03.12.16 RVillage’s new video and we’re ready for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Metairie!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

I recently read the following:

To encourage people to travel more, British Airways released data from two somewhat sad studies, which revealed two of the biggest regrets of 2,000 U.S. baby boomers — that they worked too much and didn’t travel enough.

How about all ya’ll out there start making plans to live on the road full time so you won’t have this regret!  When you make that change be sure to join RVillage.  Check out our new video! You may start seeing some of it on a television commercial soon!!!

We have arrived in Metairie on the corner of Metairie Road and Ridgelake where we will be joined this evening by Chip’s family and tomorrow by the rest of the Chauvin family.  All those who can make it.  The torrential rains have trapped a lot of folks in but Dora is such a big girl she got us out of Amite and into Metairie quite easily!

Here we are all set up in the big empty lot all ready for the parade to come by tomorrow!

12814617_10101864965726034_5102858743074101123_n 12832368_10101864965701084_7242528686797968937_n

This is one of the most unusual parades you’ve ever seen.  We will almost definitely leave here tomorrow with a huge bag of cabbage heads, carrots, onions and whatever else they throw to us including of course beads and doubloons!  I’ll be sharing photos with ya’ll as soon as I can after the parade.  Since we’ve arrived we’ve watched a car here and a truck there pull in and folks get out their wooden stakes and ropes to mark their area.  One other RV is parked a good distance from us but they are here.

I couldn’t wait to share the RVillage video with ya’ll, hope you like it and want to join RVillage now!  It’s free and even if you’re in the RV dreaming stage come on and join, you’ll learn a lot fro other RVers!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!



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