02.15.16 This week’s updates and a new Dentist!!

valentineMonday, February 15, 2016 – As I sit outside our RV at our little slice of heaven in Amite, Louisiana I am so thankful for all God has done for us!  Specifically right now I’m thankful for the cows that roam by in the neighboring properties, the birds that fly from tree to tree chirping their beautiful sounds, and the beautiful winters we get to enjoy in Southern Louisiana.  What can top clear skies, a light breeze and 60 degree temperatures!!! (I wrote most of this Sunday when it was beautiful, now today it’s soggy!!)

Our next door neighbors gave us a ton (yes, a little over 1000) flower bulbs.  Lots of tulips, daffodils, lillies, crocus, paper-whites and others.  Most of those have been planted around our little slice of heaven in Amite in the flower gardens, around the mailboxes, around trees and anywhere else I could think of!!  The last of them left with my niece Dana when she and my sister visited on Thursday. It’s a little later in the year than they should have been planted but I’m very hopeful that next year, if not this year, they will be in full bloom!  I will definitely share photos of them when they are in bloom!

This is a saying we use to tell our sons often when they were young. It was even taped to their bathroom mirror so they would see it every day!This popped up on Facebook recently and I knew I had to share it with ya’ll. God does not make any junk, we turn ourselves in to junk by separating ourselves from Him.

On Thursday Roy and I went our separate ways, him to Hammond and me staying here to visit with family!  Chip needed his dad’s assistance working on his wounded Jeep’s motor.  My sister Harriett, niece Dana and her children John and Annie came to visit!  Dana and her children haven’t been to our new home before and I really enjoyed showing them around!  We had a beautiful day, nice temperatures and enjoyed visiting under the shade of the pine trees by the pond!  I truly have the best family in the whole wide world and love it when they come to visit!

john feeding fish
John feeding the fish, they loved him!
Annie petting Jake, he loved her!


My sister Harriett and I!

Here’s a brief follow up to the horrible attack on our neighbor’s dog from last Friday.  The huge Great Dane is now being kept in a large fenced in (top, bottom, sides) chain link cage.  Our neighbors purchased a 9 week old dachshund that is Snookie’s sister from a different litter.  It is a teeny tiny little thing!  I love looking at it outside our RV window.  I got to pick her up the other day and she just shivered and was precious!!  Thanks to those of you who shared with me that you’d be praying for Kevin and Shannon.  If you’ve ever had a dog you love  and lose it you know what they are going through.

things you want to do go do themWe went to church this morning with our son and daughter in law (Chip and Misty) at their church, The Harbor Church in Hammond.  Yay for having a family that we can Worship God with!!

We’re making plans to leave Amite the last week in March, spend some time in the lower southern states and then head up the east coast as far as we can get before feeling the need to go back to Louisiana!  I love it when ya’ll send us recommendations for things to see along the way.  Any place in the southeast and eastern US is what we’re focusing on for now.

Another of my teeth has chipped off, this time one closer the back.  This one has some ragged edges which make eating, talking and drinking hurt.  Not sure what’s going on with my teeth right now but I’ll be back at the dentist one day this week. I found a great dentist in Amite, Dr. Christina Givens!!!!!  Had my appointment there today.  Everyone in the office was quite nice.  Dr. Givens was very gentle and even the Novocaine shot did not hurt one bit.  That is my idea of a great dentist!!  She even gave me suggestions of things to see as we travel up northeast!! And the price was extremely reasonable.  While sitting in the chair being worked on I got to look out of the huge glass window where I could see downtown Amite.  Of course today was black and story with huge downpours but I can imagine it would be quite nice on a clear blue day like we have so many of! Here’s a picture I took of the staff and one I found on the internet of their office.

PH80385_6_L 20160215_143555

Roy’s knee is doing better every day.  He’s still experiencing pain but we’re hopeful that by the time he sees the doctor for his 6 week check up things will have improved 20160210_104727to where we’ll feel comfortable getting back on the road again.

I am officially cutting back on my RVillage work responsibilities in the next few weeks.  That will give us more family time when home and more play time when on the road.  I’ll continue working for them and loving every minute of it, just not as many responsibilities and hours.  We have over 41,000 members now.  You remember when I use to post how big RVillage was getting, well we’re even bigger now! My boss (company owner) Curtis and my immediate boss Deborah are a joy to work for and I love being part of the RVillage family!  If you spend any time in an RV of any type and are not a member (it’s free) of RVillage, check it out and join up today!  http://www.rvillage.com

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

Day 2 Verse



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One thought on “02.15.16 This week’s updates and a new Dentist!!

  1. Rosalyn,  I grew up in Savannah, ga and think you would enjoy visiting there.  They have an rv park at Savannah Beach which is also nice.  I highly recommend the Breakfast Club at Savannah Beach for breakfast.  Lots to see in Savannah.  Charleston is nice.  The Outerbanks of North Carolina is a good place to visit and Kitty Hawk is located there.  I spent time in the Virginia beach area while in the Navy and would be a good place to go.  About 60 miles west is Williamsburg, VA.  Great place if you like history.  D.C. You could easily spend a week exploring.  Philadelphia is full of history.  Across from Manhattan, in New Jersey, is an rv park.  You can take a ferry across to visit Manhattan and time square.  Mystic, Ct is a good place on the coast to visit.  Portsmouth, NH is very nice and good food.  Riverside grill!  I believe there is an rv park across the river in Kitterling, Maine to stay at.  The Vermont Country store is well worth a stop.  Its located in Westin, Vermont.  Great stop.  In Freeport, Maine, you will find L.L. BEAN.  OPEN 24 hours a day.  Take highway 1 up the maine coast to Bar Harbor and Belfast.  Belfast has a great lobster pound. Serving lobster, mussels, clams and corn pn the cob.  You need to try a lobster roll while you are up that way. Maybe we will see you before you go and talk about the trip.  Beautiful up that way.  Randy Sent via the Samsung Galaxy Note5, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone


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