03.31.16 Mississippi Gulf Coast – Week One 03.21.16 to 03.27.16

bye marchThursday, March 31, 2016 – We arrived on the Mississippi Gulf Coast on Monday, March 21st.  Here’s a bit of what we did and saw during week one.

The trip here and our place at TLC Wolf River Resort

20160321_134813 20160321_134823 20160321_143735 20160321_143951 20160321_150126 20160321_150136 20160321_182646

The Mississippi Gulf Coast20160323_124031 20160323_124044 20160323_124054 20160323_124228

Lookie, Diesel is lower than Regular!20160323_124403

One missing puzzle piece just drove us bananas!20160325_104539

So Roy searched high and low.  How can anything get lost in a 400 sq. foot home! Between the sofa and the dining area under some packing boxes was one little puzzle piece.  What a man I am married to!


And now the puzzle of the Grand Canyon is complete.  I can’t bring myself to take it apart so a week later it is still together waiting for someone to want to take it to their home!20160327_132510

One afternoon we went to the Biloxi Visitors Center to tour it and to watch a 50 minute documentary on Biloxi and Katrina.

20160325_15013420160325_15015020160325_135234 20160325_135340 20160325_135348 20160325_135454 20160325_135708 20160325_135749

Jim Cantore, from the Weather Channel in part of the film.20160325_143600

A car under a 18 wheller.20160325_143606

One of the casinos that was lifted up and moved across the highway from its original location.20160325_143704

Some of the amazing wooden art sculptures made from Katrina damaged trees from the coast.20160325_144938 20160325_144946 20160325_145235 20160325_145713 20160325_150035 We found this great place in Biloxi where you can get crawfish to go.  We picked up some crawfish, corn and potatoes and took them back to the resort and enjoyed eating them outside on our picnic table.  This is our first, and maybe last crawfish of the season so it was quite important for us to have some!20160325_152901 20160325_161403

Two other RVillagers who are at our park are Henry and Sonja Jones.  We contacted them RVillage and went to see them one evening.  We got to know them and enjoyed some fun talking and visiting!20160325_194933

Saturday the Easter bunny was seen hopping (actually riding on a golf cart) around the resort and then having an Easter Egg hung under the big oak tree with a bunch of children!20160326_110350 20160326_110406

Roy cooked some hamburgers one evening.  We ate them on toasted french bread!  Yum!20160326_143537

Madisyn and Kallie’s Easter baskets.  They each got new girl’s Bibles and several other goodies!20160327_115727That wraps up week one on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  We’ve ridden up and down the beach several times but haven’t sat on it yet, that will be the second week!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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03.27.16 about 3.18 to 3.20.16 Amazing Worship, Amite Oyster Festival and Kallie’s birthday dinner!

playing-catchupMore of our catching up on blog posting!

Friday, March 18 to Sunday, March 20, 2016 – If you’ve been reading our blog very long you know one of my favorite things is to hear our church choir sing and one or more of the choir members singing solos or duets. Today I got to hear both!!!!! Our adult choir sang three special songs for Palm Sunday, one of which included a solo by Ashley Traylor Louviere and a duet by Ashley and her mom Leanna Traylor. One of my favorite male singers is Teddy Forrest. His daddy, Mr. Ted, had the deepest most amazing bass voice I’ve ever heard. He’s living in Heaven now with God but God gave Teddy, the son, an amazing voice also and I am so thankful we got to hear him sing Praises to God today! Jamie Varnado sang a beautiful solo that just made my heart smile. The choir was lead by Nicholas Varnado who, as always, did a wonderful job leading them!20160320_110304 This was our last Sunday at Trinity for a while so after we said our “See ya’ laters” we headed home to Amite for the Amite Oyster Festival. This may be one of the smallest festivals of all those in the area, but what we really went for was Funnel Cakes and Cotton Candy. We got both, listened to some live music and headed back to our car, stopping only to devour the Funnel Cake. Here is what one looks like before and almost after being devoured!








We picked up Madisyn when she got off of school on Friday and spent some time with her eating yogurt and running errands. She’s an amazingly well behaved, yet extremely restless, child!!! She loved having us check her out from school and run the streets with us.

