03.26.16 about 3.13.16 St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Chauvin Family Gatherin!

hhir-ketchup-catch-upI will be playing catch up on blog publishing for the next few days!

Written Monday, March 14, 2016 – Oh what fun we had! Roy and I packed up dear Dora and drove her down to Metairie on Saturday morning. We got the perfect spot to park her in the large lot on the corner of Metairie Road and Ridgelake.

Roy grew up two blocks from there and each year his family would gather at his parent’s house to eat and 12814496_907413912710041_968367528670057839_nthen walk together to the parade. We did this for many years. His dad and mom passed away and in the last ten years or so we have not gone back. Last year we saw on Facebook that one of his nieces, Christy, was at the parade and we sure wish we had gone. This year, and probably future years, we’ll be here when the parade is held and we thought we’d create a Chauvin Family Gathering and invited the whole family.

When we arrived Saturday there were a few cars near us and by Sunday morning the places was loaded with cars, tents, BBQ pits, food and drinks, kids playing, music playing. New Orleanians (which Metairie is considered part of the metropolitan area) are known for wonderful parades and family gatherings.

This is the only parade that still uses the Metairie Road route. Roy and Paul’s families came together along with some friends and we had a great time! Here are a few photos from that Sunday!

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Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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