02.22.16 How much “stuff” can fit in the storage bins under Dora?

Saturday, February 19, 2016 – We’ve been asked how much “stuff” we can fit in the storage bins under Dora and I found a blog by an RVillage couple that I think addresses the question:

How Much Stuff Can Fit Under A Diesel Pusher? by logo

One of the main reasons we decided to go big and purchase a Class A diesel pusher was storage space. We were downsizing big time from a four bedroom home in Connecticut and while most of our stuff was either getting sold off or going into storage, there were many items we wanted to take along. Since diesel pushers have the engine in the back along with the drive wheels, this frees up quite a bit of space for storage where you’d normally have an axle on a gas coach.

Lots of folks have asked us just how much space we have below our coach and its hard to explain without taking everything out. Luckily (or unluckily) we had a bit of an ant problem (yup, like bugs) in our basement so we had to take everything out and figured what better time than to show you what our storage space looks like and just what we carry along.

Our RV is a 40 foot Class A Diesel Pusher. Theirs is a whopping 45 foot Class A Diesel Pusher. Their storage units are configured differently than ours but I thought the video would at least show you how much stuff can be stored. Rest assured ours hold an equal amount as their does!

Here’s their video:

Ya’ll have a great weekend and come back now ya’ hear!!



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