One of our stops was at SonLife Christian Bookstore where we bought Madisyn and Kallie new Bibles. They are both Teen Life Application Bibles in the New Living Translation. It has paragraphs in bubbles, etc. on most pages applying what they are learning in the Bible to their young women lives. Madisyn and I had a good time doing that. We spent almost an hour sitting on the floor in the store talking about each one she picked up. At 7 years old, glittery and splashy caught her eye but this gave me an opportunity to tell her that a Bible is not like other books. It can be plain as can be and it still contains the same Word of God as the other that is splashy. What we agreed on isn’t splashy but the application part of the Bible is just what I believe a young girl needs to learn more about God’s Holy Word.

Here’s some photos of our time with Madisyn.

20160318_151753 20160318_181213 20160318_181244Saturday, our new granddaughter Kallie turned 15. We all met at Kirins Sushi Restaurant in Hammond on Friday night. Our first sushi house Hibachi experience, wow!!! There were 14 of us seated around the rectangular cooking surface. The food was great and I do believe the Happy Birthday girl, Kallie, had a great evening!


1 2 3 4

20160318_191301 20160318_201321 20160318_191330 20160318_191443 20160318_19120620160318_191258Well, that wraps up our last weekend at home! Good times!

Next I’ll share leaving Louisiana for a long, long (ha ha!!) trip to Pass Christian, MS where we are staying at TLC Wolf River Resort!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!

psalm 118 24


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03.26.16 about 3.13.16 St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Chauvin Family Gatherin!

hhir-ketchup-catch-upI will be playing catch up on blog publishing for the next few days!

Written Monday, March 14, 2016 – Oh what fun we had! Roy and I packed up dear Dora and drove her down to Metairie on Saturday morning. We got the perfect spot to park her in the large lot on the corner of Metairie Road and Ridgelake.

Roy grew up two blocks from there and each year his family would gather at his parent’s house to eat and 12814496_907413912710041_968367528670057839_nthen walk together to the parade. We did this for many years. His dad and mom passed away and in the last ten years or so we have not gone back. Last year we saw on Facebook that one of his nieces, Christy, was at the parade and we sure wish we had gone. This year, and probably future years, we’ll be here when the parade is held and we thought we’d create a Chauvin Family Gathering and invited the whole family.

When we arrived Saturday there were a few cars near us and by Sunday morning the places was loaded with cars, tents, BBQ pits, food and drinks, kids playing, music playing. New Orleanians (which Metairie is considered part of the metropolitan area) are known for wonderful parades and family gatherings.

This is the only parade that still uses the Metairie Road route. Roy and Paul’s families came together along with some friends and we had a great time! Here are a few photos from that Sunday!

20160313_103458 20160313_103702 20160313_123039 20160313_123127 20160313_123324 20160313_123410 20160313_125905 20160313_125914 20160313_130415 20160313_130505 20160313_130834 20160313_131130 20160313_131604 20160313_131739 20160313_131929 20160313_132126 20160313_132738 20160313_135723 20160313_140702 20160313_140710 20160313_145648 20160314_092638 20160313_132040 20160313_132052 10458495_907414059376693_5618438575233601565_n 12439452_907414179376681_7943287056144054517_n


Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

john 16 33


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03.21.16 On the road again to TLC Wolf River Resort in Pass Christian, MS

Monday, March 21, 2016 –   I have to share this with ya’ll here, I love it so much!

The Chauvin’s are living on the road again!!  After a few months at our home site in Amite, Louisiana we are beginning our Northeast Journey today!

Our current plan, yes it changes often, is to travel along the Gulf Coast and up the East Coast to around South Carolina (maybe further up) and then travel back towards Louisiana around July going through the middle of the coastal states till we’re back in Amite.

We hope to be back home in Louisiana in time for our son Chip’s birthday in July and to pick up our granddaughters to travel with us as long as we can get permission from their folks to do so!!  Once we bring the girls home we’ll turn to our trek up the east coast going faster through the states we’ve seen and then taking our time along the rest of the way until we hopefully reach Maine!

We’ve just arrived at the park so I’ll say  bye for now!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!




