.  We are now traveling Interstate 55 down through Mississippi and the sun is shining like we haven’t seen for days!!!  What a difference sunshine makes to my mood and disposition!

Our sweet Madisyn is having tubes put in her ears and her adenoids removed tomorrow so we hope to arrive at home to surprise her after the surgery.  The separation from family this time has been especially hard.  We normally start separating gradually for a week or so before we leave.  This time we were all together for Chip and Misty’s wedding up to the night before we left.  Such great quality family time together was very much missed as we left home for Tennessee.

We have a nice concrete patio by our parking spot at our house in Amite.  Roy will be able to get good walking exercise there and enjoy the beautiful warmer weather in Louisiana.  His knee may be swollen for another week or two.  Yesterday Patty said she could tell the swelling is beginning to go down.  Yay!  He’s bending the knee quite well and the worse part now is the soreness from where the tourniquet was applied above the knee.  It’s black, blue, green and ugly.  I guess that’s a no pain, no gain kind of thing!  He’s promised he won’t try shoveling or doing any real work until he’s all better.

We will be traveling back to Tennessee, in our truck, in 4 weeks for Roy’s post surgery visit with Dr. Schrader.

Last week our toilet seat stopped automatically closing.  Of course we can’t have any of that, so off to Lowe’s we went to find a new one.  Low and behold, they had one with an LED night light in it so guess who is the proud owner of a night time lighted potty!!  Us! Here’s Roy navigating through the store on the electric cart, the proud owner of a new toilet seat.


chip and misty dande

I’ll leave ya’ll with a new  photograph from Chip and Misty’s wedding!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!



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