03.15.16 Blooming flowers, trees and bushes

Tuesday, March 15, 2016 – 5 days before we leave for the east coast many of the bulbs, trees and bushes we recently planted have started to bloom!  Several folks asked me to share pictures when they did so I did that today.  Several more will bloom before we leave next Monday but I think this is a good representation of how beautiful they are!

20160302_171743 20160311_152642 20160311_152853 20160314_121032 20160314_121056 20160314_121112 20160314_121311 20160314_121417 20160314_121438 20160314_121508 20160314_121843 20160315_130116 20160315_130157 20160315_130301 20160315_130313 20160315_130339 20160315_170815 20160315_170820 20160315_170838 20160315_170848 20160315_170856 20160315_170859 20160315_170914

Our property without Dora there!


Today we pulled weeds, cut the grass (first and only grass cutting of the year), and sprayed weed killer.  The names of the states we were in when we collected our rocks has washed off a good bit leaving things like   rand   an on instead of Grand Canyon!!  I rewrote the states names on them since by the time we get back there may be no name left!  We want to leave everything looking good when we leave on Monday!  Tomorrow the new bushes and fruit trees will get mulched and I’ll hopefully finish up the summer and winter clothes swap out!  Today all the winter stuff came out and tomorrow all the summer stuff will go in!!

I want to wrap this up by saying congratulations to our new daughter-in-law, Misty Chauvin on her promotion to a banking officer at FNBC!!  She’s an extremely hard worker and very dedicated.  She deserves this promotion!  Congratulation Misty!!  We are quite proud of this accomplishment of yours!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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