03.15.16 Blooming flowers, trees and bushes

Tuesday, March 15, 2016 – 5 days before we leave for the east coast many of the bulbs, trees and bushes we recently planted have started to bloom!  Several folks asked me to share pictures when they did so I did that today.  Several more will bloom before we leave next Monday but I think this is a good representation of how beautiful they are!

20160302_171743 20160311_152642 20160311_152853 20160314_121032 20160314_121056 20160314_121112 20160314_121311 20160314_121417 20160314_121438 20160314_121508 20160314_121843 20160315_130116 20160315_130157 20160315_130301 20160315_130313 20160315_130339 20160315_170815 20160315_170820 20160315_170838 20160315_170848 20160315_170856 20160315_170859 20160315_170914

Our property without Dora there!


Today we pulled weeds, cut the grass (first and only grass cutting of the year), and sprayed weed killer.  The names of the states we were in when we collected our rocks has washed off a good bit leaving things like   rand   an on instead of Grand Canyon!!  I rewrote the states names on them since by the time we get back there may be no name left!  We want to leave everything looking good when we leave on Monday!  Tomorrow the new bushes and fruit trees will get mulched and I’ll hopefully finish up the summer and winter clothes swap out!  Today all the winter stuff came out and tomorrow all the summer stuff will go in!!

I want to wrap this up by saying congratulations to our new daughter-in-law, Misty Chauvin on her promotion to a banking officer at FNBC!!  She’s an extremely hard worker and very dedicated.  She deserves this promotion!  Congratulation Misty!!  We are quite proud of this accomplishment of yours!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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03.12.16 RVillage’s new video and we’re ready for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Metairie!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

I recently read the following:

To encourage people to travel more, British Airways released data from two somewhat sad studies, which revealed two of the biggest regrets of 2,000 U.S. baby boomers — that they worked too much and didn’t travel enough.

How about all ya’ll out there start making plans to live on the road full time so you won’t have this regret!  When you make that change be sure to join RVillage.  Check out our new video! You may start seeing some of it on a television commercial soon!!!

We have arrived in Metairie on the corner of Metairie Road and Ridgelake where we will be joined this evening by Chip’s family and tomorrow by the rest of the Chauvin family.  All those who can make it.  The torrential rains have trapped a lot of folks in but Dora is such a big girl she got us out of Amite and into Metairie quite easily!

Here we are all set up in the big empty lot all ready for the parade to come by tomorrow!

12814617_10101864965726034_5102858743074101123_n 12832368_10101864965701084_7242528686797968937_n

This is one of the most unusual parades you’ve ever seen.  We will almost definitely leave here tomorrow with a huge bag of cabbage heads, carrots, onions and whatever else they throw to us including of course beads and doubloons!  I’ll be sharing photos with ya’ll as soon as I can after the parade.  Since we’ve arrived we’ve watched a car here and a truck there pull in and folks get out their wooden stakes and ropes to mark their area.  One other RV is parked a good distance from us but they are here.

I couldn’t wait to share the RVillage video with ya’ll, hope you like it and want to join RVillage now!  It’s free and even if you’re in the RV dreaming stage come on and join, you’ll learn a lot fro other RVers!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!



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03.08.16 Chick Fil A Daddy Daughter Date Night, starring Chip and Madisyn Chauvin!!

daddy daughterWednesday, March 8, 2016 – For two days last week Chick Fil A closed its business in Hammond Louisiana during its evening hours so lots of young ladies and their daddies could have a date night!

Our son Chip brought his little girl Madisyn to this wonderful event and I wanted to share this wonderful businesses great idea! The evening started out at a local hotel where all the daughters were given the opportunity to have some lipstick and eyeshadow applied. They were then picked up in a stretch limousine for a special ride to Chick Fil A.

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves since I was not there. I do know how much it meant to Chip and Madisyn and if Kallie could have gone I know she would have felt very special. There are a lot of photos but spend some time seeing the smiles and all the business did to make the night special for the dads and daughters. What a great Christian company Chick Fil A is providing this special event!

Click here to go to the photo page!

