02.23.16 Kidney stones, tornadoes and work changes

Tuesday, February 23, 2016 – Most of last night was spent in the emergency room at our local hospital, Hood Memorial Hospital in Amite. We’ve never been therezuon5lwq before but a couple of weeks ago we looked for it so we’d know where to go in an emergency! And Monday night we had an emergency!

Roy was in pain, nauseous and throwing up throughout the day on Monday. Just as I was falling asleep last night he came in and said he needs to go to the hospital. We gave it another hour before we headed there. He had kidney stones around 3 years ago so he thought that’s what it might be but we needed to go to the hospital to be sure. He hasn’t fully recovered from the knee surgery pain so this is a little of a double whammy pain wise for him.

Emergency-Room-Inner-EntranceHood Memorial Hospital is a small 40 bed hospital in our new hometown of Amite, Louisiana. We were quite happy that it has an emergency room and a helicopter landing pad outside if needed. We were one of two people there last night, so way different than the bigger hospitals in surrounding areas. Roy was taken in immediately, someone even came out to meet him at the car and triaged him immediately. They gave him a strong pain shot and nausea shot which helped stop the awful pain quickly and he slept soundly from then on. A CT scan was done and they diagnosed him for sure with kidney stones. A 5 centimeter kidney stone needs to pass out of him still but the pain medicine is helping him a lot. Around 5 am we arrived back at home and he’s pretty much slept since.

After that eventful night we woke up this morning to a huge strong thunderstorm, lightening, hail and tornadoes moving through our area starting after lunch time and as I’m writing this it still continues to dump lots of rain and spin of several tornadoes.  It will be going on for some time still as the bad weather rises out of the Gulf of Mexico moving north. It’s coming in band after band kind of like a hurricane does. Our local weather staff on all channels have been on air all day as the storm moves through.

My work responsibilities are no longer what they were thanks to two wonderful bosses! I will no longer be as tied to my computer as I have been recently and that’s music to an old semi retired lady’s ears!  Thank you Curtis and Deborah!!

That’s all the excitement here these last couple of days.  Since we don’t know when Roy will finally pass the last kidney stone we rescheduled our trip to Tennessee for Roy’s knee surgery follow up appointment in Tennessee.  It’s next Monday morning now.  We’ll leave here Sunday morning, spend the night at the local Hyatt and see the doctor early Monday heading back home after that.

Thanks so much for the prayers already said for Roy and for future ones I know ya’ll will be saying!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

BOT77 Your Love, Lord


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