Here’s the photo of Chip and Madisyn in case you’ve missed one of the hundreds of photos of the two of them we’ve posted and don’t know what they look like!

madisyn and chip

Here’s a couple of photos that are not in the picture show!

chip madi 1 chip madi 2

Chip and I had a wonderful conversation today in which he shared with me some things he’s trying to teach her about not only her daddy’s love and commitment to her but her Heavenly Father’s love and commitment to her. What a wonderful dad he’s grown into and Madisyn is one blessed little girl to have him for her dad!  And she knows it too!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!



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03.09.16 Family fun, Fruit Trees and Bushes, Turtles, Funny faces and more Family Fun!!

10609531_725296917519717_2835040610141353746_nThursday, March 9, 2016 – What a fun afternoon we had with our family this past Sunday!  Family times are meaning more and more to me as I grow older and this was a great one!

On Saturday Roy and I picked up the fruit trees and bushes we ordered and four beautiful knockout rose bushes! Getting them home was one thing but deep, wide holes needed to be dug to put them in……….. Two old folks, one with a healing knee and the other not strong enough just didn’t cut it! So our wonderful son Chip and his family came to the rescue!!! While everything has now been in the ground a few days we are expecting strong winds and heavy storms the next two days so we’re waiting until after that to dress them up with mulch and take photos of that.

We stopped at Lowe’s after church to pick up mulch, peat moss, fruit tree fertilizer spikes, some pretty cactus and whatever else we could find.  What we found was our new Turtle!  A concrete turtle  which is now proudly walking out of the pond in his new home!



20160306_144034 (Medium) 20160306_144039 (Medium) Kallie even pitched in with digging the holes!  Yay for our strong new granddaughter!! 12717808_10207043992432562_7699069705957337977_n  12806257_10207043993032577_4101209079089110733_n 12821498_10207043993432587_6207760038471693581_n

Here’s Chip and his new daughter Kallie!


After the holes were dug and they went home I crawled around on the ground filling in the holes around the plants with peat moss and dirt.  The bushes in these two pictures are the blueberry bushes. We should have a great crop of blueberries, satsumas and figs as the trees and bushes mature.  We have 8 blueberry bushes, 2 fig trees and 3 satsuma trees.  Our own little orchard!! I suggested we get a sign that says Chauvin Orchard, Roy just rolled his eyes!!20160306_165410 (Medium)

20160306_165425 (Medium)

These are the knockout roses that will replace the azaleas we originally planted that didn’t make it!  They are now surrounded by all the tulips that are starting to shoot up tall and will be blooming soon!


After all the hard work we all had some fun time with SnapChat a phone app that adds disguises to your photo.  I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard in a long time.  We took many photos but in honor of the Easter bunny the first ones I’m sharing are us as bunnies!  Chip was working hard while we played around with this so the only one of him is a bit odd to say the least!


10553380_10207043991112529_306915559320078800_n 12795352_10207043993832597_7425386995732453502_n 12805821_10207043990192506_2307633825803520692_n 12821342_10207043995552640_595488048029768617_n12801352_10207043994792621_5797944411001937584_n12821352_10207043993912599_8302598407407897412_n

Yesterday we had a wonderful visit with my friend Susan Taylor. Roy’s working on her computer and we were due for a good visit. She is one of the most amazing women I know. Her heart is so big and she is so giving. All while having cancer. My daily prayers is that God will give Susan a miracle.  I am confident that many many people are praying for her to continue being with us as long as possible. I’ve asked for prayers for Susan before and they are still needed. I only wish you could know her too! Here’s she and I yesterday before she left. 20160308_161253 (Medium)

Our plans for the first month of our travels are shaping up. We have our reservations made at TLC Wolf River in Pass Christian, MS for two weeks March 21 to April 4th. Then on to Robertsdale, Alabama (near Mobile) for two more weeks from April 4th to April 18th. Chip’s family is planning to visit with us while in Pass Christian and if any of ya’ll would like to make the short drive there we’d love to have you join us for a visit!

We’re gearing up for Roy’s family’s gathering at the St. Patrick’s Day parade Sunday in Old Metairie.  On Monday Roy and I went by  the location we will meet at for the parade.  Old Metairie is full of older homes and several new homes since Katrina.  The area look great!  This is the home Roy grew up in and his buddy Mike’s home next door.



The location we usually meet use to be in front of Muhleisen’s Funeral Home.  They’ve torn down the funeral home and it is one huge empty lot now.  We are going to drive our RV down there on Saturday so we’re set up and ready for Sunday.  If you’re in the area and want to meet up with us, we’ll be on the corner of Metairie Road and Ridgelake!  Picked up some St. Patrick’s Day tee shirts at Walmart today and some other goofy things to wear!

Across the road and the big lot where we’ll enjoy the parade! Metairie Road is a semi major road in what is considered Old Metairie.


That’s all that’s happening in our life right now!  Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!




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03.03.16 Flowers blooming, Roy’s knee (and other parts), and grass growing!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Last weekend on Sunday we traveled in our truck to Roy’s knee doctor, Dr. Lawrence Schrader in Cordova, Tennessee.  We again stayed in the Hyatt there, enjoying their amazing breakfast buffet trying to eat some of everything they offered!

After the much bigger than normal breakfast buffet we headed over to Dr. Schrader’s office to find out how Roy’s knee was doing.


All we could see was the outside of his knee but Dr. Schrader could look inside!  They took x-rays and we met with Dr. Schrader to hear that Roy’s recovering well, great bending of his knee and overall great!  He is still slightly swollen which is normal at that stage.  Roy got a cortisone shot to help with that swelling and cut back on the residual slight pain he’s having. Here’s Dr. Schrader with Roy’s new xrays and those from before the surgery.  We again highly recommend him if you need knee surgery, whether partial or whole!

20160229_103250 20160229_103318

Roy said the shot worked great and he’s in little to no pain now!!!  When we got home he also passed the kidney stone we’ve been waiting on for over a week!  Yay for Roy finally feeling himself again!

Our 1,000 plus flower bulbs I planted a couple of weeks ago are now starting to bloom.  Most of them have made their way up out of the ground and are on the verge of blooming.  One little white one bloomed today!!!  So happy to know we will get to see the blooms before we get back on the road again on the 21st of this month. I love checking on them everyday to see how they are doing.  Just a tiny example of why God’s world is so amazing!


So now we have flowers shooting up all over.  Roy moved on to spreading lime and then fertilizer all over the property so the grass will grow well this year.  He was feeling so good when we got back from Tennessee that he bought a spreader (yes we had one and sold it when we sold everything) and spread lime and fertilizer everywhere!

20160301_135650 20160301_135638

Hopefully by the time we come home in several months the grass will be covering more of the property than it is now!

As I sat down by the pond this afternoon feeding the fish I was amazed watching them eat the feed.  Here’s a little clip of video I shot.  This is one of my favorite things about living here, the pond!

Our church’s adult choir will present their Easter music two Sundays, the first is Palm Sunday, the 20th of March.  We will wait until after that to get out of Dodge!  EC

Our plan for traveling this year will start March 21st when we will leave Amite for TLC Wolf River Resort in Pass Christian, Mississippi for a two week stay there.  That is our home park in the Coast to Coast system and we love staying there.  We’ll travel along the Gulf Coast after that and when we hit Jacksonville will turn northward along the east coast all the way to Maine.  No specific plans for that yet but it will all be new to us so we are really looking forward to it.  As always, we are open to ya’ll sharing things to see.  We’ve had several recommendations already but would always love more!

March 11, 2012, Float in the annual Metairie Road St. Patrick's Day parade with riders throwing cabbage, toys and Mardi Gras bead. St. Patrick's Day celebrations kick off early in Metairie Louisiana, with the annual Metairie Road St. Patrick's Day Parade.We have a few family gatherings before we leave so you know what future blog posts will be about.  Madisyn’s 7th birthday, a Chauvin family gathering at Metairie’s St. Patrick’s Day parade and then Kallie’s 15th birthday!!

If you are a Chauvin family member and didn’t get invited through Facebook please know you are invited and welcome.  We’re meeting on the corner of Ridgelake and Metairie Road on Sunday, March 13th at 11:30.  Bring your chairs, food, drinks and join the fun!  We use to do this every year since Roy’s parents lived two blocks off Metairie Road so this will be a reunion of sorts!

I do believe that is all I have to share for now! Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!